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Jillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Tourism Kelowna




Jillian Harris

Day 9: A VIP Kelowna Experience

HO HO HO!!! You guys!! It’s officially DAY NINE of Santa Jilly’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!! After today we only have THREE more days to go which means that ALL of the winners are also going to be notified verrrrrry soon!! That’s right, all of the lucky winners are going to be notified and announced on Monday, December 17th so make sure to get your entries in before the time is up!!

I’m BEYOND excited about today’s giveaway as it’s something we have never done before and I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to do it!! Wanna hear what it is?? Of course, you do!! On the ninth day of Christmas Santa Jilly and her elves are gifting to youuuuu … a VIP KELOWNA EXPERIENCE for TWO people … and the best part? We’re giving away TWO of these packages thanks to the fine folks at Tourism Kelowna!

We all know that Kelowna is an AMAZING place to be in the summer but what we seem to forget is how INCREDIBLE it is throughout the winter as well!! It’s honestly, the PERFECT winter getaway, in my humble opinion! I’ll tell you why …

You can take a day trip to ski Big White Ski Resort’s Okanagan Champagne Powder during the day (or if skiing and snowboarding isn’t your thing, you can also skate or snowshoe!). Big White Ski Resort is only an hour away from downtown Kelowna!! Once you’re wrapped up there you can enjoy a magical winter wine tour at one of Kelowna’s 25 wineries that are open throughout the winter (see why I love this place?? lol!), and then warm up with a delicious meal at one of Kelowna’s many farm to table restaurants!!

I’ll list ALL of the incredible details below but it just so happens to include a stay at the Delta Grand which is one of my preferred hotels in Kelowna … plus, even if you don’t live in the surrounding area, no worries, Kelowna is SUPER easy to get to considering we have an international airport … trust me, I’ve visited this airport mannnyyyyy times!!! LOL!

A VIP Kelowna Experience for Two courtesy of Tourism Kelowna

This incredible prize includes (2) VIP Kelowna experiences for two people!!

The VIP Kelowna Experience Giveaway includes the following (per prize):

  • Travel Voucher (up to $1500 CAD)
  • 3-nights hotel at the Delta Grand (approx value $750 CAD)
  • Ski Package with Big White Ski Resort (approx value $650 CAD)
  • 2 x Adult Lift Tickets
  • 2 x Adult High-Performance Ski or Snowboard Rental
  •  2 x Adult Lesson
  • Return transfer from Kelowna hotel to Big White
  • Wine Tour for 2 with Uncorked Wine Tours (approx value $300 CAD)
  • Free bottles of Kelowna wine from Quail’s Gate (approx value $200 CAD)

Total Approximate Giveaway Value $3,400 CAD/each

Grand Total Giveaway Value (for 2 prizes) $6,800 CAD


  1. See the Rafflecopter box below? I know it isn’t the prettiest thing in the world but it is the way we keep our giveaways legal.
  2. First, log in using either your e-mail address or with your Facebook Account. Make sure that both are active as this is our only way of contacting you to let you know if you’ve won!
  3. After you have logged into Rafflecopter you will find today’s giveaway. Below the photo of what we are giving away, you will find prompts on how to enter (example: “Visit and Like Brand on Twitter”)
  4. Click on the prompt and once you click the entry requirement your entry will be logged.
  5. All of our giveaways run for the duration of the 12 Days and winners will be announced on December 17th in this post within the Rafflecopter box below.
  6. Each giveaway will be considered its own separate giveaway, so make sure you enter and follow all official giveaway guidelines for each one during Jilly’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways.
  7. All winners will be contacted via e-mail
  8. All official giveaway rules can be found here.

Questions? Confused? For a complete list of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway FAQ’s, click here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Tourism Kelowna Jillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Tourism Kelowna

Don’t forget to head on back here tomorrow, same time, same place, as I’ll be releasing details of DAY 10’s giveaway!!!


Santa Jilly










Thank you Tourism Kelowna for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Wowzaa!! This wohld be an absolutely incredible trip!! ??

  2. Evelyn Hartley says:

    Love Kelowna!!!! Thanks Team Jilly!! Good Luck everyone!!! So much fun

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Jillian,

    Your giveaways are so awesome! My wife and I have been entering everyday. When we came across this one, my wife and I had the same thing on our minds. We both joked and said I wish the giveaway was 3 night stay at Delta Grand and my reversal surgery to have a baby all paid for. Now that would be the best Kelowna VIP Experience for us!

