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Bikini Body Tips with Daily Routine Fitness

Pulling out that bikini for the first time this summer can be an intimidating thing for many women…and the thought of actually putting it on can make you break out in goosebumps even though it’s blazing hot outside! So my good friend Rachel Doell of Daily Routine Fitness has put together a foolproof plan to get you ready for that bikini debut!!!!

1. The most important thing to remember is not to let that winter coat of curves hold you back from hitting the beach. If you’ve got it, rock it!  One of the most attractive things for a woman to wear is confidence. Find a bathing suit that you feel comfortable in—one that doesn’t cover you up but highlights your best features.

2. Getting a spray tan will help show off all that hard work you have put into your body and will really highlight your muscles. Make sure to go with a studio you feel comfortable with so you don’t look like you came out of the tropics!

3. When putting on a swimsuit, the last thing you want to feel is bloated, so leading up to the big bikini debut, watch your processed carbohydrate intake. Focus more on carbohydrates that are going to fuel and flush your body of water retention. Yams are a great option because they actually pull excess water out of the muscles. Cucumbers and celery are also packed with healthy amounts of water, so they hydrate the body, decreasing dehydration and bloating.


4. When cleaning up your diet, add more lean proteins, fibrous vegetables, and healthy fats to fuel your body and keep you feeling fuller longer.

5. Drink up! By increasing your water consumption, you also reduce bloating and digestive problems, make your skin healthier, and increase your energy. Go fill your glass!

6. When planning your workouts, make sure to add high-intensity cardio to your weekly routine. You don’t have to kill yourself, but by adding 3 or 4 20-30 minute HIIT sessions, you will increase caloric burn. It’s one of the quickest ways to slim out those trouble areas.

7. Don’t skip upper body day! When shaping our bodies for the summer, sometimes we can focus too much on the areas that bother us such as butt, legs and abs. Taking time to train your back and shoulders will leave you looking taller and leaner. When our posture improves, so does the shape of our bodies. A person with good posture and a strong back can literally look 10 pounds lighter than she would with poor posture.


8. Hit up a barre class. I love barre class because it covers everything we are concerned about as the clothes get smaller and the days get hotter. Barre class will take you through a series of cardio, dance, toning, and sculpting for your buns, abs, and upper body. In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to lean the body out for the summer.

9. Find a workout buddy! Getting out in the sun or hitting up a class can be a lot more fun when you include some of your girlfriends. If you’re looking to reach a goal and are stressing over the number of wine nights currently on the social calendar, why not change up ladies’ night and all go to a yoga, spin, or boot-camp class together?! Working out with a friend can also help to keep you accountable and motivated to reach that goal.

10. And last but not least, relax! Having fun and enjoying life is one of the most fulfilling things we can do for our health and bodies. Stressing over that bikini body is not going to make you lose those unwanted pounds. It’s going to increase your cortisol levels, which increases your fat stores! So take a deep breath and celebrate every healthy choice you make for your mind, body, and spirit this summer.

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I’d love to hear how your bikini training goes!!! Work hard girls, good luck, and don’t forget to get some rugby clothing to look your best while working out!!

– Rachel

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  1. What work outs do you recommend to lose the stubborn belly pouch?? I feel like I’ve been trying for ages to get rid of it. ?

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