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Bachelor Canada: My First Impressions

Hey everyone!! Welp, The Bachelor is fired back up again but this time we have The Bachelor CANADA on our hands! As you know, after each Bachelor and Bachelorette episode we like to share a little recap with you here the next day … now, I’m not sure if you read My Bachelor In Paradise Secret blog or not but if you didn’t let me quickly fill you in! It’s not often I get the opportunity to tune into these seasons (with my heavy workload, a surgery recovering dog, and a 1-year-old) so, Mindy watches the episodes and recaps them for you here! I know some of you already know that but I just wanted to bring everyone else up to speed!! So, with that being said, I’m going to hand this over to Mindy so she can get right into the GOOD STUFF with you!!

Hi again everyone! Mindy here! It’s great to be back and so I’m excited to chat with you about another season of the Bachelor … and even more excited that this time around our Bachelor is a fellow Canadian! Ps. I heard last night that people from the States couldn’t watch this season but I THINK you can watch it online on the W Network!! Does anyone know for sure??

Jillian Harris Bachelor Recap Canada RecapJillian Harris Bachelor Canada Recap

So, my FIRST thoughts on Chris … tall, blonde, fit, and handsome … check, check, check … CHECK! He’s a good-looking guy, and you know what’s even better?? HE SEEMS GENUINE AND NICE!! What the hell?! Did these girls just hit the friggin jackpot here?! Throughout the entire episode last night I was SEARCHING for a red flag and I finally gave up because I couldn’t spot one. I mean, I know it’s really early on in the season but sometimes you just get that gut feeling right away on people … take Shanti, for example. Shanti is absolutely stunning buttttt I honestly feel like she is going to be T-R-O-U-B-L-E … can someone cue Taylor Swift here?? “I knew you were trouble when you walked in …” Lol. My first red flag popped up when they introduced her and she was working out in the gym and started talking about her “haters” … hmmm … why in the world does she have so many haters?? Then she threw her little tantrum when Chris didn’t come and talk to her … and this was just the first episode!! Yikes. Even though it seems as though drama follows her I have a feeling she will be around for a while.

Jillian Harris Bachelor Recap Canada Recap

I’m SOOOOO HAPPY Dee got the first impression rose … she is my absolute favourite!! I think she is so down to earth and I love the fact that she is so sweet yet so edgy! I think she was pretty shocked that Chris gave her the first rose, which made that moment even better!! I know that Dee is concerned about telling Chris about her daughter but I honestly don’t think it will be a deal breaker for him at all … he seems like the kind of guy who would welcome her with open arms … What do you think?

Catie is also in my top two! Chris and Catie seem so comfortable with each other already like they’ve known each other for years, I think that is such an important quality in a relationship … especially when it’s so new!! I think she’s the perfect mix of smart, sassy, and sweet for Chris! He seems like a bit of a shy guy so I think it’ll take a girl with a little bit of spice and humor to crack him!

Jillian Harris Bachelor Recap Canada RecapJillian Harris Bachelor Recap Canada Recap

I also really liked Lyndsey! We didn’t see TOO much of her last night but I think that she will be around for a while as well. Chris said right from the get-go that she would be a girl that he would typically be attracted to and would try to make a point of chatting to if he ran into her on the street. There was also a lot of chatter about Mikaela and it seems as though she has quite a few fans already, I think she could very well make top three in the end and Chris seems pretty attracted to her!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor Recap Canada RecapJillian Harris Bachelor Recap Canada

So, just to recap … if I had to pick right now, my top three selects would be:

  • Dee
  • Catie
  • Lyndsey

Oh … before we go … for those of you wondering what Chris looks like without a beard AND in his Baseball uniform … check out this little gem I stumbled upon … you’re welcome!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor Recap Canada

photo credit

What are your thoughts on Chris so far?? And if you had to choose, who would your top three girls be??

Until next week!!



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  1. Agree with most of your comments, Like your picks but would like to add one more – Kait. I like her and thought they had a good connection. As Kaitlyn said on the after show – all about the hug – one arm or two. Also add Brittany to the “bad girl” list.

  2. I love Catie, but she didn’t seem to be featured much in the preview of the season to come… is that intentional? am I over analyzing it?

  3. Chris is my favorite bachelor ever, American/Canadian. He is the description of dreamy, I mean, he seriously seems too good to be true!

  4. I was annoyed how he kept his hands in his pockets while greeting the girls as they got out of the limo.. LAME and disrespectful in my opinion..

  5. Ummmm what to say besides …Thank you for posting that last pic! Wowsa. Hot hot hot damn! Lol oh so dreamy with or without the facial hair. Always look forward to the Canadian Bachelor/ Bachelorette as there’s always new faces.
    P.S. Totally agree with your picks.

  6. Holy hotness! Nice find on the picture Mindy, who knew he could look even better without a beard?!

    I think his top three picks at the end will be Catie, Mikaela and Lyndsey. My favourite is Dee because I think she’s just the sweetest, but I have a feeling that that’s what attracts him to her, that she’s an absolute doll, but in the end he won’t fall in love with her and he’ll probably be gutted about it.

    I’m surprised Meghan got a rose, I think she’s a bit too young and naive to get married. And I don’t just mean age-wise.

    I could SO do without Shanti and Brittany M. I’ll never understand why girls like them go on shows like this (I mean I do…. attention)… they’re so much more concerned with their own image than anything else, and they’re not remotely interested in Chris.

    Glad you’re recapping this one! I look forward to watching the season play out with your posts 🙂

  7. I happened to agree with you these ladies were my favorite top 4 for sure.
    We always need a little trouble stirring the pot lol.

  8. I wish he’d lose the beard. He’s WAY better without it! I like him! Love your picks! Shanti seems like a bit of a stalker/girl-zilla already!! Can’t wait to see this season!!

    1. I love Kait. I have never seen a Bachlorette with short hair before. She smiles so nicely and always seems to be listening figuring things out not talking.

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