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The Bachelor Recap: Episode 6

Ok ok. Yes I’m on vacation but even the Maui sunset can’t pull me away from this seasons Bachelor!! Last night’s episode was CRAYYYY!!! The craziest most awkward tense 2 on 1 in history! Lets also talk about Chris’ farm boy country loving attitude. Justin and I LOVE him!!! We love country music, we love country people and we love hot farmers! Ok ok… so maybe that’s just me lol. But this is the first time in a LONG time that the Bachelor hasn’t annoyed me half way through the season. Chris is awesome!


Lets talk about the group date quickly. Singing f$%KINg scares the crap out of me. Do you remember my season with Jason, how we all had to get up and sing? Well it’s something that I have ALWAYS dreamed of doing … I wish I could sing. But I tell you I CAN’T. Like not even a simple lullaby. It’s just not in my makeup. I can do a lot of other things, but I can’t sing. So THAT date, would have been a NIGHTMARE for me … but … meeting BIG AND RICH!!?!?!? WHAT!?!?!? like a roller coaster of emotions! lol… I’m proud of the girls for getting up there and giving it a shot!

Britt, is confusing to me. Justin does NOT like her and has strong opinions of her while we watch the show. I kind of see where he’s coming from but Britt is that girl that I think girls love to hate … she is GORGEOUS … like drop dead, those LIPS, that HAIR!! OMG! I love that she doesn’t shower and she seems legit cool … having said that, I don’t think she is the one for Chris, there is NO way in hell she could live in Arlington. So, sadly, she needs to go.


I love Kaitlin more and more every episode. She reminds me of me … in many ways. One side I have never shown, is my offside sometimes crass side. It’s there, I won’t apologize for it. I cuss sometimes, I talk about poop and sometimes I’m just straight up off side. I have never felt comfortable sharing that publicly and I’m not sure it’s a good thing, sometimes I wish you all knew that side of me. BUT Kaitlin has shown that side, and she has obviously been comfortable showing her 100% TRUE self. She is beautiful, laid back, doesn’t get into drama but is still fun and edgy. I am SO curious to see where she goes on this show… while I love who she is as a person, I wonder if her love needs to be someone equally as edgy and fun as her … we will see.


Ok 2 on 1 date. Lets be honest people, do you think he was going to pick either girl? From the moment I saw who was on that date I knew eventually … they were both going home. Ashley, aside from her Kardashian tendencies and emotional personality … is cute. But not for him. And Kelsey … well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I just feel sad for her. I won’t say mean things because reality is that girl HAS been through some shitty times and I don’t think she needs more people picking her apart. She should NOT have done this show, plain and simple. But that date, heart breaks aside, was probably one of the BEST moments on bachelor TV … for television of course. I mean, the badlands, the way Chris had to leave the girls, the tension between them, the fight between Ashely and Chris … omg it was just unreal.


Well… there are my opinions from last nights episode. Gawdddd can’t it be next monday already!?!?!?!?!?


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  1. Justin is right about Britt. And, you’re correct she needs to go. While she is gorgeous, she is not into him in that way and is more into herself. I don’t see her as genuine. And, I think deep down she already knows by this stage in the game it’s not going to happen for her. I suspect, though, he will do as a lot of Bachelors do and keep her around because he is attracted to her from a lust perspective but not from a wife perspective. I think it could be troublesome for the “winner” of the show to see his attraction for Britt and since he does so much kissing etc, I think the winner will have to be one strong woman who is unfazed by this. As far as Kaitlin, she is missing something you have. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something classier about you (despite the fact you are both “cool”) and you have a stronger personality which I like. Hers, while “edgy” is less mature than you. Maybe it is her age. I think that Chris is not quite the winner he was prior to doing this show. He seems clueless to the games and emotions of women and how to handle situations. I think he should have given Britt the rose outright and then taken her on the date. That would have been a better idea, especially since this date was obviously planned out and he probably already knew who he was taking. I realize his way causes more drama for producers and us tv viewers but I don’t like the way he handled it. And the situation with Kelsey and Ashley….he should have realized that telling one girl about the other girl’s thoughts was a dumb idea. Just say goodbye to both for your own reasons and let them go off to find a helicopter together. I have a hunch this “farmer” is loving his fame a bit too much, has a rough/party edge to him (and less of the wholesome kind of guy) and that his maturity is slightly lacking. Maybe he’ll grow up as we all do, but I think he’s actually not good enough for some of the women, like Becca (who won’t win- she doesn’t have chemistry with him) or Whitney (who is more like him but out of his class, really). Anyway, we’ll soon see. I loved you Jillian on your appearances and I think you’ve gone the correct route in pursuing your passions without over-doing the limelight.

  2. I actually like Britt. And yes, she is gorgeous. But she certainly isn’t the one for Chris. I can’t imagine her living the farm life. Becca is a sweetheart in every sense of the word. For some reason, Whitney annoys me a little. But she’s a nice person & seems genuine. While I also like Jade, Kaitlin & Carly…I don’t really see any of them on the farm. Chris definitely has changed a little but overall he seems to be a nice guy who just happens to be hot! Wonder if he has an older brother, lol! I’m happy he let both Ashley & Kelsey go. No further discussion is needed regarding those two. No sure who I’m pulling for at this point. I think the next episode (on the farm) will show everyone’s true colors. Can’t wait. All this wedding talk…when will we hear wedding bells for you, Jillian?!

