A Week In My Closet – Week 44

It’s time for another glimpse into my closet!! Wahooo!!! Did you guys happen to catch my blog post dedicated to my love for overalls and bodysuits this week?? LOL. If you missed it, click here! It was HILARIOUS reading everyone’s comments on this blog. A lot of you were excited that overalls and bodysuits were back in style and there were certainly a few that dreaded the thought of crotch snaps again!! The snaps don’t actually bug me too much, sure they’re a pain in the ass when you have to pee and I’ve totally been that person to leave them flying open but hey, they’re manageable! In fact, I’m loving the overall/bodysuit trend so much right now that I’m already looking forward to rocking my long jean overalls and a long sleeved bodysuit in the fall!! LOL!!!

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff!! Below you’ll find some ADORABLE summer dresses such as the yellow one right below AND stay tuned for an upcoming blog all about the blue dress below … this dress is a STEAL OF A DEAL!!! Details to come … but that’s your warning to give it a look and snag it ahead of time! LOL!!

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Dress | Sandals | Sunglasses

Jillian Harris Overalls

Overalls | Bodysuit | Sandals

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Sneakers | Leggings

Jillian Harris Overalls

Hat | Bodysuit | Short Overalls | Chucks 

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Sunglasses | Dress

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet


Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Swan Floatie | Flamingo Floatie

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Watch | Eyelet Top | Overalls | Sandals | Jean Jacket

Jillian Harris Overalls

Pinafore Dress | Bodysuit | Hat | Sandals

There you have it loves!! See anything you like??

Oh!!! And if you haven’t had the chance to check out the Nordstrom sale yet, make sure to take a peek before it’s over!! Alright, that’s it from me!! HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYONE!!



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    1. Hi Jillian!
      I’ve been following for a while and love all your posts about being vegan. I am starting to cut out meat and dairy but have been very interested to hear what kind of milk you will be giving Leo. I have an 11 month old and really going back and forth on this after learning a lot about the vegan diet. Can you post about this? Thanks!

  1. Question: I see the dress you love is from Chic Wish. Thoughts on that site? There are soooo many items on the site, I just get nervous ordering from sites which I don’t know the quality of.
    Thanks Jillian!❤

  2. I love your style and your show is fantastic but the average person will not be able to afford a straw hat for over $200.00. You have great taste.


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