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6 Simple Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your Phone

When we launched the JH Love Presets we had quite a few questions coming in asking us to share tips on how to take beautiful photos with your phone! We answered a lot of emails and dished our advice one by one so we thought we should share everything we recommend in a blog post!

A STUNNING image always starts with the photo first … you can add presets until the cows come home but if you don’t have a great canvas to start with, you probably won’t be overly thrilled with the end result.

So, to ensure you’re getting the MOST out of your JH Love Presets, I’m sharing 6 of my TOP tips when it comes to taking pictures with your phone!

Jillys Presets are Here

1. Clean Your Lens

Before you even take a photo – clean the lens of your camera! This will make sure that the image is nice and clear!

2. Don’t Use the Filters on Your Phone

You want to avoid using the filters that already exist on your phone … I mean, you CAN use these filters but I wouldn’t suggest using them and then using my presets. If you want your photos to look fresh and airy like mine, take the photo without filters THEN add your desired JH Love Preset to the image. If you’re happy with using the filters that already exist on your phone then maybe the presets aren’t for you and that’s totally ok!!

3. Always Take Photos in Natural Light

To avoid images looking yellow, make sure to turn off all of your incandescent lights and take your photos in NATURAL light!! This is key to a stunning image! If you have the option to take them in diffused natural light even better … if not, maybe wait until Golden Hour (dusk and/or dawn!!).

4. Work with the Sun

Avoid shooting directly into the sunlight, this will make your subject very dark. You also want to avoid having the sun at your back and your subject right in the direct sunlight as this may wash them out. Try moving about 45 degrees and having the sun at your side, you should be able to find your sweet spot if you move around. We live in a digital world so don’t be afraid to snap a ton of photos to get the one that’s JUUUUST right!!

5. Never Use Your Flash

You want to avoid using your flash when taking photos – as mentioned above, natural light is the best light!!

6. Apply Your Preset

Once you’ve snapped your perfect photo, this is when you would apply one of the JH Love presets! Upload your image to the Lightroom CC app on your phone, click “presets” then apply the presets one by one to determine which one you love the best on your photo!

Jillys Presets are Here Jillys Presets are Here

That’s it!! Easy peasy right?! Don’t forget to share your images on social media using #JillyPresets so I can see all of YOUR beautifully edited photos!!



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  1. Thanks for this great information Jilly. I just love your presets and I am enjoying using them with all my photos. Xx

  2. Hi! I purchased the presets a week or so ago and have yet to install them on my phone. I wanted to print the PDF instructions – but have not been able to. Am I missing something?

  3. Hi! I recently purchased the presets and I have yet to install them – however, I was trying to print the PDF instructions but am not able to do so. Am I missing something? Looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. A little off topic but wondering if you have a iPhone case you love. Just got a new phone (the XS) and I need a new case. Thought you’d have great recs!!

  5. Perfect! Hope now my photos become better. I used to take photos in natural light, but it can be too hard sometimes.
    Your photos are great 🙂

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