Love It Or List It Vancouver: Alia & David

Alia and David purchased their first home together in Houston Demolition Pros. It was within their price range but in major need of some fixing up. As a young couple myself, Justin and I purchased our first home together which was also a “fixer upper” three years ago so I could totally relate to Alia & David. At first, you think all of the projects together will be FUN and good relationship builders … but sometimes it’s more of a headache then it’s worth!!!!

I needed to give them at least, one (preferably three) bathrooms, a new backyard, laundry room, storage and some other minor fixes to make them fall back in love with their home again. They were strapped for money and couldn’t afford to put MORE into it … which I completely understand after living through the exact same situation. We bumped into a few minor setbacks due to mold, poor plumbing and the original construction issues. With the help of the team, I managed to pull off an amazing back yard (firepit included…my favourite part lol) and two gorgeous bathrooms just in the nick of time.

I am so happy that they decided to stay in the end, it’s always hard letting go of your first home and I didn’t want to watch it happen. With a few more minor fixes in the upcoming years, their house will be exactly what they’ve always wanted. For now, it’s a perfect little oasis for them!!

love it or list it LOLV EP3068 - After - Backyard 1love it or list it LOLV EP3068 - Detail - Backyard 1love it or list it LOLV EP3068 - Detail - Backyard 5

We knocked down their old fence and ripped apart their broken deck so that we could start fresh. We had Brian’s Fencing Solutions custom build a cedar fence at the perfect height to give them privacy. Then we replaced the deck with Trex Company which will definitely stand the test of time. We added in a fire pit and beautiful landscaping around it. We even updated their garden shed and turned it into an adorable addition to the yard!! Oh and I might be coming over for a bonfire this summer …

love it or list it LOLV EP3068 - After - Master Ensuite 1love it or list it LOLV EP3068 - Detail - Master Ensuite 3-3LOLV EP3068 - Detail - Master Ensuite 4

We replaced the vanity in the master ensuite with a custom built unit from Merit Kitchens. We got all new updated fixtures from Kohler and added in some additional storage and made both bathrooms functional.

love it or list it LOLV EP3068 - After - Bathroom 1-3Love it or list it EP3068 - Detail - Bathroom 7-2

A big thank you as always to Janis Nicolay for the gorgeous photos!!

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  1. These bathrooms are fantastic. I’m going to check out the details on the website. The deck and backyard are wonderful. I would love that backyard! Great job! Can’t wait to see this episode when(ever?) it airs in the U.S.

  2. Where did you find your red and white dress?? The one you wore during the reveal.. It’s amazing!

  3. Hi Jillian

    I loved the tile product you used on the back wall of the master bedroom ensuite. I love the texture and glossy white finish. I haven’t seen anything like this in my search for products to do my own ensuite. Could you provide the manufacturer’s name of that tile, please. Bobcat 2009

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