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Bachelorette Recap: Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls!

Hey everyone!! It’s Abbi, and I am BACK for another Bachelorette Recap. If you missed last week’s recap, make sure to check it out here, it was a good one 😉. 

Anyways, let’s get right into all of the drama from last night’s episode, shall we? 

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Zac’s one-on-one:

Right off the bat, I was reallyyy excited to see that Zac received the first date card for the one-on-one date! After we watched their connection really kick it up a notch on last week’s episode, I couldn’t wait to see their relationship progress even further (hopefully!) on this one-on-one!

Their date started off with a wedding photoshoot … I have to say I was completely surprised to see Tayshai trying on wedding dresses, especially after her chat with Jojo. Watching Zac’s reaction as Tayshia walked down the aisle put all of my jitters at ease! LOL! During the photoshoot, I was so happy to see how amazing their connection was, and considering the pain points, this date could have had it turned out better than expected for Tayshia. I think he was the perfect one to go through this with Tayshia! 

Ok, was anyone else a completely blubbering mess after hearing Zach’s story about his previous marriage? As he continued to tell Tayshia about his past, I kept thinking it couldn’t get much worse, but it did. In the end, I was happy to hear that his family gave him the help that he needed for a second chance and he didn’t take it for granted! And, I was SO happy to see Tayshia’s reaction, her words were “well, that story is just what makes you so special”.

Group Date:

Up next was quite the revealing group date, an art class sketching two naked models to be exact! LOL! After their sketch, everyone on the group date was blindfolded, and things started to really heat up. Bennett wasted NO time and went in to steal a kiss from Tayshia while all of the other guys had their blindfolds on. I have to admit; I’m not the biggest fan of Bennett. I’m sure that he is a nice guy and all, but he just seems to flaunt his money at every chance he gets, not very classy if you ask me…

At the end of their “art” class, they upped the anty and added a friendly little competition. Each guy needed to open up to Tayshia through a canvas drawing. They didn’t have long to complete this task, and I was shocked; every guy was so creative and literally nailed it! Of course, she couldn’t pick just one winner and wanted to spend the rest of the evening with the entire group of guys! 

After giving Ben, the group date rose; she looked at Bennette and Noah and said, “I know something is going on between the two of you, and I am going to get to the bottom of it.” Did anyone else see a two-on-one happening soon!

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Eazy’s one-on-one:

The date started on a rather spooky note, a haunted tour of the grounds of the resort. Apparently, they are currently staying at a resort where the previous owner’s wife and the child had died during labour. During the entire date, they seemed very compatible; they had great chemistry between them.

It looked like they were happy to sit down and enjoy some time together without the spookiness! Eazy started the conversation with lots of jokes, but he ended up opening up to Tayshia and told her that he was falling in love with her. My JAW nearly hit the floor when she said that she wasn’t feeling it and because of that wasn’t able to give Eazy the rose. I thought they had such an AMAZING connection. Was anyone else devastated to see Eazy go home? You could even tell that all of the guys were shocked to see him go! 😭

And now the real drama begins on Noah and Bennett’s two-on-one date prior to the rose ceremony! Did anyone else find it weird that Bennett started off the two-on-one with a gift for Noah? It started out as a nice gesture and each gift become more and more passive-aggressive. Cue Tayshia walking in and immediately questioning Bennett about the “gift” does anyone else feel like he may be going home after the way that she looked at him? I personally wouldn’t mind if she sent both of them home 🤪

To be continued…



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