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Christmas Tree Styling 101

If you aren’t already aware I have been guest blogging for W Dish since September. I recently created this Christmas Tree Styling step by step, which is so suiting this time of year. Christmas tree styling can be confusing and overwhelming for some and these steps are too good not to share! If you haven’t already make sure to check out my other blogs on W Dish.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year: a time to cozy up indoors, gather your friends and family around you and talk around the fire as the snow falls outside!!!! BUT, making your tree idyllic can be stressful but the holidays shouldn’t be about stress they should be about relaxation! Here are some pointers to decorating your tree this year – stress-free!

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.18.18 PM

1. Pick A Colour Scheme | My first tip would be to select a colour scheme. It works for room design and it works for Christmas Tree decorating too! Selecting a colour scheme ensures that your tree looks elegant and it also helps you shop for ornaments – there are so many out there! Here I went with pale blues, warm silvers and whites, using texture, shapes and sizes to create interest.

H4H_Wood House_Living Room Tree Jillian2

2. Think Outside The Box | I was blessed with the opportunity to work on a charity event this year called Homes for the Holidays, it is a fund raiser for Kid’s Help Phone. My team and I had 3 trees to decorate! For the main tree in the living room, we went with soft golds, pale teals and blush pinks on a flocked tree – not your typical Christmas colours but the result is so elegant and lovely that you may be tempted to keep this tree up all year ‘round!

H4H_Wood House_Living Room Tree Ornament

3. Original Ornaments | Have a little fun with your ornaments – they can be a conversation starter! These lovely little white kitten snow globes were from The Cross (all generously loaned for the charity event!) and are so darling that they will have everyone purring!

H4H_Wood House_Girls Room Tree

4. Less Is More | We had this cute little tree set up in the girl’s bedroom at Homes for the Holidays – very simple with only 2 types of ornaments. I always suggest going with fewer types of ornaments and use them to create more of a mass to the tree rather than having one of each type of ornament you can find! Little pink santas being chased around by mice is all this little tree needed!

H4H_Wood House_Family Room Tree

5. Traditional Tree | With this tree in the family room we went for a more traditional theme and used vintage and vintage-inspired ornaments (most of them on loan from Spruce Collective – one of my favourite stores!). If you can’t limit yourself to a colour scheme, try for a theme. Again, this helps you select appropriate ornaments and it gives the tree a collected and curated look.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.16.18 PM

6. Theme & Shop | In short, treat decorating your tree like you would decorating your living room: select a colour scheme, select a theme and go shopping! Keeping things simple and focused will ensure that you gather the right ornaments. Not only will your tree feel designed and collected, but it will work with the rest of your spaces too and be the talk of the party!

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.15.59 PM 1

photo credit: janis nicolay

What are some of your Christmas Tree decorating tips? Let me know in the comments below..



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  1. I like the theme & shop tree and traditional tree. I hope you have a great xmas and new year with shining diamond ring. 🙂

  2. Hi Jillian. Beautiful flocked Christmas tree (first photo). Wondering where you found the candle decorations on the tree?

  3. This website is like torture for those that follow it.

    Jillian posts pics of amazing places she’s designed, posts beautiful pics of herself in wonderful clothes. People come here and want to know how to be more like her. So, they ask questions about the stuff in the comments sections

    Nothing ever gets answered.

    Its kinda mean in a way. Just eliminate the comment section if you don’t interact with those who try to with you.

  4. Hi Jill,

    I’m dying for the dress you have on in the top picture – the long sleeved Navy one with the bright flowers. Please, all I want for Christmas is buy that gorgeous dress!! If you have a second, would you mind letting me know where to purchase it? I see that this is a very old post, but I have just happened upon it. Best wishes to you and your family for a fantastic Christmas and New Year! 🙂

  5. LOOOOVE the cream top your wearing in the bottom few pics! And also love the tree in those pics too☺️? Where is your top from???

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