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Dear Denim Diary

Alright, Demin lovers … I’ve got a little secret for you … and if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a little sneak peek yesterday on my Insta stories BUT today is the day that I’m letting you in on my little denim secret, so if you love jeans JUST as much as I do, you’ll want to keep reading…

Jillian Harris - Topshop Denim-2Jillian Harris - Topshop-16

Alright, so you know those white jeans that I practically live in in the warmer months? Well, those baby’s are from Topshop and I FREAKIN love them (can you tell??) … LOL! So I’m throwing it back a little bit here but when I found out I was pregnant with Leo I was concerned that I wouldn’t find jeans that were as comfy and fit me as properly as those did… I know, I know … first world problems but STILL … when you’re preggo you’re already uncomfortable as it is so anything that makes you feel a little bit better is WORTH IT! Am I right?!?!

Okay, now is the time to listen up mama’s … while I had never looked for maternity clothes I literally had no idea where to even begin to search for some … and by fluke, I stumbled on Topshop’s maternity section … HALLE-FRICKIN-LUJAH!!! Maternity jeans that were stylish and affordable … JACKPOT!! I’m pretty sure I may have even yelled to Justin “BABE!! QUICK!! WHERE’S MY CREDIT CARD?!?!”

Jillian Harris - Topshop Denim-3Jillian Harris - Topshop Denim-4Jillian Harris - Topshop-11Jillian Harris - Topshop Denim-5

While this IS a sponsored blog I literally squealed when I got this partnership (THANK YOU TOPSHOP!!) because I’ve been such a Topshop fan for AGES and there are a few legit reasons why!! First off I’m definitely not one to spend $300-$400 on a pair of jeans (especially when I can get THREE to FOUR pairs for that price!!) that’s just a little ridiculous in my eyes! Am I right? Secondly, the fit is great, the fabric is so soft and they LAST!! Check, check, check … CHECK!!

Jillian Harris - Topshop-10

So ladies of ALL body shapes and sizes, if you’re in search for jeans that’ll compliment you’re body no matter what … pour yourself a glass of vino (it’s acceptable to drink at 10am, isn’t it??) OKAY NO, top your coffee up and give their website a little gander! OH!! And … the best part about their jeans is that they always have a ton of different colours in the same style so you can easily purchase them without trying them on because you know they’re going to fit the same!! Dangerous? Yes! Worth it? Yes, yes, yes!

Jillian Harris - Topshop-9Jillian Harris - Topshop Denim-6Jillian Harris - Topshop-12Jillian Harris - Topshop-13Jillian Harris - Topshop Denim-7Jillian Harris - Topshop-14

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Alrighty, I’ll leave you to it now but if you need a little help, I’ve shared some of my personal favourites below!!

Love your fellow denim addict.



Thank you Topshop for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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    1. In all the regular mainstream stores, they do not carry plus sizes. I’m sure when Jillian put all sizes and shapes, she meant all the sizes and shapes that Topshop offers.

      1. Yes you’re right. Jillian wouldn’t say anything intentionally mean. My beef is with the thinking of clothiers and society that plus size shouldn’t be mainstream and we’re not treated like everyone else. Topshop carries petite tall and maternity. I’d hardly call those mainstream.

  1. Topshop…great store! Can’t find it?? It’s part of the Canadian The Bay stores. Found trendy items at half the price of Aritzia.

  2. Love top shop, wore many of their maternity items through out my pregnancy. And love the second pair of jeans that are featured in this blog but the link is not working to find these gems…. please help, thanks!

  3. Where is the multi-coloured heart print pictured in these photos from? I am DYING for it!! Please HELP!!!!

  4. Love this shirt, but the French on the back is incorrect – masculine not feminine of “happy”.

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