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The Bachelor Recap: The Women Tell All … Literally

LOL!!! I’m sitting here still reminiscing on the beginning of last night’s viagra commercial … errrrr … I mean, episode of The Bachelor … LOL!! Seriously, though, how freakin funny was it watching Raven the morning after her night with Nick, skipping along the sidewalks, high fiving people and making snow angels with the biggest shit eating grin on her face?! I was laughing out loud throughout this whole scene!! I guess Nick REALLY IS good at what he does … damn boy!! LOL!!

Jillian Harris - Bachelor Recap-5

OMG then there was the cross country skiing date with Rachel. Have I ever told you how much I f*$!%ng HATE cross country skiing?! The very first time I tried cross country skiing was the morning after New Year’s Eve … after partying my ass off and I didn’t bring any water with me … I was so hungover and so parched and HATING every single god damn minute of it and I can easily say it ranks in my top 5 worst days of my life. If Nick brought me on that date I would have told him to shove that rose right up his ass. Politely, of course.

Jillian Harris - Bachelor Recap-9

Moving on … OMG can we just address the reindeer in this episode?! I legit felt so sorry for the reindeer pulling the sleigh, the sleigh that was filled with … reindeer fur?? Like was that his auntie and uncle he’s dragging back there?? GULP!!

Jillian Harris - Bachelor Recap-11

Ugh. Let’s move on to Nick’s knit toque with his curly little patch of hair poking out … did it not look a little “elf-on-the-shelf-esque”?? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll gladly take the elf toque over the most turtley of turtlenecks ANY DAY!!

Jillian Harris - The Bachelor Recap - 1

Just sayin …

Jillian Harris - Elf on the Shelf

And then there was Vanessa’s date … getting into icy cold water?! In FINLAND??? OMG, my nipples could cut glass just thinking about that … I didn’t think Vanessa was into it either at first, I think it was when she said “I want to chop him up and feed him to the reindeer…” that really confirmed that for me. LOL!! But then she ended up KILLING it and totally showing Nick up!! LOL!! That’s my Canadian girl!! Owwww owww!!!

Jillian Harris - Bachelor Recap-10

I also love listening to Vanessa talk to Nick, she lays it ALL out on the line and doesn’t let him off the hook with things, I totally appreciate how strong she is. She knows her values, she knows who she is and how important her family is to her and I think it’s amazing that she doesn’t beat around the bush on any of this with Nick. This girl is a C.A.T.C.H!!!

Even though I knew Rachel was going home (thanks spoilers!!) my heart literally broke when she didn’t get the rose … and then watching her and Nick talk before she left … you can tell they truly had a genuine connection, you could FEEL it while watching them talk to each other, they had the utmost respect for one another, she is the definition of a class act and I’m SO excited to watch her find the love of her life!! I just wish I was able to filter the guys for her BEFOREHAND lol … this girl deserves the best of the best!!

Jillian Harris - Bachelor Recap-4

Well, after that emotional rollercoaster, we headed into another one with the Women Tell All!! And more importantly, Shark girl finally realized she was in a SHARK costume … not a dolphin costume and oddly enough that makes me sad … LOL … just let the girl be a damn dolphin already!!

It actually kind of bugged me when the girls started laying into Corinne, I’ve grown to really like her and I thought it was kind of mean when the girls all started judging her, I mean, I know she has done a few questionable things but it’s not like the has a mean heart!! She even admitted she was trying to be flirty and fun all while not realizing she was coming off so promiscuous and I get that it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, especially when you’re fighting for a guys heart!! And HELLO … she gave everyone cheese pasta … well, I should say, she got Raquel to … LOL!!

I got the biggest goosebumps when Kristina took the stage … she is such a beautiful little powerhouse and a total force to be reckoned with … when the girls stood up and gave her a standing ovation my eyes filled with the happiest of tears!!! YOU FREAKIN GO GIRL!!

Jillian Harris - Bachelor Recap-2

Okay, I could go on and on and on but this blog is already getting lengthy so I’ll wrap it up and leave you with my prediction of who’s going to score the final rose … PLUS  a shiny ass engagement ring … oh, and a fiance!! Lol! I HAVE to go with my gut here and go with my girl Vanessa! What do you think?? Make sure to share your thoughts below in the comment section!!

OMG … ONE more episode left loves!! Eeeeeppp!!! I can’t wait!!




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  1. Love Vanessa…. when he didn’t say he was “in Love” and “so happy” it made me wonder if he ends up alone! They usually profess their love and happiness at this episode.

  2. I think he picks Vanessa but there’s no way they’re going to lose. She is way too strong a person and so invested in her family. She clearly doesn’t want to move, let alone sit in the audience watching Nick on Dancing with the Stars….

  3. I’m so glad you addressed the cruelty with the reindeer! I was ready to turn it off when I saw that they were keeping reindeer captive and then forcing them to pull the sleigh. And all the furs the entire episode – yuck!

  4. Raven raven raven!!!!!!!!!! It’s got to be her! Vanessa won’t make any sacrifices to be with him…how will they last if they can’t agree where there going to live!?

  5. I want it to be Vanessa but in reality, it just doesn’t seem like either one is willing to compromise. If he does pick her, I just don’t think it will last. I really like Raven too but she is young, however, age is just a number. I’m torn.

  6. LOVE your recap as always! I want Vanessa..just because her name is AWESOME but I do agree with the others….Vanessa is hard core values, she has a life and a good one, she won’t bend on where she wants to live. Nick doesn’t know what he wants in life, job, etc. Raven will follow him everywhere as she’s young and doesn’t know any better. IF it is Vanessa….it won’t last, she won’t put up with his crap for very long. Maybe he will be single again in the last show???

  7. I was totally laughing my ass off as Vanessa went in that ice cold bath. Classic. Great recap Jilly

  8. I saw somewhere it’s Vanessa he picks, I don’t see her leaving Canada for anything or anyone. I like them both, they both work with him but I did like Raven as soon as she arrived at the mansion.

  9. Nick’s Instagram features one girl more times than any other contestant and that is…VANESSA!!! She’s going to be the one he proposes to.

  10. Well Jilly I think what you think lol. You hit the nail on the head. Hope Corrine and Taylor can work something out, that was long and drawn out a bit. I kinda have a love and hate relationship with Liz, lets say hate to like her lol. Can’t wait to watch the finale and yes rooting for the Canadian. Hope they can workout a living situation though. Xx

  11. He likes strong opinionated women, so I think he picks Vanessa. I love her because she’s actually being REAL and trying to see if this can last beyond the show in REAL life. They’ll likely have their arguments but he needs someone to anchor him. I hope it works out!

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