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Bachelor in Paradise: Episode 6

Wow I have to say…tonight’s episode was a lot of fun to watch, I really enjoyed it!!!!! We are a week away from the end, and so far…quite a few couples have been falling for each other – so great to see!!!!!

First off, my girl Michelle Money…I have MAD respect for the amazing person and friend you are! Your true, genuine characteristics are really showing, and I have absolutely LOVED watching you and seeing you happy!!! Thank you for standing up for girls all around the world tonight and convincing Christy to tell Jesse off 😉

Since my season, I have no hard feelings with Jesse, but I was disappointed with his behaviour last night. Can you believe what he said in the car ride home?!?!? I was shocked!!! He has proven how little he respects women, and it’s pretty disgusting that he doesn’t even see the harm in anything he does or says!!!!


The connections between everyone are becoming so real and are developing so fast! I think everything is working out for so many because there are SOO many genuine, amazing guys in paradise that it’s so hard NOT to fall for them! All of the men that are left…Graham, Marcus, Zack, Tasos, Cody and Robert have all shown that they know how to make their women feel special, appreciated, and genuinely cared for. I hope to see how the women really feel about the men next week, because not all of them have opened up yet!

Will the connections will be able to survive next week’s twist and reality once they leave paradise! What do you think will happen next week?!?!



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