Halloween Decorations You’ll Want to Keep Up Year-Round!

“There’s only 365 days left until next Halloween!” — The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of my FAVOURITE holidays to decorate for is Halloween… even more than Christmas. And in fact, I have more Halloween decorations than Christmas decorations, and we are running out of room! There’s just something so thrilling about pulling out all of the life-sized skeleton’s (aka Mr.Bones), bats, fog machine, and oversized lanterns to decorate for this spooky holiday!

I often get asked about my Halloween decorations and even more so how I decorate for Halloween without it looking kitschy! So, today I am rounding up all of my favourite decor options for the spooky season!

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Halloween decor round-up 2020

1. Spider Web | 2. Giant Spider |3. Pumpkin | 4. Skull | 5. Apothecary Bottles | 6. Fake Chains | 7. Rat | 8. Bat Wall Decals | 9. Fake Raven | 10. Outdoor Candles | 11. Life-Size Skeleton

How to pose a fake Skeleton
Giant fake spider

Life-size decor

My go-to saying when shopping for Halloween decor is “the bigger, the better!”. Not only does it end up looking more realistic, but I find the bigger the decor items, the more likely I am to use them for years to come. My favourite life-size decor pieces are giant skeletons, furry spiders, crows, faux pumpkins, apothecary jars, cloches, and lanterns!

Pro Tip: To make your decor a tad spookier and more life-like, stage your decor as though it’s real. For example, hang a bat from a pendant light inside or hang a giant spider on the side of your house!

Spooky Halloween Decorations

Invest in your decor

I have been decorating for Halloween for over the past 10 years and really like to invest in my decor pieces. I find that the more I invest in decor items, the move I love setting up every year and I end up hanging on to the pieces for years to come!

Jillian Harris' favourite Halloween Decorations
How to decorate your porch for Halloween
Porch Halloween decor

Colour palette

I ALWAYS stick to the same colour palette, I’m talking neutrals, browns, different shades of cream, white and grey. Sticking to a colour palette keeps it looking classic and not kitschy! If and when I use other colours (like orange and purple) I use it very sparingly.

Fake skeleton halloween decor

Halloween Decor Storage

When it’s all said and done and it’s time to pack away all of my Halloween decor (wah!), I store everything in giant labelled tote bins! It makes it SO easy to put everything away and pull out all the decorations the following season!

Well, there you have it! All of the in’s and out’s on how I decorate for Halloween!

Best Witches! 🦇


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  1. I too love, love, love Halloween! (I know my Mom held on and didn’t pass away until November 1st last year so that she wouldn’t spoil Halloween for me, I’m still heartbroken!) I love your tip of using life size props. We had a life size skeleton in our department at work in the conference room that we would pose in different positions all the time. The IT guys put the video camera in it’s eye for our video conferences so we had to look it in the eye while talking to our audiences lol! I love seeing what your family costumes are every year. We are skipping the party this year of course due to covid but my decorations are up!

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