    Sorry if this is TMI, but before I met my wife I got a vasectomy (didn’t realize a reversal would cost thousands of dollars). It’s way too expensive to get it done here in Vancouver, but we found a doctor In Kelowna that will do it $3000 cheaper. I wish by next Christmas my wife and I will have a baby or a have baby on the way. We both just turned 38, I feel like we’re running out of time.

    If we win this one, any chance we can swap all the other stuff (ski, wine, etc) for the surgery instead ?

  4. Shannon Reading says:

    What a great prize! Would love to visit beautiful B.C.!

  5. Candie Bensmiller says:

    I love Kelowna!!

  6. Stephanie Hahlen says:

    This is the ultimate prize package! Loved Big White the one time I’ve gone to snowboard in Kelowna and Quails Gate Winery is beautiful! Would love to stay in Delta Grand too and get the full experience. Thanks to Santa Jilly and Tourism Kelowna for the opportunity!

  7. Karly Goertzen says:

    Jillian you’re so beautiful! I’m wondering where your pink puff vest is from?
    Happy holidays!

  8. Nadine says:

    You look so darn cute. But i think my eyes are playing tricks on me. Is your fly low?. ?
    Thank you for all your amazing giveaways. Love you Jilly.

  9. Kim says:

    LOVE this SOOO SOOO much!

  10. Phyllis says:

    Jilly, your prizes this year are out of this world! But definitely in line with the star you have become. I’ve watched you ever since your first appearance on The Bachelor, and have loved seeing how you have grown and evolved. A proud Canadian! Wish there were more episodes of your life with your hubby and family (and dog, of course). I enjoyed it so much and would love to see more. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  11. Lara says:

    Amazing giveaways for BC promotion!!

  12. Bari Demers says:

    This is wonderful- thank you for the opportunity

  13. Andrea Bosco says:

    I’m from Toronto and NEVER been anywhere else in Canada besides Quebec (how sad)….this looks so beautiful and would be amazing to visit! Thank you Jillian and team!!!

  14. Mary Clancy says:

    Oh my, that PINK vest is beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  15. Leslie Collins says:

    Oh wow, such a great experience this would be….grande give away. A super great first date?

  16. Sarah Ireland says:

    Omg I would love to win this Giveaway!!!

  17. Sarah Ireland says:

    Great Giveaway!!

  18. Darlene Babyn says:

    This looks incredible!!
    A perfect winter getaway!

  19. Susan Puffalt says:

    I would love to win….I lhave be kelowna

  20. Roberta Mackellar says:

    Way to go Santa Jilly

  21. Janet says:

    OMG, just when I thought your prizes couldn’t get any more fantastic – along comes this one! WOW, thank you for this opportunity.

  22. Tasia says:

    This is as good as Hawaii!!! Maybe better considering I’ve only seen snow maybe 5 times in my life, Arizona girl here.

  23. Jill Huguet says:

    Have friends in Kelowna…I would love to win this..

  24. cathy cremasco says:

    how beautiful and with the snow…melt my heart.

  25. Diane Arruda says:

    Oh my Jillian you and your team have outdone yourselves. . Thanks so much for all your efforts. Have a very Merry Christmas with your sweet family. ?

  26. Jill Connors says:

    OMG! I love this one! We were going to bring the family there to ski over Christmas this year, but it did not work out for various reasons. We LOVE skiing in Canada and we would even bring our own skis and don’t need lessons! LOL. This would be a dream vacation!!!! crossing my fingers my name comes up!
    thank you for all you do!

  27. Lou Oneski says:

    Beautiful pics Jillian.

  28. Cindy says:

    Such fun giveaways!

  29. Sammie says:

    Literally was just talking to my partner about how amazing it would be if we were to take a ski trip to Canada!! Thank you Santa Jilly for the most amazing giveaways!!!

  30. Courtney Setz says:

    I must win!! After my man had a heart attack he moved to kelowna now my heart is broken?

  31. Charlotte Sutcliffe says:

    WOW, what a great VIP gift package from Tourism Kelowna. Just love everything about it. A nice winter escape for sure!! Thanks so much.

  32. Darlene Nixon says:

    What a great prize that would be to win. You guys are covering all the bases!

  33. Darlene Karpinsky says:

    You look good in snow Jillian, but then you always look good in white. Super Big White giveway!!!

