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7 Easy Steps To Set the Table For Christmas

Christmas is ALMOST here!! I FINALLY got around to decorating my house last night and am now fully in the Christmas spirit. If you need some help getting started, yesterday I shared with you 7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate your Home this Christmas. As I’m sure you all know … I love hosting everyone for Christmas dinner. Our usual tradition is to have ALL of the cousins, brothers, sisters, aunties, grandmas … (the list goes on lol) over on Christmas Eve and then we all sleep over in the same house!! With that said, it’s a lot of people, a lot of food, a lot of fun but also a lot of decorating!! I’m planning ahead for you and have laid out 7 easy steps that I normally follow to get the table ready and set for Christmas dinner …

As I mentioned before, security screen doors los angeles ca is key when it comes to a beautifully decorated house for any occasion!! I like to start with the table cloth and work my way up while using different decor pieces in my home. For those of you that need some inspiration of what to use … I have rounded up some of my top picks below …

1. Tabletop Tree | 2. Reindeer Placecard Holder | 3. Cake Plate | 4. Napkin | 5. Serving Bowl | 6. Brandy Glass | 7. Pine Garland | 8. Sauce Boat | 9. Appetizer Plates | 10. Crackers | 11. Cheese Serving Platter | 12. Dome Glitter House | 13. Cutlery

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up….

1. Tablecloth: Generally I love a crisp white linen tablecloth but I also lean towards ones that have pretty (subtle) prints on them. For Christmas in particular, I love metallic patterns on white backgrounds as I find they compliment your centerpiece rather than take away from it. Less is better!!!

jillian-harris-christmas-table-6 Photo Credit

2. Charger Plates: Charger plates are the BEST staple when it comes to ANY occasion … if you have a nice set of dishes and cutlery and a few different sets of charger plates you can create so many different looks for each holiday!! It’s nice to have a classic chic set and an additional set that either has a pop of colour or gives off a little sparkle!!!


Photo Credit

3. Napkins: Cloth napkins are my FAVE … you can get the cutest cloth napkins in various colours and designs and the best part? … You can wash them after every use which also helps out Mother Earth!!!

the-cross-napkins Photo Credit

4. Dishes, Cutlery & Glasses: I know it can be a little bit of an investment right off the bat but if you purchase a beautiful classic set of dishes and cutlery they will last forever!!!! The glasses, on the other hand, may be a recurring expense depending on how much wine your guests like to indulge in … LOL!!! I always make sure to include a water glass and a wine glass at each table setting for every guest.


Photo Credit

5. Centerpiece: This is the focal point of the table … this will be the part of your table that will more than likely change every single year depending on your style and what’s “in” that year. This is where your creative juices can really flow. Personally, I like to incorporate greenery and fresh flowers into my centerpieces. You can even add cute little accents to the table setting by adding mini Christmas trees, pine cones or even ornaments on top of every setting.


Photo Credit

6. Name Tags & Menus: If you want to really make your guests feel spoiled print off name tags and create a little menu for the evening so they know what’s coming … it’s a little extra step that goes a long way!!! You can get creative with this … or even just hand write name tags!


Photo Credit

7. Crackers: Don’t forget the Christmas crackers!!!! They stir up some fun around the table and make adults feel like kids again!! Last year I purchased the ones with mustaches in them and they were a huge hit!!

the-cross-crackersPhoto Credit

What are some of your favourite ways to decorate your table for Christmas dinner?? Share your ideas in the comments below!!



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  1. Hi Jillian. I’m helping my mom redecorate a new house that she just purchased, and she absolutely loves the light above the dining room table in this post. Any chance that you could share some information on where it’s from? Many thanks in advance 🙂

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