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6 Beauty Staples For Spring

Nothing says spring like a bright, new and fresh palette. Sephora’s new Tarte Rainforest of the Sea collection screams tropical vacation. It brings me right back to Maui and those no fuss makeup days with sand and salt taking up the majority of my makeup regimen. The packaging is beautiful and then shades of everything takes you right back to the beach. If you’re headed off on a Spring Break holiday I suggest packing these 6 items to carry you into Spring and Summer …

Photo 2016-03-12, 7 48 03 PM Photo 2016-03-12, 7 43 41 PM Photo 2016-03-12, 7 48 19 PMPhoto 2016-03-12, 7 38 30 PMSephora - Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Tarte-Rainforest-of-the-Sea-Wipeout-Color-Correcting-Palette

1. Colour Correcting Palette:

Balance, correct, and perfect your complexion  with this colour correcting palette. It is SO easy to use and even numbers its shades and has a visual guide so that YOU can be the professional!!! To give you a quick run down: Orange counteracts darkness; Green neutralizes redness; Warmth sculpts, contours, and defines; Peach 1 camouflages light to medium skin tones; Peach 2 camouflages medium to deep skin tones; and Yellow highlights and brightens. All of these shades work for the majority of skin tones and help minimize those imperfections.

2. Bronzer:

I use a matte bronzer on my cheeks, nose and T section. It not only helps with contouring, but it also helps make your face look golden, awake and alive for Spring. No need to sit out in the sun to get a tan … just throw on some bronzer and you will fool everyone!! It is also great heading into the summer months when no makeup is necessary … bronzer is all you need.


3. Highlighter Palette:

I started using highlighters when I started contouring with makeup. It is perfect for illuminating the face for a natural-looking glow that flatters all skin tones. It helps brighten up your complexion with a radiant shimmer that isn’t too over the top. This trio is the perfect combination of silky powders so that you can filter and reflect light. The middle and lightest shade is to be used as a setting powder. Then there is a universe matte sand to brighten and correct darkness under eyes, and a soft glowing shade to finish your look off with a pretty highlight.

4. Under Eye Brightener:

I don’t leave the house without putting on under eye brightener (ok maybe to the dog park, but that’s it). I  put it in the corner of my eyes and let it set in so that I don’t just wipe it off. I then try to almost push it or pat it into the skin with the pads of my fingers. It completely transforms the way your eyes and under eye circles look. It helps make you look more awake and brightens everything up. It also blends nicely with the rest of your face makeup when it sets in.


5. Eyeshadow:

This limited edition Rainforest of The Sea palette features 8 creamy eyeshadows for your every day. They have a plush and velvety texture  and are infused by tartes Rainforest of the Sea complex, to help hydrate your lids. It even includes a step-by-step guide to take your look from beachy bronze to a sea-inspired evening.

6. Lip Rescue: 

Another beauty item that I can’t seem to leave the house without is a tinted lip moisturizer. I need a lip gloss that has a slight tint put still provides enough moisture to keep my lips looking juicy!!! A two in one!! This one in particular from the Tarte collection saves your lips from signs of aging while giving you intense hydration and tint. It is infused with antioxidants, vitamins, essential extracts and oils that help restore the appearance of your lips’ softness, moisture, and elasticity that’s reduced over time. Oh and the packaging is pretty!!

Sephora - Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Collection Sephora - Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Collection

1. Colour Correcting | 2. Drench Lip Set | 3. Lip Rescue | 4. Colour Correcting Brush | 5. Hydrating Boost | 6. Lipsaver |  7. Eyeshadow

What are your beauty staples this spring!?! Let me know in the comments below …






Thank you Sephora for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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