Dreamy Gift Ideas for Her

Today I’m sharing my gift guide for HER!! This gift guide includes so many items that are near and dear to my heart such as the Jillian Harris x Melanie Auld Adorned collection and pieces from my Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection!! It’s the perfect mix of my favourite accessories, wardrobe staples and gorgeous decor for any home or lifestyle!

Whether you’re looking to send your significant other a “gentle nudge” or if you’re looking for some amazing gift ideas for the women in your life … these are some awesome ideas for the foodie to the fashionista!

Let’s take a look!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Her

1. Romper | 2. Plaid Tassel Pillow Case | 3. Winter Love Candle | 4. Watch | 5. Jilly Dress | 6. Crocheted Heart Hat | 7. Gold Sequin Foldover Clutch | 8. Mug with Heart | 9. Charcuterie Board | 10. Charm Necklace | 11. Sequin Heels | 12. Sandhill Rosé | 13. Goddess Bath Salts | 14. Chenille Chunky Knit Heart Blanket

Jillian Harris Etsy Holiday Line

1. Romper

How perfect is this silver Holiday Romper from Smash & Tess?! I’m thinking this would be the BEST outfit for lounging in on Christmas day!! I can’t WAIT to get mine!! This romper (and a couple of additional new items) just launched on Smash & Tess’ website THIS MORNING!

2. Plaid Tassel Pillow Case

This plaid tassel pillowcase is handmade right here in Kelowna by Cloth & Main! It’s part of my Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection and it’s the perfect addition to any couch, chair, or bed!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Her

3. Winter Love Candle

The Winter Love Candle by Brand and Iron from the JH x Etsy Holiday Collection is basically Christmas in a jar. It smells absolutely incredible and provides a beautiful ambiance to any space!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Her

4. Watch

I think by now you all know just how much I love and wear my Larsson & Jennings watch! I’ve had mine for YEARS and it’s still one of my favourite accessories!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Her

5. Jilly Dress

This Jilly Dress by Emma Knudsen is from the JH x Etsy Holiday Collection and I think there are only FOUR available at this very moment … it’s so flattering and perfect for the holiday season … but once it’s gone … it’s GONE!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Her

6. Crocheted Heart Hat

These crocheted heart hats by Lakeside Loops are so adorable and great for keeping you nice and warm over the winter months! Lakeside Loops is currently working on restocking these over on her Etsy site so if they’re on your holiday wishlist, make sure to check her page frequently as these are also limited edition and they sell FAST!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Her

7. Gold Sequin Foldover Clutch

Another stunning piece from my Etsy collab! This foldover sequin clutch by DeAlmedia Designs is the perfect glitzy accessory for date nights, holiday parties, or simply for dressing up any outfit!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Her

8. Mug with Heart

How sweet are these heart mugs by Looks Like White?! I absolutely love them!! These are also a part of the Etsy collaboration and they sold out quickly! Looks Like White is working on making more and will be restocking them on her site this week! She also made matching shallow bowls and plates to go with them!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Her

9. Charcuterie Board

This whitewashed charcuterie board by Crawford Creek Designs is perfect for holiday entertaining! It’s one of those staple items that you will have in your kitchen and use for years to come!!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Her

10. Charm Necklace

I love giving and receiving sentimental gifts like the charm necklace from the Jillian Harris x Melanie Auld Adorned collection! You can totally personalize this necklace by selecting the length and style of chain plus you get to pick out your own charms!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Her

11. Sequin Heels

There’s something so fun about sequin and glitter heels and boots!!! They immediately add a fun touch to any outfit!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Her

12. Sandhill Rosé

I looooove the rosé from Sandhill Winery … and LOVE the fact that I can drink it again even MORE! LOL!! I got Team Jilly Sandhill Wine Memberships for Christmas this year (shhhhh don’t tell them!!) and think it’s the PERFECT gift idea for any of your wine loving girlfriends out there …

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Her

13. Goddess Bath Salts

Lately, I’ve been winding down with a hot bath and I LOVE adding Saje’s Goddess Bath Salts to the tub … they smell so amazing and make my skin feel silky smooth!

Jillian Harris Daily Routine

14. Chenille Chunky Knit Heart Blanket

This knit heart blanket by Handmade by Chris and Kris is SOOOO soft and cozy!! Perfect for cuddling up by the fire with a glass of wine in hand over the holidays!

Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection

There you have it!! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow as I’ll be sharing my Men’s Gift Guide which is filled with Justin’s favourite items and if you missed it yesterday, take a look at my gift guide for the kiddos, here! Also, make sure to check out my dedicated holiday shop pages for more gift inspo for women, men, kids, and Christmas decor!

Until tomorrow!!



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  1. How does the necklace hold up from daily wear given it is just plated in gold? I keep adding it to my shopping cart and then chicken out because I’m not sure if it will last!

  2. Hi. Can you please share any info on her cream colored sweater she has on in the first photo of her email from this morning to shop for her list

  3. I invite you to watch the documentary called “The True Cost” on Netflix. I feel much better about my Christmas shopping choices now because I’ve changed the way I shop.

  4. I would be happy receiving any one of these options!! The rose is such a smart idea. I always love a great candle and cute necklace. Thanks for sharing! XO, Ellese

  5. Team Jilly!! ? Just wanted to say all you guys have done such a great job .. The blog is beautifully done ?

    Love Shannon Heemeryck

  6. Team Jilly, you are the BEST!

    All of your giveaways and your Heart collections actually melt my Heart ❤️

    I always look forward to what you post and just hearing absolutely everything about you, your family and all of your wonderful stories.

    I don’t know if I have entered correctly for a chance to win some of your fabulous giveaways, I hope I have for they are all amazing!

    Keep up the great work.

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