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15 Sustainable Clothing Companies Doing Amazing Things

Some of you may have heard me talk about Plastic Free July over on my Instagram stories and how we’re working toward reducing the amount of single-use plastics (and garbage!) that are coming in and out of our home. I even shared a blog outlining 7 little changes we were making in our household to move towards this goal, check it out here! Well, today, in an effort to continue my journey to reduce as much waste as possible, I thought it would be a great idea to look at what I consume most in my life and start to find ways to minimize it … and yes, you guessed it, that would be CLOTHES! LOL! I think so many of us can relate to this considering most of the time we don’t even know where our clothes are coming from and the effect they may be having on our planet!!

Since fashion and clothes are a pretty big part of my everyday life and one of those things that I’ll never be able to fully eliminate, I thought I would start looking at clothing in a different light and spend some time researching the most eco-friendly brands so I could share them with you too! Now, I know I haven’t nailed this quite yet, but I still think it’s so important to shop smart when we can and keep our planet top of mind. Plus, it’s pretty cool to find companies and brands that align with this!!

While doing my research on eco-friendly brands, I actually found a ton of Canadian clothing brands that are seriously changing the game and making a difference! I’ve shared a few of them below (in no particular order!) and would LOVE for you to share any others in the comments below that you’re aware of!

1. Londre Body Wear 

Londre’s swimsuits are primarily made out of recycled materials and sustainable textiles and they’re made just a hop, skip, and a jump away in Vancouver, B.C.! Plus, all of their packaging is biodegradable and reusable! They even offer 20% off your purchase if you return your no longer used Londre suit to be recycled!! So incredible! You can’t get much better than swimsuits that are both made out of recycled materials and can also be recycled! Way to go Londre!! Not to mention, they have a number of styles and colours of suits, and they’re all so flattering and sexy, LOL!

Jillian Harris Sustainable Clothing Jillian Harris Sustainable Clothing

2. L/L Supply

L/L supply is made right here in British Columbia and they make the cutest tees (I’ve shared a couple of my favourites below!)  … in fact, not only are they cute, but all of their clothes are 100% made from fabric waste from landfills!! How cool is that?!

Jillian Harris Sustainable ClothingJillian Harris sustainable clothing

3. Anupaya

Anupaya is a brand that is geared towards the outdoor lifestyle! All of their products are made using sustainable and recycled materials and these guys LOVE the planet! So much so that they’ve started an initiative called the One Pound Promise and the goal of this initiative is to remove ONE POUND of waste for every product sold!! They do this by hosting and funding community clean-ups across all of Canada and the world!! If you’re interested in joining a cleanup, learn more here!

Jillian Harris Sustainable ClothingJillian Harris Sustainable Clothing

4. Beth Richards

Beth Richards swimsuits are ethically manufactured in Vancouver, B.C. in aims to reduce their carbon footprint and ensure waste is minimized! I have been wearing these swimsuits for a while now, and trust me they do not disappoint!! I love them for their amazing quality, and for the brand’s efforts to being eco-friendly! Some of you may recognize the one below (the Ines One Piece ) because I wore it for our team pool day!

Jillian Harris Sustainable ClothingJillian Harris Sustainable Clothing

5. June Isle

June Isle is a mother-daughter duo who creates clothing for women and kids out of natural and organic textiles that are all dyed naturally without any chemical process! The brand’s core values are to ethically make garments that respect both humans and the planet. They want to show people that buying clothing with intention and integrity is possible in the world of fashion, and knowing where your clothes are coming from is important!

Jillian Harris Sustainable Clothing

6. Buttercream Clothing 

At Buttercream Clothing every single piece is made from scratch and by hand in Calgary, Alberta! All of their items are made to order to ensure there is no wasted materials or unused pieces in order to reduce waste and ultimately, help out Mother Earth!

Jillian Harris Sustainable Clothing13Jillian Harris Sustainable Clothing 12

7. Leze The Label

Leze The Label creates stylish and versatile clothes for women with all different kinds of lifestyles, and the best part is they say they feel like pajamas … I don’t know about you, but they had me at pajamas! LOL! All their clothing is made out of 100 % sustainable materials such as plastic water bottles, coffee grinds, and bamboo! Crazy right!? Watch this video to see how they make all of this happen!

