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Bachelorette Recap: The Most Dramatic Season Yet!

Hey everyone, it’s Abbi here! For those of you that don’t know me, I am the Digital Marketing Assistant on Team Jilly, and I have a slight obsession with the Bachelor and Bachelorette! So it goes without saying that when the girls asked me to take over the recaps I was ecstatic!! First things first, if you are anything like me and the only form of cable you have is Netflix and Hayu I am going to share with you how you can watch the Bachelorette live and for free in Canada! All you have to do is head to or download the City Tv app on your phone and you can watch it along with the rest of the Bachelor nation, yep it’s really that easy!

Let’s talk about this season’s Bachelorette, shall we? When they announced that Clare Crawley was the new bachelorette, I was so happy to hear that she was putting her heart back on the line for another shot at love! I am so excited to (hopefully) watch her rock it all season long!

Now onto the good stuff, let’s dive into all of the drama from Tuesday nights episode!

The beginning of the episode started with some very dramatic snippets of what we are in for this season, and I am here for it (who doesn’t love a good binge-worthy reality show!?).

Right off the bat, we got an inside look into Clare’s quarantine routine! I think it’s safe to say that we all had a very similar schedule during that time. COVID has taken over the nation and that was not any different for the filming of the Bachelorette. Chris Harrison FaceTimed Clare and shared the good news that she was officially COVID free and they were ready to being filming!

All systems are a go

All of the guys receive the good news that filming was being resumed and they finally get to meet Clare! As soon as they all arrived, they were tested again for COVID and were required to quarantine until they got the green light to mingle. You can tell that these men are in it for the long haul with all of the steps they need to take JUST to meet Clare; I have to give them kudos!

The moment has finally arrived

Clare steps out of the limo, looking better than ever! A few months and a few covid tests later, she is finally ready to meet some gentlemen. But, just before we are introduced to all of the guys, Clare had a chat with Chris Harrison about her second shot at love! Clare shared with Chirs that prior to coming onto the show she was in an abusive relationship. And after a lot of therapy and self-reflecting, she is ready to open herself up and put her heart on the line for another chance at love.

First Impressions

These first impressions were filled with everything from straight jackets to parachutes, and even a ring box whoopie cushion. I’m not going to lie that would totally crack me up! LOL!

But then there was Dale. While he didn’t have anything clever up his sleeve he approached with a friendly smile and a big hug! If the magical music in the background wasn’t significant enough, you could just tell there was instant chemistry between the two. After Dale walked away, we get a close-up of Clare mentioning that she thinks she just met her future husband. Cue Chris Harrison walking into the scene to make sure he did in fact hear that correctly! Chris even mentioned that this was the first time he has heard those words so soon in Bachelor Nation history!

After Clare met all of the gentlemen and entered the mansion, she ended up sitting down with Dale for a chat. Dale mentioned how excited he was when he found out that Clare was the bachelorette. Did anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that Dale was going to get the first impression rose? Love at first sight? 😍

The drama is stirring up

Would it be an episode of the Bachelorette without a little bit of drama? Tyler C started sharing with the other contestants that Yosef was flirting with a few girls on social media. After Tyler C. confronts Yosef about messaging these girls, Yosef hits the nail on the head and pulled Clare aside for a chat. This is obviously not Clare’s first rodeo as she pulls Tyler C. over so they squash the issue once and for all!

Clare didn’t get to chat with all of the gentlemen and the rose ceremony was quite stressful. At the end of the day, Clare sends home Tyler C and keeps Yosef on for another episode!

Well, there you have it! The inside scoop on the very first episode of the Bachelorette. Anyone else already excited about next week’s episode!?

Until next week!



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  1. I was very confused about that episode. She was all gaga over Dale when he got out of the limo, but then we found out it was that guy from Canada that had been in contact with her during the shut down. Wasn’t the story when they announced Tayshia would be stepping in as bachelorette that Clair was bailing because she was all about a guy she’d kept in touch with during the shut down?

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