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The Best Bikinis This Season

Alright ladies!! I know it can be daunting, but it’s that time of year again, where we unpack our summer clothes and check out our bathing suit inventory. Have they disintegrated? Are they still in style? Do they even fit me anymore? Either way, I live in bikinis during the summer and I’m always in the market for a new addition. This year,  I have an excuse to replace my entire inventory!! OH YAAA!! So I’ve rounded up all my favourites to have you beach, boat or backyard ready in no time!

As we all know, finding a bikini or bathing suit that fits how you would like it to can be very difficult so I also wanted to share some tips on finding your perfect bikini.

I used to buy bikini bottoms a size bigger so that the seams didn’t cut into my butt cheeks, but then as soon as I went into the water, they would fill up with water, basically fall off on my exit and then sag off my butt until I dried off. Thank goodness, bathing suit designers caught on and have come up with a solution…seamless bottoms!!  So if you have also come across that problem, here are a few of my favourite bikinis with seamless bottoms! Another quick fix – try the brazilian style bottoms. If you are comfortable with showing a bit more cheek, they are actually quite flattering on more butts than you would think!

Bikini tops are becoming a lot more unique lately and I’ve got to say, I’m LOVING IT!! Although, the tan lines can get a little interesting (make sure to bring a cover up in case you’re in the sun for longer than expected), I still think the funky tan lines are worth how awesome you’re going to look in these super cute bikini tops!! Check out these fun ones below…

If you are looking for a little more coverage, but still unique and flirty…try these one piece options!!


1. Hat | 2. Necklace | 3. Bikini Top | 4. Bikini Bottoms | 5. Pineapple Earrings | 6. Tote | 7. Sunnies | 8. Sandals

My last tip and probably the most important for finding your perfect bikini is…no matter what it is, wear it with confidence!!! Go out there and rock it because confidence looks good on everyone!!

See you guys at the beach!!



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