Ask Jillian: Drinking on The Bachelorette


“I noticed on some of your dates you seemed a bit tipsy (not judging, in fact, it made me like you even more), and I don’t think it was ever blatantly obvious but I was wondering was there one episode where watching it back you thought ‘man, I drank a little too much that night’? I think back and the episode where I remember thinking you were drunk was the one in the snow (skiing, snow shoeing… memory is drawing blank) that made me giggle the most because I thought you were pretty tipsy.” –Jamie

Yep. For sure. I mean I am no angel and I like to over-indulge just as much as the next single, fun-loving lady. I have no qualms about it. On the show there is extra pressure so it’s easy to reach into the cooler and grab another bottle of champagne. I don’t have any regrets however – and I would say HALF of those times it was a combination of being EXHAUSTED (sometimes I would only get an hour or two of sleep a day) with the stress…. So I guess we’ll never know which times I knocked a few too many back and which times I was just beat. Either way I am sure it was entertaining!

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