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Baby Gadget Must Haves

This blog should technically be written by Justin as he is the tech guru in our family (and I MAY or may not have asked him for his help with this round up lol). As soon as we found out we were pregnant one of the first things he did was started researching about the top of the line gadgets that we had to have. He would show me all of these different gadgets and reasons why they were so great (it was SO SO amazing lol) … but it all just went completely over my head. SO, we decided to leave all of the “tech” buying up to him and the decorating up to me lol!!!! So with the help of Justin, we are finally getting around to sharing with you, our favourite gadgets that we use on a daily basis … as well as some of the ones that we have and are excited to try!!!

Just a quick side note … for those new moms and new parents out there … I totally recommend finding ONE store that you can buy all of your gadgets and baby items from. It makes it SO much easier on you and your partner to compare products and prices while keeping things organized. Best Buy was perfect for us making it easy to shop gadgets like the NEST camera that we’re using for Leo’s baby monitor … as well as crib sheets like these Aden + Anais ones that we LOVE!!!! They offer a little bit of everything, giving you the peace of mind that you need while meeting all of your NEW parenting needs. Check out all of the baby essentials that they offer at

Baby Gadget Must Haves from Best Buy

1. Wipes Warmer | 2. Electric Breast Pump | 3. rockaRoo | 4. Bottle Sterilizer | 5. NEST baby monitor | 6. HALO Mobile | 7. Projector | 8. Thermometer | 9. Intelligent Potty | 10. HALO BassinestĀ 

EEEEP and to finish this blog off … if you weren’t already aware, Best Buy is having a baby sale event TODAY and TOMORROW only!!! Head over to their site now for some major savings …






Thank you Best Buy for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. You state in your blog that these are gadgets you use on a daily basis, but why would you have used the intelligent potty when your son is a newborn?

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