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Christmas Eve Sweat

Christmas week has arrived, and so has the craziness of fitting in all your events and family gatherings. Completing a gym workout or any workout can seem overwhelming and next to impossible. Before you put your workout on the back burner until the New Year’s Resolutions start, give the 20-minute home workout a chance! Forget driving to the gym and turning a 20-minute workout into an hour once the commuting, locker room, and waiting in line for the next machine is done! Grab some free weights, a heavy water bottle, or your mom’s cans of soup, and get your sweat on!


Now this home workout does come with a number of tempting distractions, however:

  • Cell phone
  • The fruit cake on the counter
  • The desire to lie on the couch all day

Okay, before you chose one of the above temping options, think about how amazing you’re going to feel in that New Year’s dress, how Christmas dinner will taste better after you sweat, and how you are a woman on a mission to feel and look great this holiday season.

Remember, it’s only 20 minutes! You are going to be highly focused and here to get your best sweat on.


Here are some helpful tips to keep the distractions down:

  1. Find an empty room and close the door.
  2. Set a timer so you can track the workout time.
  3. TURN THE TV OFF! Yes, that is what the little red button at the top of the remote is for. If that button doesn’t work, pull the power cord out of the wall.
  4. Try to choose a time of day that allows you to turn your brain off and focus on the task at hand.

Okay, you are ready to take this workout on! Slow and steady reps win the race and build that lean muscle that will keep that fat burning all through the holidays. Merry Christmas and happy sweating to all!

[x_video_embed no_container=”true”][/x_video_embed]

Do 12-15 reps per exercise, with as little rest as possible between exercises. Set your clock for 20 minutes and see how many rounds you can complete! Write down where you finish off at the 20 minute mark, and try to beat it next time.

Here is a quick list of all the exercises performed in this video, in sequential order.

  1. Squat
  2. Weighted Squat
  3. Burpees
  4. Shoulder Press
  5. Burpees
  6. Body weight push up
  7. Plank Row
  8. Plank Row Turn
  9. Jump squats
  10. Weighted squat
  11. Snatch
  12. Squat Jumps
  13. Tricep Kick-Back
  14. Over-Head Tricep Extension
  15. Tricep Push Up
  16. Jump Squat
  17. Bicep Curl
  18. Jump Squat
  19. Around The Worlds
  20. Jump Squat
  21. Star Crunch
  22. Frog Leg Crunch
  23. Leg Climb
  24. V-Sit
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