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Can Ben Really Be In Love With Two Women?!?!

OMG OMG OMG like seriously THE best episode of the Bachelor in BACHELOR HISTORY!!! I am still freaking out about last night’s episode. This episode always brings back tons of memories for me … it was the episode where I was sent home on the Bachelor. I remember the heartbreak like it was yesterday … I thought my world was totally over. It was also the episode on my season of the Bachelorette where I remember feeling totally in LOVE with THREE guys. Yup three… so Ben, you are totally ok with two!!!


I remember Jason not giving me the rose and thinking it was some kind of mistake. It had to be a producers glitch or something. But it was very real in my limo home, when I was grilled about how disappointed my family would be, how hard it would be to go back home empty handed … single. I sobbed like a baby. I felt like SUCH a failure. But … a few days went by, I got back to MY bed and reality started to sink in. It didn’t feel so bad. So, I didn’t love him after all, right? Of COURSE I did, but I realize now, Jason was VERY smart to let me go. Our “love” was like your bud from high school love. Which is awesome and very comfortable, but it’s not marriage love. And so obviously, for MANY reasons, I am SO grateful for that day. My friendship with Jason and Molly is very much still full of love, I would do anything for those two. That experience led me to so many ups and downs and wonderful things before finding Justin, who now fills my heart the way it is supposed to be filled.


But realizing all that in the moment, in a limo is IMPOSSIBLE. Remember, these girls have just gone through 8 weeks of being totally disconnected from society. No cell phone, no books, no TV, no friends to talk to… the ONLY stimulation is the constant talk about BEN … BEN BEN BEN BEN he is SO PERFECT FOR YOU. Not for the OTHER GIRLS … just for YOU. SO, by THIS stage of the game, you are CONVINCED that life with him is imminent.


I felt for Caila last night, that sweet girl was so invested and I could feel her confusion and heartbreak through my screen. After a few minutes, I was reminded of how quickly I bounced back, and then saw her AMAZING hair, body and attitude and I was like… ah… she will be FINE.

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So, moving on to those other two!!! You know, It has taken me a while … but I am really warming up to Lauren. Not that I didn’t like her before – but I was missing that spark to convince me “she” was the one. But on last night’s episode, I saw a raw, gentle, loving side to her. And of course the fact that Ben dropped the L bomb on her I was like “OMG ITS OVER!!! ITS HER!!!!” and then….


He did it to JOJO (my fav since the beginning) and I thought my brain was going to explode! I don’t know if you guys know this but it’s sort of a “rule” on the Bachelor that you can’t tell the “contestants” that you love them until the VERY end … and so obviously they are switching things up a bit which I LOVE. And I also don’t blame Ben for loving two girls. My God. It’s possible, especially in these circumstances. Soon he will realize that one love is greater than the other and he will choose … but I still think this will be one of the most difficult finales in history…


I am still rooting for Jojo … mind you, if I got into ‘Fleiss Brain’ I feel like the BEST thing to do for the franchise at this point would be for Ben to choose Lauren and for them to make Jojo the Bachelorette … so … we will see … just a few weeks away!!!


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  1. As usual, Jill, you are spot on. One Love will outshine the other in the end. I felt for Caila…she was my favorite and so in love with Ben. Hopefully the pain she felt with the rejection will be short lived and she will move on. She is so beautiful, inside and out. A perfect choice for the next bachelorette. Fingers crossed.

  2. Do you think they will still pick JoJo for Bachlorette, even though she made it to the final two? Has that ever happened before? Just curious…would love for that to happen but at this point it seems like things are leaning towards Caila or possibly even Jubilee (for the diversity factor). What are your thoughts on one of those two for Bachlorette?

  3. JoJo for bachelorette all the way?? JoJo has a bit too much spice for Ben. Lauren is the right shade of beige for him. Can’t wait!

  4. Ben sure hit the jackpot on a group of really gorgeous contestants, most of whom seem to be really nice. I don’t think any of them are there for marriage though. More for fun, travel, making friends with other beautiful people, and joining the bachelor nation of partiers and bloggers. You go girls!

  5. I totally agree JoJo would make a great next Bachelorette. She seems too cool for Ben – a bit too much for him. Lauren B seems more his speed.

  6. Ah I am so Team JoJo, I love their chemistry together but after reading the end of your post my opinion does change that maybe she should just go and be the Bachelorette. I think she would make an amazing one but I do like her and Ben together!!

  7. Caila was my favorite – hated to see her go. For some reason, I just can’t get there with JoJo or Lauren… And I’m not convinced that he actually chooses either one of them. I know it’s all in the editing, but that cell phone call it shows him making at the end has me all sorts of confused. Can we just skip Women Tell All and go straight to the finale?!

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  8. I’ve been team Jojo since the beginning too! Lauren is… ok. There doesnt seem to be anything overly special about her other than the fact that shes just..nice. And Caila drove me nuts the entire time, she just seemed way too desperate and too smiley, was starting to get on my nerves haha. I REALLY hope he picks Jojo. They seem so comfortable around each other, theyre so cute, she already calls him babe, and they seem like friends, as well as a couple. Theres just nothin there for me with Lauren.

    1. I’m with you, Layna! We can only hope he makes the right decision for the right reasons. JoJo definitely has the substance that Lauren is sadly lacking.

  9. I hope Ben comes to his senses and sees that JoJo is the perfect match for him. Lauren is okay but there’s very little substance or sophistication to her. I think he’d end up being bored with her when the lights are back on and the honeymoon’s over! Let’s hope he makes the right decision and for all the right reasons! He keeps saying they’re both beautiful, and they are, but beauty is only skin deep and it’s what’s inside of them that really matters. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens. This is the first time I’ve ever watched this show and if he doesn’t choose JoJo it just might be my last.

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