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Love It Or List It Vancouver: Dawn & Brian

I fell in love with Dawn and Brian’s backyard. It is very rare to have that much greenery and land (river running through included) within close proximity to the city AND in a great neighbourhood. I thought no matter what the transformation they would NEVER want to leave!!!

Inside the house, things got a little bit trickier. Every room was sectioned off making the layout choppy and inconvenient for their lifestyle. They had an extremely small kitchen and no shower in the ensuite resulting in Dawn having to share a bathroom with all of the men in the house … sooo not ideal!!! They had a huge list for me with some major constructional set backs, which only allowed me to focus on the most important items. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to tick off as many things that they would have liked to within their budget. But, I still cannot believe they decided to List It after that amazing kitchen I gave them!!!! Good work Todd, good work.

LOLV EP3071 - Detail - Kitchen 1LOLV EP3071 - After - Kitchen 1 LOLV EP3071 - After - Kitchen 4

The kitchen definitely took the cake in this episode for me. I love how bright, light and open it became thanks to the help of Merit Kitchens. The cabinets turned out beautifully with the black and white contrast.  They definitely freshened up the entire space.

LOLV EP3071 - Detail - Dining Room 6LOLV EP3071 - After - Dining Room 1

We replaced their floors with this gorgeous, natural, wide plank, hard wood in a matte finish from Mercier. I like using lighter floors to help bring a space back to life. Plus, lighter hardwood hides the dust bunnies just a little bit more lol!!

LOLV EP3071 - After - Dining Room 2LOLV EP3071 - Detail - Dining Room 7 LOLV EP3071 - Detail - Dining Room 2LOLV EP3071 - Detail - Dining Room 1 LOLV EP3071 - After - Mudroom 1LOLV EP3071 - Detail - Mudroom 3LOLV EP3071 - Detail - Mudroom 5LOLV EP3071 - After - Mudroom 2LOLV EP3071 - Detail - Mudroom 2

We managed to open the mudroom up a bit by bumping the wall back. Since I couldn’t give them the deck upstairs to open up to the backyard, I wanted to make this entrance/exit extra special. We were even able to move the laundry OUT of the kitchen and add in a perfectly sized Kohler sink.

LOLV EP3071 - Detail - Mudroom 4
A big thank you as always to Janis Nicolay for the gorgeous photos!!

Visit W Network for more on this Love It Or List It Vancouver episode and to see more photos of the reveal click here! Also, be sure to follow Love it or List It Vancouver on Facebook for episode updates and more fun behind-the-scene photos.

Until next week!!!


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  1. Jilly this kitchen is EVERYTHING! I am OBSESSED with that back splash. We’re gutting our kitchen and I’m struggling to find something that bridges the gap between our grey lowers and coconut colored uppers, and this back splash would do it. What is called? Where is it from? Who can I call to get it in my house too! 🙂

    Thanks bunches! 🙂

      1. I looked through every tile Creekside had and couldn’t find the Luceta Style backsplash. Any other suggestions? I love this backsplash, too.

  2. Where did you source that gold and mirror bar/console table? Love it and everything else. Will these shows be on HGTV in the US? Love your transformations.

  3. Jillian!! WHERE are those counter chairs from?!?! I’ve been looking everywhere for chairs that I like and am having zero luck! But those are GORGEOUS!!

  4. Oh my gosh I’m just watching this episode now and when Brian said “or the contractor” I wanted to throw something at the TV! What a jerk! As if a different contractor would have a different result with inspections and permits! Ooooooo so mad at this jerk! I hope he sees this! And seriously he’s delusional about what quality workmanship cost. Buddy, you get what you pay for! SMH!!!! The house is beautiful for the budget that was given. Yeah, some things had to be chopped!

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