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Bachelor Love

WHOLY MOLY I’M LIKE 3 episodes behind!! Blame it on sunstroke, I’ve been in Maui or getting ready for Maui for what seems like a while now… and slacking off has taken priority! But since yours truly made a special appearance in Sundays episode of the BACHELOR REUNION. I wanted to pipe in and give some thoughts as to what’s going on in the Bachelor Nation world right now.

Let’s start with the wedding. First of all, I was honoured and so excited to be invited to Jade and Tanners wedding. I watched them fall in love on Bachelor in Paradise and Jade was always a favourite of mine and Justins. FINALLY … there was a bachelor event that I was able to go to, the last handful of events I had been invited to, I already had commitments so we were SO STOKED that this one finally worked out!!!!

John & Joseph Photography Inc. John & Joseph Photography Inc.John & Joseph Photography Inc. FullSizeRender 30

I travel so much and to be honest, it gets old fast … so my expectations for this trip were to wish Jade and Tanner well and give Chris Harrison a finger pull (it’s our thing, but he never really lets one rip for me which I think is totally unfair don’t you?). BUT, the event ended up being SO much more …

I have to say, for anyone who thinks they would never want to get married in front of a bunch of cameras because it would take away from the moment … it is ANYTHING but invasive. This is my third Bachelor wedding and the one thing I notice every time is HOW beautiful the wedding is and how good of a job the production does to stay out of the way of guests and the bride and groom. Jade and Tanner’s wedding was nothing short of perfect. They were so happy and in love the entire night, it felt JUST like a good ol’ fashion full of love wedding … but on steroids of course LOL. Congratulations to both of you on an amazing evening and life full of love and laughter together!!!
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Seeing ‘the crew’ was my favourite.  I haven’t been to an event since the 15-year reunion and I don’t remember much of it because Ali Feditowski and I may or may not have been over served hahahah … oh … Aliv… that was a FUN night! And so a tonne has changed in 5 years!!! It was so wonderful to be with all the girls (and guys) at once!!!! To hang with Kaitlin, Trista, Deanna, Ali, Andi … and to see how wonderful life is going for them! Baby’s, boyfriends, fiances … SO MANY LAUGHS!!!
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I have to admit even though I’m head over heals with Justin, I was really really excited to meet Chris Soules and Ben (Justin and I both have man crushes on Chris so we were both excited!). Chris was SO much fun in person, and just as hunky. What you didn’t see on camera??? Justin and Chris were “the most entertaining” of the group … aka the most tipsy but they were HILARIOUS!!! Ben was just as sweet as I imagined and even better looking in person. I had to give him a rough time and put him in his place a few times just to make sure he really fit in with the family. Such good laughs!


Oh AND SEAL!?!?!?? OMFG I just about PEE’D MY PANTS … did you see my reaction? I couldn’t believe how close we were!!!!!


Justin and I left feeling loved, happy and I was so grateful … the Bachelor franchise sometimes gets a reputation for being silly, desperate or comical … but truly it has brought me so much joy, success, friendships and adventure!!!  SO HAPPY I took a chance way back when…


Now quickly about Ben’s season.  I CAN’T BELIEVE he let BECCA GOOOOOOO WAHHHHHH I cried so hard!!! I don’t know who he picks and am worried in fear he picks Lauren … at this point, she is my least favourite. I don’t know why??? I can’t pin point it, but something just isn’t there for me … (but hey I’m not the one picking her). My favourite is Jojo, followed by Caila and then Amanda … so I guess we will see!!!! :))))

K gotta get back to the beach I have NO tan yet and need to get working on that!



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  1. Hi Sweetie! I just had to write this, I just read your article (I am still an avid Fan lol), you wrote so well.
    I think u truly have a gift for expression! Your articles r interesting, give food for thought, & engage the reader! What a beautiful wedding.
    I know I know, (bias) lol?!? NO!! These r my genuine thoughts.
    You both looked too cute!

  2. I also have “reservations” about Lauren B but my daughter pointed out to me that JoJo might be a bit high brow for Ben. Also there is a definite “cultural” hurdle. JOJo is used to “nice” things like the Cartier bracelet she wears. Guess we will have to see what he is comfortable with. I see him as more of a plain Midwestern guy. Maybe Lauren is the right choice .??

    1. HI well, JilliN has the right final four. and you may have the right final two Reality Steve, does a pretty good job of intel on Bachelor stuff

  3. Jilly – As always, I love your blog.. I absolutely agree with you about the ladies. I don’t see Ben and Lauren together, I do see him with Jojo.. I hope it’s her.. All indications look like we will be wrong. It’s not up to me, but from an outsider looking in, I see future with Ben and Jojo. Great season, I love Ben as the bachelor. Best one in a long time. I wasn’t sure he’d be able to run the show, he was so quiet on Kaitlyn’s season, I was dead arse wrong. He’s doing a fantastic job, I love the way he keeps the ladies confidence up.. Great guy.

  4. Jilly- I always been a huge fan! Love this post! I’m sorry you feel this way about Laurn, she is hands down tops & has been since day 1, seas well JoJo!

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