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Desert Accessory Guide

Nothing beats waking up to crisp, fresh, cool air after a long weekend away in the desert. It was my Mom’s Birthday last weekend so Dad and I thought we’d treat her to a weekend away in Arizona with “the original three”!!!! I was headed down for a presentation on stage at the Scottsdale Promenade so why not make it into a little vacation?? I love getting away in the fall when the weather is starting to turn. Nothing beats a few days of sunshine and relaxation before the Christmas season craziness begins!! We had so much fun hanging out by the pool, going for some amazing meals, exploring the desert and just relaxing!!

The one rule I always follow when travelling is to make sure you bring the right accessories. Accessories can make or break your outfit and even your day!!! You can’t bring too many when travelling so make sure you get them right!!! The most important accessory is sunglasses … no matter what the weather or where you go, make sure you bring some! Secondly, purses and bags … you need one good travel bag that works as a pure and also fits all of your important items as a carry on. BOTH your sunglasses and purse need to to match every outfit you’re bringing otherwise you’ll have oversized luggage (I always learn the hard way)!!! I recently picked up this pair of Kate Spade New York sunglasses and purse online and their elegance and simplicity matched every outfit that I wore. No oversized luggage this time … I think I’m finally starting to master the art of travel!!!Photo 2015-11-20, 10 23 08 AMPhoto 2015-12-05, 1 05 34 AM Photo 2015-12-05, 1 00 11 PM Photo 2015-12-05, 1 03 01 AM Photo 2015-12-05, 1 03 57 AM Photo 2015-12-05, 1 04 16 AM Photo 2015-12-05, 1 04 20 AM Photo 2015-12-05, 1 05 24 AM Photo 2015-12-05, 4 44 39 PM

Sunglasses | Purse | Earrings


What are your go to travel accessories?




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  1. OMG! Love your outfit!! Where did you get your top from?
    By the way I love your show, Love it or List it Too. Addicted.

  2. Ooooohhhhh just those shades … Looking them up now .. Need need …. Ok maybe want lol thanks Jillian …. So nice you got to spend some quality time with the folks .. Treasure every moment ❤️

  3. A great pair of shoes that have loads of cushion so I can walk, walk, walk, sunglasses, spare change, water bottle, floppy hat, loose flowy clothes, camera, and fun accessories so I look a little blingy lol. Twitter fan@plumerea

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