  34. Kristy says:

    If I didn’t type in “@” before my instagram usernames, will my entry be voided?

  35. Lindsey says:

    Excited! Love Kelowna

  36. Crystal Fayers says:

    Kelowna, always lovely to visit.

  37. Muriel MURRANT says:

    Would love to spend some time in Kelowna!

  38. Amy McTeague says:

    What an amazing giveaway!!

  39. Cindee Chevalier says:

    Hi, my name is Cindee Chevalier. I think that I entered 3 days twice. I went to check to make sure that I’m following everyone on the correct sites. When I entered my email, I accidentally put in [email protected]. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you.

  40. Elizabeth Dicks says:

    Looks fantastic! Hope I am the lucky one.

  41. Michal says:

    This prize is absolutely amazing!

  42. Michelle SCHLEIMER says:

    Would love to win!

  43. PAM Hildebrand says:

    This would be the ultimate getaway for me and my Husband. We both are very busy and are limited for resources. The prize package is amazing! Love Kelowna too.

  44. Tammy Hynes says:

    So exciting !! I would love to win something special. All of these gifts are special and id be honored to be chosen. Have a very merry Christmas and a great new year. Thanks for the opportunity ❤

  45. Heather Everton says:

    Looks like an amazing trip!

  46. Lynne Falconer says:

    Congratulations on building such s great brand.

  47. Donna says:

    I m so impressed with telus

  48. Brenda Cremer says:

    Yes! Kelowna in the winter! Love it Jillian! My sister-in-law used to live in Kelowna. We would always stop there on our way to Vancouver, sun, snow, rain, whatever the weather, we love Kelowna as well. Good luck to everyone for this amazing prize!

  49. Dianne says:

    My parents live in assisted living up there and it would be so nice to go visit them. Fingers crossed ?? I win this !!

  50. Stephanie says:

    A Canadian dream vacation for those living in a small Northern Canadian City. #singlemom#therapy#turning50in2019

  51. Britta says:

    What a gift ? ???
    Thank you Jillian

  52. Jim says:

    Merry Christmas

  53. Lyn Yaniuk says:

    This is the most awesome giveaway yet!!! I hope I win this – maybe I can sneak a quick visit in with your parents, as I’ll be so close …

  54. Noel Zilkie says:

    YES! This is amazing! Happy Holidays!!

  55. Nancy Martin says:

    What a fabulous prize! Love Kelowna.

  56. Kim Clarke says:

    your contest and the prizes are so fun and so beautifully photographed. lovely site.

  57. Shagee Gnanenthra says:

    Oh what a dream this would be!!!

  58. Carla Lovisa says:

    Love it! Thank you

  59. Kim Collister says:

    Kelowna is a such a fun place to visit year round.

  60. Nikki says:

    What a great prize. This would be such a fun getaway!

  61. Andreia Martins says:

    I would be happy to win any one of these prizes….but I sure do love wine!!!

  62. Nancy Sootheran says:

    Love to visit Kelowna

  63. Rachel says:

    Hey Jilly! So excited for the 12 days of Christmas! I was wondering, if you notify a winner, how long do they have to respond to you? I will be on vacation all next week and I will be unplugged! But what if I win?! Is there a time limit on when you need a response from the winners?

    Thanks so much! Xoxo

  64. Betty Crytes says:

    On my husbands 60th we drove from Ontario to Tofino and on our way back home stopped in Kelowna for several days. Loved the wine tour and food. Would love to return for another birthday. ?

  65. Stefanie says:

    Jilly, where is your coat from? its PERFECT!!!

  66. Margaret Dennison says:

    I love BC. We went out to Whistler and did some hiking, but would love to go in the winter to ski!!

  67. Lindsey Scott says:

    Wanted to move to Kelowna a few yrs ago and totally loved it. Spent a week there just eating, shopping and driving to small towns. Loved it. Would love my husband to see where I keep talking about. Cheers all the way from Dieppe NB.

  68. Wonderful place to visit, but I would love to live there!

  69. Sherrie Busswood says:

    Yes please! Winter get away!!

  70. Kenzie says:

    Seriously loving all these giveaways – amazing choices!

  71. Shannon says:

    Beautiful ! ❤️ Would love to win!

  72. Holly Launier says:

    Ooooo would be so nice!

  73. Sandi Macdonald says:

    Love this trip would be great

  74. Deborah Stillie says:

    What a wonderful festive gift to be included in your 12 days!

