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12 Days of Christmas

Day 1: 3 Night Stay Plus Travel Courtesy of Nimmo Bay

HO HO HO!!! I’m sooooo excited to announce that it’s officially DAY 1 of Santa Jilly’s Christmas Giveaways!!! For those of you who may be new to this, “Santa Jilly’s 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaways” originally started 11 YEARS AGO as a way to thank all of YOU for being so amazing and supportive throughout the year. Every year I partner with some of my favourite brands and companies to not only spread some holiday cheer (we all need some of that this year!!) but to also give you the opportunity to win some special items and ADVENTURES that I hold near and dear to my heart!

This year we have a total of 56 prizes which means 56 of YOU will walk away with an amazing GIVEAWAY! These 56 prizes equal to a WHOPPING value of approximately $85k CAD!

Well, are YOU ready to get things kicked off and see all of the details of today’s giveaway?? Well, I won’t hold out on you any longer … On DAY 1 of Santa Jilly’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways we are gifting you … a 3 Night Stay Plus Travel courtesy of Nimmo Bay!

I know… I know… while there isn’t much travel happening at the very moment (I miss it so much 😭!), but hopefully, we travel again very soon!! And when that happens one lucky winner will be exploring and experiencing all of the magical things that Nimmo Bay has to offer!

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that Justin, Tori, Charles, and I escaped Kelowna a couple of months back for a little getaway to the west coast for a beautiful stay at Nimmo Bay Resort! I will be the first to admit that this place is quite possibly Heaven on Earth!

Nimmo Bay is a family-owned and operated intimate resort, remotely located in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. Nimmo Bay tailors wild adventures for guests who seek a unique and meaningful experience in nature. To be honest, I genuinely believe that even if you didn’t book any additional excursions and just explored the resort, your experience would still be top-notch! The entire team is excellent and they are always seeing what they can do to make your stay that much better! However, lucky for you, this giveaway INCLUDES guided activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, visiting the floating sauna, local bear viewing, and SO much more!

If you would like to know more about our experience at Nimmo Bay Resort and witness the MAGIC through our eyes, make sure to check out my full recap, here! However, if you would prefer to experience this pure bliss through your own eyes … make sure to enter this amazing giveaway below!

3 Night Stay plus Travel courtesy of Nimmo Bay (1 winner)

Total prize value: $15,428.50 CAD | $11797.25 USD

This incredible prize includes the following:

  1. 3 day and 3 night Nimmo Bay Inclusive Experience package for 2 guests in either a Forest or Intertidal Cabin (based on availability).
  2. All meals and beverages (including house alcohol!)
  3. Guided activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, visiting the floating sauna, local bear viewing, picnicking in our favourite wilderness locations, and hiking in the Great Bear Rainforest!
  4. Nimmo Bay will also cover transportation to and from Vancouver by wheeled aircraft and floatplane.


Trip must be booked during the 2021/2022 operating season. Open to both Canadian and US citizens.

Enter Day 1, here!

There you have it!! That’s the FIRST GIVEAWAY and there’s 13 more to go!! Make sure to check back tomorrow to see what I have in store for you for Day 2 of Santa Jilly’s Christmas Giveaways!


Santa  Jilly

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  1. There is not an option for Florida under Province/State on the entry page. Is this an accident or restriction?

  2. I am literally Dyyyying over the chance to WIN this!! OMG!!! What a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime trip!!
    Way to start the 12 Day Giveaway with a BANG!! Cant wait to see what’s next!!

  3. I have been dreaming about the peaceful, soulful place from the minute I saw your trip. It’ looks absolutely spectacular…from the waterfall and sauna, to the mountaintop lunch. Heavenly. 💖💖

  4. Happy Day 1 !!! This prize is unbelievable, this trip was everything, I loved following the journey virtually!😍🎄

  5. This is amazing! I tried to enter but my state of Florida is not listed on the drop-down menu for the address area. Is it possible to correct?

