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Overall The Best Investment

Did you get the pun I did there?? OVERALL … the best investment! Get it?? LOL. I wanted to share this blog with you so badly because I’m seriously in love with overalls this year and I don’t think they get the credit they deserve!! LOL!! When I’m out and about I always feel like I’m pulling my shirt down and my pants up and the thing that I LOVE about overalls is you don’t have this issue with them and they don’t press on your tummy so they’re also COMFY! Not to mention. they’re super easy to wear, if you’re a “beginner overall wearer”  I would suggest to wearing a cute crop top or a bodysuit underneath so that it doesn’t bunch around your midsection and look bulky!

I’ve actually lived in my distressed overalls over the last few months but now that it’s getting hotter out I’ve had to swap it up to the dress and the shorts … which are still freakin awesome and EASY outfits to pull together!

You can really dress up and dress down overalls, they’re pretty much the perfect staple for any weekend outing, from running errands to wine touring! Check out the different looks I pulled off below with five different pairs of overalls and the same bodysuit! Just swap up your accessories and shoes and you’ve nailed a cute and COMFY look!!

Let’s take a look together …

Jillian Harris Overalls


Jillian Harris OverallsJillian Harris Overalls

Jean Short Overalls | Bodysuit | Chucks | Hat | Backpack 

Jillian Harris OverallsJillian Harris Overalls

Hat | Overalls (Similar) | Bodysuit | Boots | Hat

Jillian Harris OverallsJillian Harris Overalls

Pinafore Dress | Bodysuit | Sandals | Hat

Jillian Harris Overalls_-2

Distressed Denim Overalls |  Bodysuit | Sandals | Sunglasses 

Jillian Harris OverallsJillian Harris Overalls

Overalls | Bodysuit | Sandals

What do you think?? Pretty awesome, right?! I LOVE finding key pieces like these for my wardrobe it makes my clothing decisions in the mornings easy peasy!! Are you on the overalls bandwagon??



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  1. Yes!! I’ve bought both the linen overalls from urban outfitters and the distressed denim overalls from forever 21 that you’ve posted about and love them!! I also have a distressed shorts pair from American eagle that I love!

  2. Kismet…Just last night I was looking online at pinafore/overalls sewing patterns! Now my search is going to get serious! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The links for the dress and the jean shorts are not working :(… where can I find these ?! They are amazing..

        1. Hmmmm … that is so weird!! Both of them are from TopShop so maybe try searching for them on their site!! XOXO

  4. The link for the MOTO Boyfriend Short Dungarees shows a picture of ones with holes in them and the bottoms are fringed. In your picture there are no holes and the bottom is hemmed. Are they the same pair? Thanks!!

  5. Hey Jill, where exactly are those overalls your currently wearing in the photo above (full length, they are a darker wash) I looked on forever 21 but they don’t look the same – just wondering if you can help me out, I LOVE the ones in the photo your wearing!
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi love, these ones are the Forever 21 ones they are just a different wash since mine are sold out 🙁

    1. I think it’s the perfect length for summer!! I don’t think it’s very short but yet again, I’m about 5 foot nothing. LOL.

      1. Hi Jill,
        I love the overall dress and think I’m going to order it! Trying to figure out my size. What size did you buy? Thanks!!!

  6. Are the short overalls older? Love the exact pair you are wearing in the photos. But I believe the link shows a pair that are more distressed. Thanks in advance?

      1. Thanks! Enjoy following you! I usually watch your insta stories at the end of the day in bed and you are a breath of fresh air!

  7. Hi Jill, Love, love, love the pinafore dress. I want to order it but am not sure about sizing. Some reviews have said to size up and other have said true to size. Do you mind sharing what size you ordered? Thanks so much!

    1. Oh geez. Embarrassing. Didn’t mean to double post. I couldn’t see my first post so I thought it didn’t work. Oops!

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