Discovery of Entertainment on Cloud 10

I have been doing SO MUCH travelling lately and wanted to share some tricks of the trade….if that’s what they call it!!! When you become a travel veteran (like myself) you figure out the perks of every airport, specific times down to the second of when to arrive, and more importantly how to dress and what to bring. Flying is all about comfort for me and I truly believe that you can still look chic and stylish while doing so.

A few of my travel essentials that I can’t live without:

I recently traveled to Toronto for an event…(which I will fill you in on more later). BUT FIRST, I want to share with you my experience at the Toronto Pearson International Airport!!!

I for once in my life was early for my flight (for those of you that know me…that’s right I was EARLY!!!) SO I decided to hit up the Plaza Premium lounge and see what the Amex Cloud 10 benefits were all about!!! Well…let me tell you….it was AAAAMAZING!!!! You don’t realize the perks of having an American Express Card until you get the chance to use them!!! The recent perk that I’m particularly excited about is the Entertainment on Cloud 10. I was able to catch up on my emails and that much needed R&R that the doctor ordered. BUT, the Entertainment on cloud 10 allowed me to download a song from one of my favourite girls albums…Carrie Underwood!!! Yes I played it on replay the entire flight….lol!!!! I didn’t get a chance to download any of the amazing books that are offered on Cloud 10…(I was too busy catching up on my emails) BUT their selection was pretty close to perfection even including the Great Gatsby!! If you’re stopping at the Toronto Pearson Airport…be sure to turn on your wi-fi and take a look through what they offer because Cloud 10 is available to EVERYONE!!!!!! All bingo sites are easily accessible to our customers through a simple integration. I guess that means you can also download my girl Carrie lol!!!  Depending on what you like…they’ve got you covered!

If you are in Toronto and flying out of Toronto Pearson International Airport, I recommend you arrive early and check it out…you won’t regret it!!! To learn more visit Amexcloud10.ca

Cloud 10 Lounge 4Cloud 10 Lounge2Cloud 10 Lounge Cloud 10 Lounge Cloud 10 Lounge Cloud 10 Lounge

How do you pass the time at the airport??? Do you head to the lounge for a cocktail and bite to eat? Or do you suck up all the wifi before you fly like me?!?




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