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All About Leopard Print

Leopard print is so on-trend right now and it just so happens to be one of my favourite prints. The good thing about leopard print is the fact that it never REALLY goes out of style and there are so many ways to incorporate it into not only your wardrobe but your accessories and home decor as well!

This morning I was cruising a few of my favourite sites and decided I would round up some of the cutest leopard print items for you … from adorable swimsuits to the cutest throw pillows and everything in between, it’s all listed for you below! Let’s get to it!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

1. Swimsuit | 2. Watch | 3. Sneaker | 4. Scrunchie | 5. Swim Trunks | 6. Side Table | 7. Ruffle Top | 8. Mules | 9. Teddy Jacket


Let’s kick this blog off by highlighting the numerous ways you can easily incorporate leopard print into your wardrobe! Depending on how much you love the print will more than likely determine how far you go with it! For example, if you’re all about that print you may obsess over this Sweatsuit from Nordstrom! I don’t know about you, but this sweatsuit looks so comfy and would be perfect for slow mornings at home! You can purchase the sweater and joggers separately which is awesome if you want one or the other!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Sweater | Joggers

Speaking of lounging at home how amazing are these Satin Pajamas?! I could definitely get on board with lounging in these all day long!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Satin Pajamas

If you like a subtle pop of leopard print, this blouse from Nordstrom is perfect! The pattern is so minimal that anyone could pull it off and not to mention, you can also totally dress this up or down by wearing it with a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers or spice it up with a pair of faux leather leggings and heels!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print


Or, if you’re looking for the perfect summer tank, the one I’m wearing below is the Jeronimo Tank from Aritzia! I also came across this Lace Trim Satin Camisole from Nordstrom that’s very similar and equally as cute!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Jeronimo Tank | Lace Trim Satin Camisole 

Fall is right around the corner which means I just might have to snag this Cozy Teddy Jacket before its all sold old! It would keep me so warm in the chilly weather … well, at least that’s my excuse! LOL!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Cozy Teddy Jacket

Demin jackets are so in right now, and what better way to be in style in both a denim jacket AND leopard print! This Colbey Leopard Print Denim Jacket from Nordstrom has it all going on!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Colbey Leopard Print Denim Jacket

I’m sure many of you will recognize the Alivia Swing Dress from Fox + Wit! It’s actually one of the pieces from Kaitlin’s Fox + Wit collection and it comes in SO many sizes! I have this dress and picked one up for my mom as well. If you’re looking for a comfy dress, this is it!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Alivia Swing Dress

I always get so many questions about Leopard print shoes and truth to be told, I custom made mine from Vans but I came across these Gills Platform Slip-On Sneakers and Ivie Sneakers from Nordstrom that are very similar!

Jillian Harris Summer Shoes

Leopard Print VansGills Platform Slip-On Sneakers | Ivie Sneakers

Also, how stylish are these Leopard Print Mules from Saks Fifth Avenue?! They would look so good paired with a simple maxi dress!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Leopard Print Mules

If you like to match with your little babes as much as I do, you’re going to LOVE these leopard swimsuits from Marysia! How freaking adorable are they?!! I’ve linked them all for you below!

Jillian Harris Leopard PrintJillian Harris Leopard PrintJillian Harris Leopard PrintJillian Harris Leopard Print

Leo’s suit | My Suit | Annie’s Suit

What better way to feel sexy and cute in leopard print than some adorable panties! Some of my favorites are from Victoria Secret, I love the Brazilian Panty in the color Nude Leopard! There are so many cute options!

I have also highlighted some more clothing options for you here too!


If you’re loving what you’ve seen so far I have a feeling you might also be on board with these accessories! Even if you’re not super keen on going all out in your wardrobe with leopard print but you still love the pattern, these accessories will be the perfect touch of leopard for you! Like this Leopard Print Phone Case from Urban Outfitters, for example, it’s such a cute way to show your love for leopard print! It’s simple, yet so fun!!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Leopard Print Phone Case

One look that I haven’t tried yet, but I am seriously loving is headbands! I mean, how cute is this Leopard Print Headband from J.Crew?!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Leopard Print Headband

This Reusable Tote Bag from J.Crew is a MUST! I could use this for so many different things on a day to day basis … grocery shopping, hitting up the beach with the kids, or as a work bag to carry around my laptop in! The options are endless! LOL!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Reusable Tote Bag

As many of you know … I’m a little obsessed with scrunchies! I either have one in my hair or on my wrist 24/7! This is exactly why I made sure to include scrunchies in my JH x Etsy Summer Collection and that included a leopard print one by Allette & Co! Ps. If you’ve been trying to get your hands on one of these scrunchies, they will be restocked one more time before the end of this month!!



This Kate Spade Leopard Print Watch is definitely on my wishlist! It is on the pricer side, but it would be perfect for a gift, or if you want to treat yourself!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Kate Spade Leopard Print Watch

In Your Home

Okay, so you might be thinking “how are you supposed to incorporate leopard print in your home?!”, but I’m telling you there are so many cute and SIMPLE ways to add pops of this print throughout your house without it becoming overwhelming such as cute throw pillows like this Leopard Linen pillow from Arianna Belle or this Wild Lumbar Pillow from Nordstrom!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Leopard Linen | Wild Lumbar Pillow

This Leopard And Black Wall Art from Anthropologie is seriously the cutest! I can see this looking amazing hanging up in an office space!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Leopard And Black Wall Art

Another idea I am loving is this Leopard Print Removable Wallpaper from Urban Outfitters!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Leopard Print Removable Wallpaper

This Leopard Candle from Nordstrom is a really simple way to show off some adorable leopard print in your home! I love the color scheme on the label!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Leopard Candle

Last but not least, a great decor piece for in a living space is this Leopard Heart Side Table from Nordstrom! I love the gold legs and the heart-shaped leopard print!

Jillian Harris Leopard Print

Leopard Heart Side Table

There you have it! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite item is and if you’re on board with the leopard print trend!



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