  75. Tia says:

    Merry Christmas Santa Jilly and family.

  76. Paulette Miller says:

    Love Kelowna Jillian. What an amazing trip this would be.

  77. JAN FRASER says:

    What a fantastic package…and how we love the Okanagan….cheers

  78. Shyanne says:

    Come on Day 9, please make me lucky!!

  79. Chelsea Marie Meacham says:

    So gorgeous in the winter ???

  80. Stephanie Passmore says:

    Even though this would be a dream come true for me – to be able to give this to my mom – O.M.G!!! Fingers and toes crossed for this one!:D

  81. Beth says:

    Thank you!! Merry Christmas

  82. Laraine Memola says:

    the trip of a lifetime!!!

  83. krystal mosionier says:


  84. Reva says:

    This prize sounds like a dream! Best of luck to me!!

  85. Daphne says:

    Where did you get your beautiful warm pink puffy coat?

  86. Chantale says:

    Would love love this trip, so need this to share with my husband!

  87. Samantha Geen says:

    Can I just add here, your photos are absolutely gorgeous, you are so infectious, on all fronts.
    Whatever your wishes are sweet lady, these are my wishes for you and all of your fans…
    Good luck to everyone!

  88. Carolyn Adsett says:

    Have never been to Kelowna. I would love love to go!

  89. Kathy says:

    Love Kelowna, that would be a wonderful escape and opportunity to visit some great wineries, ski, and just chill. Jillian , I love your winter look!

  90. Jennifer says:

    A trip to Kelowna would be fabulous!!

  91. Cathie Collins says:

    I follow the going on in Kelowna and desperately want to visit. Heck, I may move there!

  92. Clarissa says:

    My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving to kelowna or Vernon in the spring!!! (Still undecided because my bf doesnt know the interior at all!) Oh my gosh i would LOSE IT if i won the kelowna experience one especially because my bf has never been there! Hes grown up on Vancouver island and I’m from kamloops! Fingers crossed!!! Merry Christmas everyone ! Jillian harris is the best!

  93. Rosanne says:

    This would be a wonderful place to stay ! ❤️❤️❤️

  94. Kristen says:

    The absolute best!!!

  95. Lucy says:

    Woukd love this for me and my man ?

  96. Claudia Szymanski says:

    Love the picture!

  97. Rita says:

    Wow!! I would love to visit Kelowna!! Fingets crossed!!
    Thanks Jillian!! You are an awesome Santa Jilly!! 🙂

  98. Jeni Lowry says:

    Fingers crossed!

  99. Ruby says:

    An amazing mini vacation awaits!!

  100. Natalie Makortoff says:

    It would be fun to getaway to Kelowna. Good luck to everyone!

  101. MaryAnne Dubose says:

    Fantastic giveaway!! Love Kelowna, it brings back so many awesome memories when my parents lived there.❤️ They’ve both since passed but I’d definitely take my husband up there to share that part of my life & show him why my Mom used to call it “Gods Country!”?

  102. Brooke padanyi says:

    I’ve alwags wanted to go here!!

  103. Jessica says:

    Absolutely amazing!! Husband and I have been wanting to travel out west for ages!! We are tired of hearing how amazing it is from others, time for our turn! And this time we would
    Have our baby girl tag along for family memories ❤️❤️

  104. Amanda says:

    Obsessed with these pics! And of course the generous giveaway!! Where is the pink vest from???

  105. Sam says:

    This is AWESOME!!! Thank you 🙂

  106. Sonja says:

    What a magical trip this would be!!
    Ho ho hoping it’s mine!

  107. Lynne Charney says:

    What a great trip!!!

  108. Caroline Steranka says:

    Love love love Kelowna!

  109. Caroline Steranka says:

    This would be such a great trip to win! Love Kelowna from wineries, ski lodges, beaches, and more!

  110. Joh-Ann Brae says:

    Looks Beautiful

  111. Kristina Roberts says:

    I know just the right person to share this with ❤️❤️❤️

  112. Bronwen Clark says:

    Yeah Kelowna!!!

  113. Linda Markwart says:

    I would love an escape to Kelowna! So different than Edmonton. Obviously need a change of scenery ! ?

  114. Linda Markwart says:

    Take me away! This getaway sounds amazing! ?

  115. Lisa Laing says:

    My partner and I would really love this.

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