8 Simple Tips to Living A More Sustainable Life

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has certainly impacted how we go about our daily lives, our regular routines have been changed and as we are working hard to make sense of our new “normal”, Mother Nature is also seeming to do the same. Considering today is Earth Day, I thought I would share some interesting facts on our Earth has been impacted by this outbreak. Did you know that because of the many people practicing social-isolation there has been significantly less pollution being emitted into the air and because of that we are experiencing better air quality? The skylines are clearing up in some major cities and there have been more sitings of killer whale pods (and so much more, I’m sure!). I like to think of this as a little “vacation” for our earth and a much-needed break from all of the toxins we emit on a day to day basis.

When we are finally able to able to go on with our lives, I think that it is still really important that we are conscious of how our daily habits can impact the environment. If we all make a few small changes to reduce our carbon footprint, it can make the world of a difference!

In honour of Earth Day, the girls and I are sharing 8 things you can do in your everyday routine to live a more sustainable life!

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1. Bring reusable totes and produce bags

This sounds like a very simple idea, but the amount of times I have walked into a store and left behind the pile of reusable totes and produce bags that I intended to use astounds me! LOL! A simple task I have been incorporating into my everyday routine is making sure after I use these bags that I put them back in the car to use for those spontaneous trips to the grocery store. Something to note, due to COVID grocery stores are not allowing you to use ANY reusable bags to stop the spread of bacteria. Once we are able to bring our reusable bags again make sure they are all clean and ready to go! Find out what my go-to reusable bags are, here.

Tip: Make sure that you are washing these bags every so often to prevent the spread of bacteria!

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2. No power hour

Now more than ever before, we are spending a great deal of time in our homes, which means a big increase in the power that we are using. As a family, pick an hour (any hour!), turn off the lights, unplug the appliances, light some candles and play a game or read a book. Making this a weekly occurrence (or a daily one if you’re competitive like me … LOL!) will not only reduce your bills but as a result, you will be spending some amazing quality time with the ones you love and making some great memories ta-boot!

3. Eco-friendly light bulbs

Pick up some energy-efficient bulbs, bust out those “screw in the lightbulb” dance moves and bobs your uncle (or maybe he’s not … LOL). Either way, this is such a simple thing you can do, you will have to replace them eventually, why not opt for the bulbs that will save you some money (in the long run!) and last longer?

4. Turn off the faucet

Sure, you have to turn the faucet on to brush your teeth, but does it need to run the entire time? Did you know that simply turning off the tap while you are brushing your teeth can cut your water bill by 13%? Talk about saving the planet and money!!

5. Unplug

Do you have any appliances that are laying around your house that you don’t use daily that are plugged into your electrical outlets? Even though they aren’t being used they are still drawing power! Unplug those appliances and save that energy!!

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6. Meatless Mondays

If you are a meat-eater try to reduce the number of animal products that you are consuming! Not only will this be beneficial for your health but it will also reduce water consumption. Did you know that it takes roughly 1,800 gallons of water to produce 1 lb of beef?? Start slow and enjoy meatless meals on Monday! We have some great vegetarian and vegan options in the Friache Food Full Hearts cookbook if I do say so myself!!

7. Repurpose jars and containers

Any time I receive gifts in glass jars or reusable containers I LOVE to save them! Personally, I love to bring these reusable containers to refill at stores like Farmbound Zero Waste (which is here in Kelowna) or bring them to Bulk Barn. Just remember to weigh the containers before you start filling them up!!

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8. Buy from companies that recycle products

You know I LOVE companies that are moving more towards eco-friendly packaging. What I also LOVE are companies that encourage consumers to return their products and recycle or reuse them wherever possible! Not to mention companies who moving towards sustainability. Check out my list of Canadian clothing brands that are making a difference with their eco-friendly products!

Well, there you have it!! Some simple and easy ways that you can be more environmentally friendly this year. Have you added any of our ideas to your daily routine??

Happy Earth Day loves!!!



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