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8 Farm-Inspired Outfits You Need to Copy This Summer!

Ever since we took possession of the farm back in March, my online shopping habits have slightly changed. Instead of having my eye on fancy dresses and wedges, I can’t get enough of vintage-style overalls and rubber boots… and I’m not mad about it! So today, I’m rounding up all of my recent farm-inspired outfits that you can copy this Summer!

Jillian Harris watering a hanging basket of flowers on her porch wearing one of her Go-To Farm-Inspired Outfits.

Top (similar) | Shorts | Sandals

1. Denim Shorts

If I had to pick just one item to take me through those hot summer months working on the farm, I couldn’t live without denim shorts (no, not the Daisy Duke style 😉). I’m talking high-waisted and slightly longer in length than the 1979 trend, and I found the perfect pair from Agolde. This pair is a bit of an investment, but trust me, they will be your new go-to all summer long!

Top | Shorts

An outfit with yellow and white floral patterned button down shirt with Agolde mid-thigh cut-off denim shorts, one of her farm-inspired outfits.

top (similar) | shorts

Jillian Harris' New Favourite Denim Shorts shown paired with with a light sweater with pink and red horizontal stripes.

top | shorts

Jillian Harris' Farm-Inspired styled outfit showing a white t-shirt with a flamingo and tropical plants on it paired with distressed cut-off denim shorts.

2. Overalls

I think I have a slight obsession with overalls, my collection has been growing over the years, and now that we bought a farm, I have an excuse to let the collection grow! Overalls never seem to go out of style and are something you can pack for your summer vacay, wear to the garden, or to the local Farmer’s Market (or, in my case, working on the farm 😉). My current faves are these vintage-style Levi’s overalls and these Pilcro Utility Overalls.

top | overalls

Light denim overalls with holes in knee area paired with a short sleeved white peasant shirt, an example of Jillian Harris' Favourite Farm-Inspired Looks.

top (similar) | overalls

Jillian Harris' Favourite patchwork Overalls shown with a red short-sleeved prairie style shirt, one of her farm-inspired outfits.

3. Dresses

You might be surprised with this option for the farm, but when it comes to comfort in the summer, lightweight, breezy dresses are one of my staples (or an overall style denim dress, of course, 😉)! I don’t often reach for a dress while working on the farm, but I love slipping them on if we’re having family, or friends over. They are easy to throw over a swimsuit after a dip in the lake or pool, and not to mention are trendy and comfortable!

top | dress

Knee length Overall Dress with a white t-shirt with floral pattern cut out on ruffled sleeves.

dress (similar)

Jillian Harris wearing orange gingham printed dress and orange gum boots while carrying a basket of asparagus, showing one of her farm-inspired outfits.

Well, there you have it, my go-to farm-inspired summer outfits! And if you missed it, this week we released our very first farm episode; make sure to check it out (here!), and if you’re looking for more of my summer fashion picks, check out our shop pages (here!).



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