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Bachelorette Recap: The Heartbreak Whirlwind

Good morning everyone, Easton here!! Oh my gosh, you guys … I couldn’t be more excited about this blog today! The two-night finale was what we have been waiting for, for what felt like forever!!

Let me first start off by saying, what an emotional whirlwind that was! I don’t think anyone could have predicted that kind of ending, I’m still shocked! There were so many heartbreaks over these last two episodes that were incredibly hard to watch, including Hannah’s! We have SO much to discuss and talk about, so let’s get started!!

The Last Rose Ceremony

First of all, was anyone else jumping up and down at Hannah sending Luke P the heck outta there once again?! Because I sure was!  How did he even think coming back was a good idea?! The way she just picked up the rose stand and moved it was so freaking awesome! That HAS to be the best exit in Bachelorette history! LOL!

When she gave Jed the first rose I couldn’t believe it, because I knew she was keeping Tyler so I was so shocked that Peter was going home! Was anyone else? I was so sure Peter was going to be one of the last two! I really think this was the best decision for Hannah at the end of the day. I think they are two very different people and I feel as though they wouldn’t have been the best match!

It was so hard to watch that goodbye, I’m not going to lie … I might have teared up a little bit! ? The way Peter handled himself just proves how much of a good guy he really is! He’s such a champ! I truly think Peter deserves the most amazing girl, and she is going to be one lucky girl, that is for sure!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

Meeting the Browns

I wasn’t surprised that Hannah’s family loved Tyler, I mean … seriously … how could you not?! The way he treats Hannah and respects her is what every girl deserves! How could Hannah even have one single doubt about Tyler?! I would just take him and run! LOL! You can tell by the way he looks at Hannah and how he talks to her that he really does love her, and her family definitely saw this!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

When Jed met Hannah’s family I knew they would be very skeptical of him! I think they had a good reason to be, and obviously, they were right … but we will get into all of that a little bit later! Jed didn’t even seem that thrilled to be meeting Hannah’s parents in my opinion … or was that just me?!

I understand that they were hard on him about his career but they totally had the right to be! Instead of Jed using this opportunity to show them how much he loved Hannah and what he was willing to do for her, I felt like he kind of pushed himself away from her family and became upset just because his feelings were hurt!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

The Final Choice

When I saw Tyler walk out of the limo first I was like NOOOO! I knew right away she wasn’t going to pick him! Did anyone else have such a hard time watching Hannah send him home?! I felt like I was getting my heart broken too! When Tyler wished her success and told her he was her biggest fan completely melted me … it was the sweetest thing in the world! I totally think she made the wrong decision by letting Tyler go, he is seriously one in a million!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

I’m still so surprised that Hannah picked Jed at the end of this, I knew he could quite possibly be one of the last two but I never thought their connection was enough for her to pick him! Throughout this entire process, I have always felt like he is never really sincere with his feelings and something is a little off with him!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

Jed’s Lies Come To Life

WOW!! That was crazy! I was not excepting that kind of ending! I had a feeling Hannah and Jed wouldn’t last for long, but I didn’t think it would be over that fast and because of so many lies … I believe they were engaged for a total of 4 weeks?! But to be honest, I’m not surprised at all! Jed got what was coming for him! However, my heart hurts so much for Hannah because Jed took away an engagement from her and her chance of this whole journey working out for her! I think that if Hannah would have known sooner about Jed’s past, she wouldn’t have picked him to the curb earlier on in the season and things would have turned out so differently!

I 100% agree with Hannah’s decision to break things off with Jed! Do you guys? She is one super strong woman and I think her girl power is pretty freaking inspiring! Go, Hannah!!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

Tyler and Hannah Meet Again

When Hannah and Tyler first saw each other again you could literally feel that their connection was still there! I was so hoping that Tyler and Hannah would get back together after all of this, and when Hannah said she still had feelings for Tyler I was so excited!! Seeing Tyler’s face after she said that had to be one of the best things ever! I really hope that they do end up hanging out again, and I’m so curious to know how it went and what is going on between them! What do you guys think will happen between them? If he is still single right now I’m SURE he won’t be for long! LOL! ?

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

Well, that’s a wrap on one crazy, and emotional season of the Bachelorette!! What are your thoughts on how everything ended? I would love to know in the comments below! I still can’t believe its all over, thank you guys so much for tuning in and letting me know your thoughts and predictions throughout this entire process its been so much fun! Who is ready for Paradise? It looks SO good!!

Until next time!



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  1. Thank you, Easton, for your recaps! Hannah got swept away by Jed’s songs, maybe! Ugh! He is worst than Arie!! Tyler is made out of gold! Inside and out!! Hannah should hold onto Tyler nice and tight.

  2. I thought for sure it would be Peter and Tyler. Ugh…I did NOT like Jed from the beginning and his family was even worse. The mom was such a b**tch.
    I wish I knew what she saw in him. The only thing I could think of was she was afraid Tyler was just too perfect. I pray that the two of them rekindle their relationship and end up together omg the babies those two would make!!

  3. I was very surprised when she sent Peter home. (Peter for Bachelor!)
    I was not surprised she picked Jed. That was obvious by the way they were only showing us positive scenes of Tyler’s meeting with her parents, and only showing us awkward scenes with Jed. They always do that to try and trick you into thinking she’s picking the other guy.
    I think Jed is kind of emotionally stunted. Glad she has moved on. Not too sure things with Tyler will actually work out, but I’m glad they are out of the spotlight and can just date like regular people and see what happens.

  4. “I never thought their connection was enough for her to pick him! Throughout this entire process, I have always felt like he is never really sincere with his feelings and something is a little off with him!”

    Funny that you say that about Jed, because that’s exactly how I felt throughout the season about TYLER! He struck me as a real player and I didn’t trust his sincerity whatsoever — maybe it’s his perfect good looks! 🙂 I am happy to be wrong. I would never have pegged Jed as so immature. He has a lot of growing up to do, there’s no way he’s ready for a real commitment. Poor Hannah. She looks like she’s landed on her feet though, she’s a strong woman and she’ll find her true love!

  5. I hope Peter the Pilot is the next Bachelor; and Hannah hooks up with Tyler again. Jed’s hair reminded me of the Wolverine’s lol and he was mean too. Even his song at the Proposal seemed so contrived. I liked Hannah but she needs to wise up sooner about heartstring manipulator dudes like Luke and Jed. Lol.

    I can’t wait for Paradise too. Woohoo.

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