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Todays blog isn’t about some recipe, an outfit, baby advice or home design. Todays blog, is about the person who makes this ‘blog’ and frankly, me, successful.

Normally, I would send a card, or a text, or pick up the phone, but since this person pours her HEART and soul into THIS site, I figured THIS was the best place to wish SWEET Shay Merritt, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Some of you know who Shay is, and how important she is to me.  Some of you do not, so here’s a little ditty about Shay.

I’ve actually known Shay for a while, before she started working for Jillian Harris the company.  I remember her as this adorable blonde bombshell who dated Justin’s “goofy friend Cam”.  About 3 years ago (actually 3 years ago today!) I put a little update on my personal Facebook, saying that I needed help with my website and help with my brand. Justin’s ‘goofy friend Cam’ texted me right away and offered his hot girlfriend up for the job, before even asking her.  He set us up for a meeting, and a coffee date later,  she was hired.

I remember loving her blinding white perfect smile and impeccable style and thinking ‘yes yes, she’s perfect for the team! But I had no idea just how perfect she’d be!

Since then, Shay has become family, a friend, shoulder to vent and cry on & a HUGE reason for the success of my business.  Shay, thank you.  Thank you for believing in my crazy ideas, for your loyalty, your drive and genuine concern for me when I ‘take on too much’.  YOU are such a gem and Justin, Leo, Nacho and I ADORE you.

I hope you have the most amazing weekend in Whistler with ‘your goofy boyfriend Cam’ (who I also love just as much, well almost, as you)

If any of you reading this, are in Whistler this weekend and see this “hot blonde bombshell”,  buy her a shot, give her a hug, flash her a smile… and if you aren’t in whistler, you can always give her a follow and shout on Instagram (here is the link to her account)

Jillian-Shay Jillian-Shay-2 Shay-New-York Shay-margarita

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  1. This is awesome. Happy birthday Shay! Have an amazing weekend and I hope you get spoiled rotten because god knows you deserve the best!! Xoxo

  2. Too funny… just started following Shay on IG because I love her shots in and around Van (my hometown), then I read this blog. Happy birthday to you, Shay!

  3. I love this post! If you guys ever need to hire help based in Toronto, please let me know!!! I would love to work with both of you!

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