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Annie’s 3rd Birthday: A Minnie Mouse Themed Recap!

I’m sure most of you got a behind-the-scenes look at Annie’s Minnie Mouse themed birthday party a few weeks ago! Whether it was the organized chaos the day prior while Team Jilly was frantically decorating for Annie’s birthday while simultaneously decorating the Farmhouse for our final reveal (coming very soon!). Or, if you lucked out and happened to catch the birthday girl in her element soaking up all of the love on her special day.

Annie’s birthday turned out so beautifully and I think it’s safe to say, it was one of my favorite parties that we have thrown to date! For those of you who missed out on catching some of the behind-the-scenes stories on Instagram, I’m going to share all of the details with you today along with a fun of her special day!

Party Planning

If I am being honest, and if you read Leo’s last birthday reveal blog you may know that I get a little bit anxious when it comes to the kid’s birthdays. In fact, the morning of Annie’s birthday I woke up feeling so anxious and guilty about posting her special day on social media and potentially making any parents or guardians out there feel inadequate or that you aren’t doing enough. I don’t want anyone to ever go beyond their means for their kid’s birthdays, at the end of the day your kiddos won’t remember if you spent $20, $200, or $2,000, what they will remember is how loved they felt! I hope reading the kids birthday recaps either gives you some inspiration or a good laugh at how overboard I go, but please never let them make you feel as though you are not doing enough for your kiddos!!

Minnie Mouse Party Decor

I was so excited to decorate for Annie’s Minnie Mouse themed party, the colour palette was so in my wheelhouse (compared to Leo’s Transformers Birthday last year 😂). With all of the parties that I host throughout the year we were pretty much all set when it came to paper balloons, but I did order a few extra pink and red balloons from Oh Happy Day and Paper and Parties! And while I was perusing the Paper and Parties website I may or may not have also found the cutest cutlery, plates, and more items that were perfect for this Minnie Mouse inspired party that I convinced myself i needed to scoop up. Originally, I told myself I just needed a few paper balloons and before you knew it I had all of the decor (and more!) that I needed for this Minnie Mouse birthday … what else is new? LOL!

Now prepping for the kid’s birthdays is a biggg operation, and this decorating day also just so happened to fall on the same day that we needed to decorate the farmhouse for the big reveal, so to say Team Jilly was busy this day was an understatement! They installed the paper balloon installation (they are the experts!) and then they were off to the farmhouse! The next morning I called in some help from Yuriko at Vintage Origami and she did not disappoint (she never does!) and she even made Annie her own Minnie Mouse backdrop, it was soooo cute! Yuriko also found a white bouncy castle (who knew these existed!?) from Purple Rhino Event Rentals and Cloud Nine Designs worked their magic and added a full Minnie-themed balloon arch on top. Prepping for the kid’s parties (or any party for that matter!) is a lot of work and I’m so thankful that I had so much help a few days leading up to this event!

Desserts & Candy Bar

For dessert, we had the most beautiful Minnie Mouse birthday cake and cupcakes by the one and only Kakes with Kathie, along with the most adorable cookies, macaroons, and a few other sweet treats by Izabela from The Cake Mama. Even though we had more than enough sugar already, I couldn’t resist putting together a little candy bar for the kids and including a few more sugary surprises in their loot bags too! 🤪

Annie’s Birthday

Annie’s birthday turned out to be better than I had ever imagined, it was such a beautiful party and an even better day! What I love most about the kid’s birthday parties is that it is an excuse to bring together all of our closest family and friends. Not only was this day so special for Annie, but it was also special for all of us too! There was great food, amazing drinks, but for me, it’s all about the company! Not to mention, practically everyone showed up wearing their favourite items from my latest collaboration with Joe Fresh and it just absolutely warmed my heart!

All in all, it was a wonderful day celebrating our sweet little Annie! A special shoutout to all of the companies that helped make this day so special, Yuriko from Vintage Origami, Paper and Parties, Purple Rhino Event Rentals, Cloud Nine Designs, The Cake Mama, Kakes by Kathie, Team Jilly and all of our family and friends who helped clean up after the party!



Please note that the items from Paper and Parties were gifted to us and Yuriko provides her ultimate party planning services in exchange for some of my clothes! The rest of the items noted in the blog we paid full price for!

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  1. Would team Jilly be willing to do a how-to video showing them putting together the paper balloon wall?? I’ve been cutting down on latex balloons for my kids’ parties and would love some tips and tricks for the paper ones, especially how to put up and take down for re-use. Thanks!

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