  6. This is an unbelievable prize, thank you Jilly Team for being such an amazing platform Merry Christmas to you all

  7. Wow talk about an amazing opportunity to make fantastic memories. This would truly be a dream to win. I’ve spent all of quarantine watching every episode of love it or list it Vancouver. Like I’ve seen each episode for sure 5 times now lol

  8. This would be an absolute dream come true. I remember when you guys went and was left in awe w the photos you and Tori were sharing on Instagram. What an amazing giveaway. Thanks to everyone involved. Can’t imagine all that was done to coordinate all of this.

  9. I would love to win this for my some and I We usually go away together for Christmas and are unable to this year so this would be amazing!

  10. I agree with you this place looks like heaven on earth, so peaceful. After this crazy Covid year and some incredibly difficult health challenge this would be a treasured gift.

  11. OMG ! My dream place !!! This is the real definition of “ nature is our true spa !”

    🧖‍♀️ 🌲

  12. Amazing! The entry for signing up for your newsletter doesn’t seem to be working though, it keeps asking me to visit the link even though I’ve signed up.

  13. This seems like an amazing trip! Since I have been under lockdown since March in my home in BC, this would be an amazing getaway!

  14. This look so amazing and beautiful! My husband and I have been married for 11 yrs. with two kids always depending on us a 2020 being what it is gateway sounds wonderful!
    How do we enter?

  15. Hi Elf.Jillian, is Quebec the only province exempt to this amazing give away? 😭😭😭😭 What if i send u the best poutine? LOL
    I am married for 12 yrs, never had a custom birthday cake in my life except when i turned 4. My hub proposed when he was just 24 so gave me a ring bought at china town that probably cost 100$. It still is my fave jewelry, though at 41, i now know i got screwed LOL. I have two beautiful kids and a dog, i work relentlessly as a manager and also taking class at night to get a degree. Just typing all these screams Give me a break! literally! Would love to win this or win anything at all… even a pen with your elf pic on it!

    1. I LOVE poutine, but unfortunately this year we were not able to include Quebec due to contest restrictions! I promise we will try again next year!! xo

  16. Are we able to gift this prize to someone else if we win? We know of two very deserving people that this would be the most lovely getaway for as they are struggling right now.

  17. Hi Jillian. Would really love for my husband n I to get away. We r both health providers n we have no time to get away. We r exhausted fr working during this pandemic. We have 2 boys that are amazing and have been helping us get through together.

  18. I subscribed to your mailing list but didn’t receive an extra ballot on my entry. How do I go about fixing that? Thank you!

  19. Wow! Stuff dreams are made of!! After a year of covid and cancer this would be ah-mazing! Good Luck everyone!!

  20. Hi, is it too late to enter for day one? I’m thinking it is .😞looking forward to the rest of the 12 days of Jilli.
    Thanks girls.. you do an amazing job!!! Merry Christmas!!

  21. Hi there! WOW WOW WOW! This trip looks like a DREAM. Gosh, I love following y’all so much! It’s such a bright spot in a dark world right now! Question! Do you have to enter each day for the giveaways?! I forget if you have to enter each day individually or just once! I think it’s all of them, right?!

  22. Can people from Quebec participate? Quebec isn’t listed in your contest restrictions but it is not on the drop down list of provinces/states in the entry form.

    1. Unfortunately, we were not able to include Quebec in any of our 12 Days of Giveaways this year due to contest restrictions!

  23. Oh my goodness, I feel deep soul filling breaths just looking at these pictures and reading about this getaway!! Thank you for sharing a giveaway that is full of nature in its glory 🙏🏻

  24. This would be such an amazing get away for my husband and I ! I was in total awe watching all your stories when you were there recently! 😍

  25. Oh man this trip would be amazing! Of all the trip giveaways you’ve done this is by far the best!! Fingers (and everything else!) crossed!!

  26. Ahhhh!! Life with a baby and didn’t get a chance to enter this giveaway on the 1st. Can we still be entered to win if we don’t do it on the day it was posted??
    Much love to you for sharing some Christmas cheer during these times xxx

  27. Looks like a great adventure with a the luxury and conveniences we love. Never been on a float plane and that along would be exciting. Would love to hike in the Great Bear Rainforest. and who know, maybe will see a bear…hopefully not too close.

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