A Week In My Closet – Week 33

HOLY MOLY!! Is it just me or did this week fly by for you as well? I mean I’m not complaining, I’m pretty happy it’s Saturday again and that Leo and I are back in Kelowna with Justin and Nacho … this makes me a REALLY happy mama!!

I can’t wait until this snow is gone so we can get outside for some hikes without battling the snow and so we can peel off some layers!! Anyways, without further ado, here are all of the details of my favourite outfits this week, well … I should say OUR favourite outfits … it’s a family affair on this week’s blog! LOL!! …


My Light Grey Hoodie | Leggings | Justin’s Hoodie | Justin’s Sweats


Shoes | Shirt | Pants


Sweater | Cardigan | Leggings | Boots


Justin’s Pants | Justin’s Shirt | Justin’s Vest | Leo’s Jacket | Leo’s Sweater | Leo’s Pants | My Jacket | My Sweater | My Leggings | My Boots


Candle | Scrunchie


My Light Grey Hoodie | Leggings


BodysuitSleep Sack


My Light Grey Hoodie | Leggings | Justin’s Hoodie | Justin’s Sweats


 Watch | Sweater | Jeans

Alright loves, that’s all from me today! I hope you have a relaxing weekend and indulge in a little vino … or whatever floats your boat! Lol! Oh, and make sure to swing by the blog on Monday as I’ll be sharing my spring favourites with you! And yes, it’s the PERFECT excuse to do a little shopping … LOL!!



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  1. Love the outfits, but it really is too bad that you don’t link what many of your clothing pieces actually are, probably due to who is sponsoring this post. Those boots are Hunters, not from Joe Fresh (same goes for the Frye’s that you linked as from UO). It misleads people and misrepresents the brands (both actual and sponsored).

  2. I love that you wear leggings so often! I’m about to travel to China/Japan this summer and am hoping to stick to leggings for the majority of the trip because it’s so comfy, but am so worried about panty lines or inappropriateness! Do you suggest the leggings you’re wearing as a possible option (thickness, breathability, etc.)?

    1. Leggings are so comfy to wear when travelling!! The ones in this post are really soft and they hold everything in!! LOL!!

    1. Hi @pamclague:disqus they’re from Little Navy!! They make personalized bed sheets, apparel, crib sheets, etc. XOXO

  3. I love the style/colours of the Outdoor Voices leggings! I am wondering what size you are wearing and perhaps your usual Lululemon size for comparison? Just trying to figure out if I would be a small or medium as the reviews on the Outdoor Voices website are a bit mixed in terms of sizing, and let’s face it, no one likes the hassle of returns/exchanges. Thanks 🙂

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