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My Favourite Rugs: Indoor and Outdoor

Finding the perfect rug for your home can be a very daunting task (trust me, I’ve been in your shoes many of times!). The options and styles seem neverending and it can all seem very overwhelming! So, I’m here to help … Jilly to the rescue!! LOL!! I decided to do this blog because I always get so many questions about where my rugs are from and tips on my favourite places to shop for indoor and outdoor rugs, so I’m going to share ALL of this with you today along with a few others that I’m currently LOVING!!

Indoor Rugs

As many of you know by now, my home is very neutral and mostly all white, so when it comes to selecting rugs for our home, I like to have a little fun and go for rugs that are patterned and believe it or not, have some colour!! YES, I said it, some colour! Who am I?! LOL!!

I always make sure to have a rug in my front entrance not only does it help with muddy shoes and paws but it also doubles as a warm welcome into your home!  I tend to switch between two of my favourite rugs for our front entrance! The first one is the Sweater Weave Jute Rug from Caitlin Wilson, which is unfortunately no longer available (WAHH?), BUT I found an identical one (that’s on sale!) from Wayfair that I’ll link here! The second one I like to swap it out with is the Calisa Block Printed Rug (which is ALSO on sale! LOL!) from Urban Outfitters!

I especially love the Calisa Block Printed Rug  because it’s washable but I do find it a bit slippery since it’s cotton, so we have a grippy underlay beneath it, and it’s a game-changer! LOL! You can buy one, here! Or, you can also get a cushioned grippy underlay if you prefer a little extra comfort!

Both Urban Outfitters and Wayfair are great places to look for rugs, they have a HUGE selection of indoor and outdoor rugs available in a number of colours, patterns, and sizes!

Tip: Your front entrance rug should be neutral and easy to clean, it will save your life … trust me LOL!!

Jillian Harris Favourite Indoor Rugs Jillian Harris Favourite Indoor Rugs

In our living room is where I have incorporated some colour with my rug! If there is one rug that can change your home, it’s this one! I could not imagine my living room without the Flat Weave Soleil Rug from Caitlin Wilson Design! It totally completes this space, and adds in the perfect amount of colour!! Oh, and the cherry on top?! This rug is AMAZING if you have a busy household like ours, with one toddler, a baby, and two dogs, this rug is INCREDIBLE when it comes to disguising stains!

Some other rugs that would make for the perfect mess and stain disguising rugs are the ones I’ve linked below! The tip is to go with something that has a pattern and a mix of colours so a juice (or wine ?) spill has a better chance of blending in and doesn’t look so obvious!

Jillian Harris My Fav RugsJillian Harris My Fav Rugs 3

In one of our narrow hallways, we also have this Wool Rug from Nordstrom! I LOVE the colour and pattern, it has the perfect size and shape to fill in any narrow space in your home and it just so happens to be ON SALE right now! Urban Outfitters has one that is similar (but darker in colour) which you can find, here!

Jillian Harris Fav RugsI’ve also gone ahead and rounded up a few of my favourites here for you too!! These rugs would make the perfect addition to a living room, bedroom, and even an office space!

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are AWESOME!! They are often much more durable because they’re made with all-weather materials, AND they’re usually more affordable (which is a huge bonus!). Pro Tip: If you find an outdoor rug you absolutely love, you can use it as an indoor option too!!

On our upstairs deck, we have the Miley Blue Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug from Wayfair and downstairs on our pool deck patio, we have the Tuscany Blue Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug which is also from Wayfair! I love the timeless pattern and colour of both of these outdoor rugs! I’ve actually had both of these rugs for well over a year now and you can’t even tell!

Here are some more outdoor rugs that have caught my eyes lately!!


On our front porch, I currently have the Hello Door Mat from Wayfair! I am in LOVE with this doormat and I don’t think I will ever be able to switch to anything else LOL!!  However, I will say that The Cross Decor & Design currently has some of the CUTEST doormats which I’ve gone ahead and linked for you below, in case you want to scope them out!

Jillian Harris My fav rugsJillian Harris Summer Shoes

There you have it guys!! I think it’s safe to say you won’t have trouble finding a rug after reading this blog LOL!!

What are your favourite places to shop when it comes to rugs? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. Hi Jill – curious why you switched out the Trex chairs on your downstairs patio? I’ve had my eye on them but have been waiting to pull the trigger as to the cost and am wondering if they didn’t hold up for you? Thanks !

    1. They held up beautifully and I loved them but I wanted to change things up downstairs! I would totally recommend them! xo

  2. Just a heads up you cannot buy the urban outfitters rug in Canada – it cannot be shipped internationally or to Canadian stores. Thanks for the post!

  3. Perfect timing Jillian! We are looking for a rug for our deck, it’s too hot to walk on without something on our feet and I like going barefoot. Going shopping now thanks!

  4. I think I clicked on every rug! Love this post.
    What is that blue colour on your front door?

  5. What size is your Wayfair Tuscany Blue rug under your downstairs dining table? I have a similar size dining set and am wondering what size rug fits best. Thanks! xo

  6. Finding the perfect rug for your home can be a very daunting task (trust me, I’ve been … I decided to do this blog because I always get so many questions about where my rugs are from and tips … It totally completes this space, and adds in the perfect amount of colour!! … Let me know in the comments below!

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