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6 Tips To Get Motivated To Work Out This Year

Getting motivated and back in the swing of things after a holiday full of over-indulgence can be hard. I always need either a kick in the butt or finding that my pants are too tight to force me back into the gym or yoga studio. But every time I start, I’m amazed at how good it makes me feel. I become more energized, eager and feel more powerful. It’s amazing the way simple exercise transforms the body and mind. If you’re like me and need some extra motivation to get going this year … follow my tips below and let’s get started together!

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1. Schedule Workouts: This is the first and most important thing for me to do. My schedule is usually jam packed so finding time to workout instead of relaxing on the couch can be hard. Once I schedule the time in my calendar to work out it makes me realize that it’s not THAT hard to find the time. And that time is definitely worth making. I like to start with 1 or 2 sessions the first week to ease my way into it and get back into a routine.

2. Start Small: Start by either going for morning walks to grab coffee or evening walks before or after dinner. Anything to get the blood flowing and some fresh air is a great start. It will trigger your brain to want to get exercising and in shape.

3. Get New Gear: There’s nothing more inspiring than showing off your new workout duds at the gym full of rockin’ bods. Sometimes you need that extra self-esteem boost to get you back in the gym. I went into Victoria Secret and couldn’t believe all of the awesome workout gear I found. Their leggings and mesh sports bra are my new fav’s, and not to mention the hoodie to match (only available in store). They had some really bright fun colours that I also picked up and linked below in case you’re looking. I’m a sucker for cute workout clothes to push me to get my butt back in a workout routine!!

4. Get Yourself A Pass: Instead of jumping right into things and getting a monthly or yearly pass … start with a 10 or 20 class pass. This will allow you to use it as often as you like so that you can see if the pass will be put to use or if you should be going elsewhere.

5. Cut Out Electronics: I found that if I limit my electronics (including TV) to before 8 it leaves me two free hours for NOTHING in the evening. I like to spend that time either relaxing or going to hot yoga. If you get in this habit it will slowly become part of your routine with all of this spare time in the evenings.

6. Girls Night: Once you start feeling better about your body and seeing results you slowly become addicted to working out. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It becomes easier to find time and you can even gain a work out posse to visit with while doing something healthy. A great place to start is by turning girls wine night into girls yoga night.

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Workout Pants | Workout Hoodie (similar, mines only available in store) | Sports Bra | Tank Top

Some of my other favs:

If you’re scared about buying online, Victoria Secret offers free shipping and returns on all bras, including sport happening until 1.14. It’s a great opportunity to try out their bras risk free. The bonus that always gets me … there is always free shipping on $100 purchases with code FREESHIP100!!!

Do you have any other tips that help get you motivated? I’d love to hear them in the comments below…


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  1. I use challenges to stay motivated. One time, my husband put $5 in a jar every day I worked out (and made coffee at home instead). Every month, I had about $100 to buy MORE new work out gear or new clothes! This got expensive, so soon ended but got me back into it. Another time I challenged my sister to waking up at 6am to get 30 minutes of exercise in for a week before our kids were up – the winner got free babysitting (I won!). I’m in need of motivation again, thanks for all the ideas!

  2. Yes, girl! I’m all about going after the cute workout clothes. 🙂 Love the ones you’re sharing here! XOXO.

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