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How To Decorate The Perfect Tree

This year I wanted to share with you my tips and tricks on HOW I decorated my Christmas tree. It’s different from any other year where I traditionally stick to my plain white theme. This year I wanted to spice things up and step outside of my typical decorating box. I had a total blast decorating my tree with the new CANVAS collection – there was so many cute ornaments and accessories, it was tough to pick. How did I decorate my tree this year you might ask!?!?!
WELL…I started by sorting my ornaments by colour…that way I could really see what I was working with. From there I followed these 4 easy steps that I now LIVE by.
1. Start with neutrals: The majority of ornaments should be a neutral base layer. You could use anything from metallics, to creams to whites…be creative!! THEN start with the largest ornaments first…and fill in with the smaller ones.
2. Add a pop of colour: This colour should typically match your home decor and accents. This year I chose Apple Green, the CANVAS colour of the season!!! This is where you can stay on trend and brighten up your home to make it festive with minimal investment!!!
3. Match your home accents: Some of the ornaments you pick should bring out key accents in your home that you want to showcase. For example, this year I chose aqua, to mix with the Apple Green and metallic colour palette that I went with.
4. Add Special Accents: For the FINAL and most exciting layer…the finishing touches!!! Here is where you can add your unique, sentimental pieces as accents. Anything from a family favourite, a vintage find or hand-made ornament!!
My Tree looks prettier than ever this year and I think it’s all thanks to the Apple Green colour from CANVAS that I went with!! It seems scary at first adding such bright colours into your home…but it truly ties everything together! Sometimes you just have to jump in and DO IT…the brighter the better!!! You don’t need to start from scratch to create a fresh look every year – all you need to do is add a fresh pop of colour!!!
What are some traditions you have while decorating your tree?? Any tips or tricks that you think I’m missing??
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