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Beauty is in the Eye of the Box of Style Beholder

Hey everyone!! I’m back with my second unboxing of the Rachel Zoe “Box of Style  and I’m SO excited to share all of the details with you!! If you missed my first box, make sure to go back and check it out, here! Unsure of what the heck I’m talking about?? LOL. I’ll get you up to speed … Box of Style is a luxury subscription box filled with a mix of fashion and beauty contents (over $400 worth of products) that are hand-selected by Rachel Zoe and delivered to your home 4 times a year! Every box is $99.99 a quarter!

So … last time I opened up the summer box and this time … you guessed it … the FALL BOX!! There are so many great products in here that I would use daily but what I’m MOST excited about is the Oribe hair moisturizing cream … the reason I’m so excited about this product is because I used to actually splurge and treat myself to Oribe products and I know just how freakin expensive and amazing they are! I mean, they better be, right?! LOL. Just this cream alone is worth $52 bucks. Oh, also, you get full-size products with this box … no sample sizes! Ummm … score.

Before I move on … are you sitting there wondering what the hell hair moisturizer is? Lol … it’s an alternative to leave in conditioner, you can put it on your wet hair OR you can apply it to your styled hair to help control frizzies and flyaways (which I ALWAYS get) …

Jillian Harris Zoe Report Style Box Jillian Harris Zoe Report Style Box

Ok, moving on, the next item is the GiGi New York clutch … I loooove clutches! I’m totally not a bag person, if I’m running around doing errands I prefer to use a tote that’s easy to chuck stuff in when I’m on the go but when I go out, my go-to is a cute clutch, hands down. Actually, the thing that surprised me the most about this clutch is the fact that is can hold a 13″ laptop! Crazy, right?? And it also comes with a strap in case you want to carry it as a shoulder bag! I actually met the owners of GiGi New York a few years ago in Dallas and I absolutely fell in love with them, they are so kind and sweet!!

Then there are the sheet masks … one of my most favourite ways to spend an evening is having a little spa night at home (with a glass … or two of wine … obviously), and sheet masks are one of the things I enjoy the most … probably for the fact that they’re also terrifyingly hilarious … let’s just say, sometimes I scare the crap out of myself when I walk past the mirror and forget I have one of these babies on. LOL. The sheet masks that are included in the box are from Skinesque and they’re a 3 in 1 treatment  … a cleanser, hydrator, and a charcoal brightening mask … and they’re made from natural ingredients!

Jillian Harris Zoe Report Style Box Jillian Harris Zoe Report Style Box

How about those adorable rings above?! They are adjustable and have a little diamond in them, I like to wear them stacked together on one finger but you can always wear them on separate fingers or mix them up with your other rings for a fun look! And the gold catchall tray?! This is the best to have sitting on your bathroom counter (or even on your nightstand!) I’m notorious for plopping my rings and watch down on the counter (sorry Justin … LOL) so the catchall should help with that … for now. Plus, it’s damn cute. LOL.

I bet you noticed that lip crayon above … trust me, it was one of the first things I noticed too because it screams “JILLY” lol! I had to laugh a little when I opened it up and tested it because I realized it’s a lip and CHEEK balm!! When I’m on the go and I feel like I look a little pale, I’m totally guilty of rubbing a little lipstick on my cheeks to give me a little pop of colour and the girls TOTALLY made fun of me for doing that … and well looky here … I’m not so crazy after all!!

Jillian Harris Zoe Report Style Box Jillian Harris Zoe Report Style Box

Alright, there you have it!! Now I just have to wait another 3 months to get my next box … which feels like forever and a day!! LOL! If you’re interested in treating yourself to Box of Style, make sure to use code Jillian20 for $20 off your first box!! Oh, and feel free to share this post with the men in your life for a (not so) subtle hint … LOL!

Jillian Harris Zoe Report Style Box Jillian Harris Zoe Report Style Box

Until next time …









Thank you Zoe Report for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi – what is the total cost with the duty & custom fees for the Zoe Report seasonal boxes? I realize there is the US exchange rate & the additional $15.00 international fee but what about other added fees for shipping from US to Canada??
    I noticed there were quite a few comments on Jillian’s Facebook page that stated ultimately it ends up to be too expensive & they cancelled after the first Zoe gift box??
    Thank you!

  2. I’m currently wearing my rings and have the Oribe creme in my hair! I love the RZ box. I’ve been getting it for awhile and have turned so many people into subscribers.

  3. HI Jillian

    I have followed you for years , I love you and have a product that I would love for you to try.

    It’s call Monat hair product all natural and promotes hair growth it’s amazing.

    Please contact me

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