Ask Jillian: All Things Bachelorette

I’ve had a great time answering all of your Bachelorette questions over the last few weeks! I got a few questions that only required a short answer, so I figured I’d throw a few of them together. Here we go!

“Did you keep around guys just because you needed numbers even if you thought you didn’t have a connection with them?”-Katie Emig

Unfortunately yes – otherwise I might have eliminated more each rose ceremony. HOWEVER – I am glad those were the rules because there were guys that I thought I would eliminate right away, but as I got to know them I totally fell for them… like Tanner P- his foot fetish shtick was hilarious but I wasn’t so sure. Then after a few more chats I realized he is a super funny, down to earth dude!

“Are there any guys from your season that you would consider trying it again with under normal circumstances? If so, who?”-Jamie

For sure! I am so proud of my guys from my season – most of them have found fabulous ladies – like Kip, Reid, Jesse! Michael Stagliano and I talk ALL the time and if our schedules lined up more I think we’d make a cute couple. Mark Huebner is way funnier than he was on the show and so I chat with him a lot. But one thing to remember is there are plenty of fish in the sea. I would NEVER force anything or rush into anything (again) so I just surround myself with cool people (whether they were on the show with me or not) and what happens will happen…

“Did you know the first night who your top guys were? Did you cut anyone loose earlier then you expected?”-Jamie

Yep – I knew the first night and they ended being my final 6.

Do any of these answers surprise you? Let me know your thoughts below!

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