Jillian Harris Sustainable ClothingJillian Harris Sustainable Clothing

8. Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak create clothing for men and women all made with a minimal impact plan in place to prioritize recycled fabrics! Their packaging boxes and shopping bags are also 100% recyclable! They have also created an initiative called Let’s Give a Shi(r)t, where they donate a shirt every time customers bring in old clothing to be donated or repurposed instead of it going to the landfill which is SO awesome!!

Jillian Harris Sustainable Clothing

9. Free Label

Free Label clothing is all handmade and sewn in Vancouver and Toronto and all of their products are made from natural sustainable fabrics. Plus, their packaging is also sourced from recycled materials!

Jillian Harris Sustainable Clothing Jillian Harris Sustainable Clothing

10. Kotn 

Kotn makes every one of their fabrics from scratch and works directly with each step in the supply chain!! They source their fabrics such as authentic Egyptian cotton from family-run farms! Not only are they helping the planet, but they’re also sustaining another part of the world. SO cool!! And it gets better … they are not only cute but they don’t break the bank either!!

JIllian Harris Sustainable ClothesJIllian Harris Sustainable Clothes

11. Native Shoes

Native Shoes are first of all completely vegan (YAY!!), and by 2023 every single pair of native shoes made will be 100% life cycle managed!! How insanely cool is that?! They make their shoes out of special material that can be completely repurposed and allows them a new life! Learn about the Remix Project here!!

Leo has been wearing the Jefferson Child shoes in shell white, all summer and loves them!!

Jillian Harris Sustainable Clothing

12. June

June is a Canadian brand that sells home decor items including beautifully hand-woven bags and baskets!! They believe in promoting a waste-free lifestyle and sell products that can easily help you do this !! They have awesome market bags, mesh produce bags for the grocery store (I use these all the time when I grocery shop!!), and even a picnic sling …  I don’t know about you, but I may need that in my life! LOL!

Jillian Harris Sustainable ClothingJillian Harris Sustainable Clothing4

13. Matt and Nat 

Matt and Nat is a Canadian brand that sells so many styles of vegan bags, shoes, and accessories!! They’re completely committed to not using any leather or animal-based materials in their products!! They also use recyclable materials to make their products and the linings inside all their bags are 100% made out of plastic water bottles!

Jillian Harris Sustainable ClotihingJillian Harris Sustainable Clotihing

14. Sole Society 

Sole Society also has a huge selection of handbags, travel bags, backpacks, and more all in its own Vegan line! The prices are also very affordable which is a huge bonus!! In fact, I have the Zypa Weekender (which is currently on sale!) and it’s the perfect bag to take as a carry on while traveling! Check out my previous post about Chic Airport Style which features this perfect duffel!

Jillian Harris Sustainable clothing1 Jillian Harris Sustainable clothing1


Okay, you guys this brand is SO cool!! They’re known for their crazy smart, innovative idea to make products completely out of the fibers from pineapple leaves! The material that they make is basically the same as leather, except it is way more sustainable, eco-friendly and more importantly, no animals get harmed!! Check out their bags here!

Jillian Harris Sustainable Clothing Jillian Harris Sustainable clothing1

There you have it guys!!

I hope you found this useful and maybe you even discovered some new awesome brands you’ll fall in love with!! Let me know in the comments section if you have any recommendations for sustainable and eco-friendly companies, I would LOVE to know!




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  1. Thank you for sharing these — I have a pair of Native shoes I wear almost everyday! Can’t wait to check out some of the other brands on your list! Pact is also a great option, and tentree 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing these great companies – I have a pair of Native shoes I wear almost everyday, they’re amazing! Can’t wait to check out these other brands. Two other clothing companies I really like are Pact and tentree 🙂

  3. Hi Jillian! This is very good topic. Thank you for sharing.
    I wonder, if you are familiar with the Finnish brand called Bypias? It is not local Canadian brand but they still make amazing, natural clothing that you might also like.

  4. Great list! Thanks for filling me in on some awesome brands. Silver and gold clothing out of Victoria, BC is beautiful and has some very cool sustainability initiatives.

  5. I love leze the lable, franc and oak and matt and nat. You should look up Encircled! It’s a Toronto base compagnie, that makes eco-friendly material and sew their clothing all in Toronto area. Love their stuff!

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