  3. This is the first season my husband is just as excited to watch the episodes with me! LOL
    He couldn’t stop laughing at Kelsey and her crazy – I mean she is “Eloquent, and “UP” Here”, where Ashley is “Down Here”
    I hope there was a camera taping when Ashley saw that Kelsey was going home too, and if they left the Badlands together, I’d be interested to know what was said that cab ride, or helicopter flight out of there!
    My husband said to me last night, that he too likes Britt and thinks she’s hot, but she won’t be there in the end…Probably not even final 4!
    He said her converse shoes, won’t fit in a small town country setting 😉
    Hmmm, we will see if he is right!

  4. HOpe you are enjoying Hawaii!!! Was there over Christmas, so brings back memories when you post your pics!! Seems like Chris is not very thoughtful towards the other girls when he is with Britt, they all felt insecure and humiliated……wonder how his pick is doing now (as I don’t believe it will be Britt, I think she leaves), watching this with him…..might cause some more tension in their new relationship! I like Chris at times, other times he confuses me with his actions! But it was a very dramatic Bachelor last night, good entertainment value for sure!! I thought all the girls did great with their songs too!! Poor Whitney…..she loves Big and Rich……

  5. Yes Britt has to go. She will never survive in a small town. I think Whitney is the one. I don’t know why but when they get together and it has not been often it just seems to work for them both.

  6. Yep, I am with Justin. From the limo exits my guard was up against Britt …a very sweet girl and very good acting … she knows her strengths and used them to get to top position. If she leaves voluntarily after Iowa I’ll have some respect for her. That lifestyle is not for her, nor for the majority of the girls on the show – besides Becca and Whitney. I adore Kaitlyn and proud she’s rep’ing Vancouver so well! Gorgeous, fun gal … I hope she’s next Bachelorette.

  7. Agree with Jillian! Britt is really charming, but I dont think we’ve seen her true colours. Kaitlyn seems soo chill and laidback, she would totally fit in to Chris’ lifestyle on the farm. (I probably like her most because she is Canadian, that’s just my bias!).

  8. I actually think that Chris could’ve done a better job on the group date. I think it was somewhat disrespectful to leave all those girls just hanging there – better to have given the rose to Britt in front of them and then sent the rest back while continuing with her. Then to come back and just walk away leaving Britt to explain what happened???!! I would’ve just left the show at that point.

  9. At the beginning of the show I liked Britt the most but not so much now. Now my fav is: Carly ( she is so funny there is just something wrong with her eyebrows), Kaitlyn (she’a also pretty hillarious) and Becca (but I think Becca is to quiet for Chris). Whitney’s voice annoyed me at the beginning but I guess she’s cool so I accepted her voice, it isnt worst than Chris’s laugh hahaha

  10. Britt is perplexing. She’s charming but almost too charming. She’s beautiful and cool but I feel like we haven’t seem much depth to her. I like her but them something aside from her looks makes me question and distrust her genuineness or perhaps her true intentions. I would like to see her take off the make-up both literally and metaphorically so we could see her. I have a feeling she prob is still a beautiful person without it but the “mask” is making me distrust her.

  11. And I feel like she knows she can get any guy she wants and she enjoys it/subtly flaunts that to the other girls. I don’t think she is as innocent as she pretends to be. And I def don’t think she really felt bad at all about the “group” date. Chris messed up how he handled that date for sure. It was pretty disrespectful and hurtful to the other girls. I think he owes them an apology – not about the rose but about how he went about it all.

  12. Ahhhhh I just love this show. I know so many people that don’t really like Chris, but I just don’t understand it. Besides being possibly too nice, he is such a great guy. At this point, I think the only one in the group that could even potentially live in the middle of nowhere is Becca. She seems down to Earth and she seems like she wouldn’t care where she lived as long as she had him. Here’s to another couple of weeks! 🙂

  13. I was trying to figure out what it is with Britt that seems off… and I think she’s a girl who wants to be super chill/go with the flow/up for anything/has fun everywhere all the time type of person… but to the point that her own opinions and likes and dislikes are all pushed to the side. “THIS MUSIC IS CRAZY, I LOVE IT!” – trying to be super enthused about country music, which she’s not a fan of. So, on one hand it’s awesome that she’s game for anything and can make fun out of any situation, but I feel she lacks her own opinions/identity when she’s with Chris.

    I was so glad to see both Ashley & Kelsey go. Ugh. I also LOVE that Chris is bringing them all to Iowa this early, I think the girls are romanticizing farm life and I’m super interested to see how they all feel after getting a glimpse of what life would be like!

    Also, best moment of last episode – the girls poppin’ bottles when they came and took Kelsey’s suitcase! Hahaha! I died!

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