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Day 11: Santa Jilly’s 12 Days of Giveaways

Eeeppp!!! It’s the SECOND LAST day of Santa Jilly’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways … which means it’s DAY 11 … and it’s a BIG one, my friends!!

For those of you who may be new to this, “Jilly’s 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaways” originally started 8 years ago as a way to thank all of YOU for being so loyal and supportive throughout the year. Every year I partner with some of my favourite brands and companies to give you little pieces of my life that I love and want to share with you. Today’s giveaway is one of my FAVES … so let’s not waste any more time. Drumroll, please …

Let’s get down to business!! On the eleventh day of Christmas Santa Jilly and her elves are gifting to youuuuu … a $2000 gift card to Joe Fresh!!!! This is such a HUGE prize because it’s something that can benefit your ENTIRE family … or, if you prefer to keep it all to yourself (no judgement here! LOL!) it could give YOU an entirely NEW WARDROBE!!!! How freakin unreal is that?! I love Joe Fresh for the fact that you can get so many items at SUCH a great price point … from winter jackets to boots, to high heels and dresses … your closet is going to be ready for the New Year in no time with this amazing giveaway!!!

Jillian Harris Joe Fresh Christmas Jillian Harris Joe Fresh Christmas Jillian Harris Joe Fresh Christmas Jillian Harris Joe Fresh Christmas


    • See the Rafflecopter box below? I know it isn’t the prettiest thing in the world but it is the way we keep our giveaways “legal.” First, log in using either your e-mail address or with your Facebook Account. Make sure that both are active as this is our only way of contacting you to let you know if you’ve won.
    • After you have logged into Rafflecopter you will find today’s giveaway. Below the photo of what we are giving away you will find a prompt {or two} on how to enter (example: “Visit and Like Brand on Twitter”)
    • Click on the prompt and once you click the entry requirement your entry will be logged.
    • All of our giveaways run for the duration of the 12 Days and winners will be announced on December 18th in this post within the Rafflecopter box below.
    • Each giveaway will be considered its own separate giveaway, so make sure you enter and follow all official giveaway guidelines for each one during Jilly’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways.
    • All winners will be contacted via e-mail
    • All official giveaway rules can be found here.


Jillian Harris Joe Fresh Christmas Jillian Harris Joe Fresh Christmas

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Toque | My Jacket | My Shirt | My Jeans | Leo’s Jacket | Leo’s Pants | Leo’s Shoes | Justin’s Jacket | Justin’s Sweater | Justin’s Pants | Scarf | Trapper Hat

Santa Jilly is in town for ONE LAST day tomorrow and she’s delivering something UNREAL so make sure to come back and enter … trust me, you won’t want to miss it!!!!



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  1. I’m with you on the Joe Fresh Jillian! Love it for the whole family and then some! And the best part is the affordability of really cute good clothes! Thanks Joe!

  2. OMG these pics are too precious (perfect little fam jam)…and I just want to put a side note – Justin looks pretty snazzy/handsome in these pics :).

  3. Wow. I just wanted to say thank you for offering these amazing giveaways. I am hoping to win, but even if I don’t, I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and to say thank you for giving me a chance to win one of these phenomenal prizes.

  4. Time to freshen the wardrobe, love all your style choices mix and matches, especially being affordable! Lovelovelove!

  5. Another wonderful prize and contest. Wishing everyone good luck and happy holidays. Here is to hoping and crossing our fingers as this would be a great holiday gift card.

  6. I love Joe Fresh as well! Your family pics are adorable!!

    Thank you for the chance to win all of these fantastic giveaways!

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  7. YESSSS! Literally just bought some Joe Fresh goodies using your promocode 2 weeks ago – so thankful for that…This would be next level though haha. Thanks for the chance Jillian xo

  8. I love Joe Fresh.. they have the best underwear for toddlers Jillian you need to check them out once you start potty training..
    Only ones my daughter can wear and be comfortable.. and I love tgere Pjs and lounge clothes

  9. I love Joe Fresh. I own several of their items. The children’s clothes are so adorable. It would be fantastic is I could win this. I could share and buy clothes for my family.

  10. Jillian, I looked everywhere for a mother of the bride dress, something unconventional! Where do find it?? Joe Fresh!!! Boy did I get the compliments!!

  11. I love Joe Fresh! Their clothes are amazing! I have several fashions ! I have been to Joe Fresh events in Toronto with my daughter and we absolutely go crazy with the reasonably prized styles!

  12. love Joe Fresh especially for the grandkids they grow so fast and the clothes are reasonably priced. fingers crossed

  13. This is great! My daughter loves Joe Fresh – which is good because in our town there is only a SuperStore and a Wal-Mart to shop at!

  14. Oh the people I could spoil with this!….including mom – we often forget to treat ourselves once kids arrive! Lol

  15. I have a one winter jacket from Joe fresh from 10 years I guess and I am still using it,I bought that in Kids section. Santa Jilly hoping I can win this to refresh my winter wardrobe including all seasons.

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