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A HUGE Congratulations Is in Order … To Ben & Lauren!!

First of all … a huge, huge, huge, CONGRATULATIONS is in order to Ben and Lauren B!!! Your life together is just beginning and I couldn’t be more excited for you!! The finale always brings back so many memories for me. I remember feeling the exact same way that I’m sure you are feeling … you finally get to start going on dates, going grocery shopping, doing all of the little things together and most importantly acting like a normal couple!! No more cameras following you around … you get to be YOU and start a relationship and a life together!! You did it … CONGRATS!!!

The Bachelor Finale Recap

What I’m SURE everyone is talking about today … did Ben really find love on the Bachelor … with TWO women!?!?! He did!! Being in that position more than once before, I know that being in love with more than one person at the same time IS in fact, possible. Now that he has chosen just one, I’m sure there will be a grieving process for both JoJo and Lauren. I hope that they both can get through it and that it just makes them stronger.

The Bachelor Finale Recap

If you have been following my blog this season you know that Lauren B wasn’t my top pick from the get go. But last night, I saw SO much love between her and Ben and that’s all that really matters in the end. I wish them the absolute best for what’s to come for both of them. So much excitement ahead!

The Bachelor Finale Recap

I feel for Ben it must’ve been so hard letting JoJo go. He got so lucky that he was able to find love with not one but TWO amazing women. That doesn’t always happen and I hope that it doesn’t take away fr0m what him and Lauren now share.

On the upside of things, I think JoJo is going to make the BEST Bachelorette ever (other than me of course lol). But JoJo couldn’t be more perfect to take on this role and I am so excited to watch her find the man of her dreams. She is so articulate, has great style, a gorgeous body, and just simply has everything going for her … she deserves a man who is head over heels for her!! JoJo, I wish you the best and am so excited to follow you every step of the way!! You go girl …

Ben Higgins Bachelor Finale Recap

I can’t say this enough, a HUGE congratulations to Ben and Lauren B!! You guys are adorable together and I wish you so much success in your relationship and life together.


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  1. EEKS, I am so excited for Jojo! I loved her poise during this season. I am a little bummed that Ben take a step back on what he said to Jojo and the millions of watchers. He said up until the “ah ha” moment (ring shopping) that he was unsure. Yet People’s interview he said it was Lauren all along. #OUCH!

    1. I agree. I don’t think he had any idea until ring shopping. Throwing around I love yous to both girls wasn’t fair. I know life isn’t fair… JoJo handled herself with poise and class on after the final rose! She’s a catch! I hope he kicks himself while watching her find the man of her dreams. Lauren can’t feel good about their relationship, after watching his love story with jojo unfold. Her 15 mins of fame will be up soon.

      1. I actually think Ben Higgins was one of the most genuine and likeable bachelor’s in recent years. What is kind of strange is there are more successful couples to come out from “The Bachelorette” than “The Bachelor” Desiree, Trista, Ashley Hebert, Kaitlyn all successfully found their partners on “The Bachelorette” On the hand, the only Bachelors who made it to the end were Sean Lowe, Ben Higgins, and Jason Mesnick (although Jason chose Melissa Rycroft and switched to Molly at ATFR). Seems like The Bachelorette has more successful couples than “the Bachelor” show
        Bachelor Pad/Bachelor In Paradise
        (with the exception of Jade/Tanner).

  2. Jo jo is amazing. She got the raw end of the deal, but you’re right watching her find the man of her dreams will be one of the best seasons; yet. She is the whole package, minus her hard shell brothers. I hope they come around this time and not complicate the love she finds!!! Love you’re blog 🙂

    Side note…Jo Jo’s blush gown was absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Hope they are happy but he lost me when he said ILY to both. That was when hoped Jojo wouldn’t be chosen. Lauren got the raw end of the deal in my opinion. Who doesn’t want their husband to know that they are positively the one.

  4. I’m thrilled that JoJo is the next bachelorette. I think she will be great but she has a long way to go to dethrone you as the best Bachelorette ever.

  5. I’m happy for Jojo that Ben didn’t pick her because she dodged a bullet in my opinion. It can’t be easy for Lauren to know that Ben was also in love with Jojo, and that even his mother preferred Jojo. When you fall in love with someone the feelings don’t fade that fast. You can tell that Ben still has feeling for Jojo based on his interaction with her on after the rose. Understandably he won’t admit it and will now go on to say that it was Lauren all along. Realistically they are just beginning to know one another, and in the real world I don’t have much hope for Ben and Lauren based off the outcome of past bachelor seasons. Seems that women know what the want more than men lol.

  6. I agree, Lauren wasn’t my pick but it’s obvious that they really are into each other and seem so happy! Plus, I’m selfishly glad we’ll get to see Jojo for another whole season as The Bachelorette!

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