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My Go-To Gift Guide for Toddlers

I can’t believe it’s ALREADY time for another round of holiday gift guides! Where did the year go??? Welp, today I’m kicking things off with our Gift Guide for KIDS!! I was so excited for this roundup this year as Leo has some go-to favourites when it comes to toys so I think this will be SUPER handy for anyone out there who has to buy something for a toddler!!

I was just telling the girls last week that I’m already SO excited for Christmas next year as Leo will be another year older and as each year passes he grasps the concept of Christmas more and more … it really is special to see your children, or any little ones for that matter, on Christmas day and how their eyes light up with excitement!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Kids

Ps. If you’re looking for some really amazing clothing suggestions, check out my list of my favourite Canadian baby brands here, because it’s FILLED with amazing companies with quality items!

Okay, let’s dig into some of my gift suggestions and Leo’s faves below!!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Kids

1. Bath Fizzies | 2. Dog Shaped Toy Guitar | 3. Put Me In the Story Book | 4. Vegan Leather Booties | 5. Baby Grand Piano | 6. Bashful Bunny | 7. Hello Dough | 8. Plush Flamingo | 9. Bow Tie | 10. Ice Cream Cone Play Set | 11. Golf Clubs | 12. On the Go Letters

1. Bath Fizzies

We found these bath fizzies at a local children’s store and we grabbed a few thinking they would be fun for Leo’s bath time and he totally LOVES them! They colour the water give off a fruity fragrance, and the best part is, once they dissolve they leave behind a cute little sponge character!

2 . Dog Shaped Toy Guitar

I find this to be the cutest little toy around! Leo likes to toss the strap over his shoulder and rock out! LOL! It has realistic strings that the kids can go to town and strum away! It plays around 20 songs and you can select acoustic, electric or howl sounds!

3. Put Me In the Story Book

Sammy gifted one of these books to Leo last year and it’s so sweet. You can choose from multiple popular kids books and personalize the story to include their name in the copy! It makes for such a sweet gift!

4. Vegan Leather Booties

These booties are made by one of my favourite shoe brands for not only myself, but for the kids as well, Native Shoes! I love them because not only are they vegan, but they’re also super lightweight and comfortable as well!

5. Baby Grand Piano

How freakin ADORABLE is this?! I saw this baby grand piano when I was on the WestCoast kids website and I’ve wanted to get one for the kids ever since! It comes in 4 different colours and I’m torn between colours but the kids are getting the white one! LOL!

6. Bashful Bunny

Every kid I know LOVES stuffed animals and this cute little bunny also doubles as the most adorable decor for a nursery and toddler’s room!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Kids

7. Hello Dough

Leo is totally obsessed with Hello Dough lately, this is Canadian handmade playdough and it’s scented with essential oils … and let me tell you, they smell INCREDIBLE! LOL! Plus, I ALSO find this really fun to play with (so does Justin, and Leo’s Uncle Matt ?) … it’s pretty relaxing and brings me back to the good ‘ol days!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Kids Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Kids

8. Plush Flamingo

I just purchased this flamingo for Annie’s nursery!! It’s over four feet tall and the kids love it! Leo has the giraffe in his room!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Kids

9. Red & White Check with Hearts Bow Tie

This sweet little bow tie is from my JH x Etsy Holiday Collection! It was handmade by a Canadian Etsy maker, Pooch and Tabby! She also made a matching collar your fur babies as well! You can check it out here!

10. Ice Cream Cone Play Set

One of Leo’s favourite thing to do this summer was not only EAT ice cream … lol … but he also liked to make “cones” for us every day!

11. Golf Clubs

Justin has been head over heels for golf lately and he passed that obsession on to Leo! We took Leo mini golfing a few times this summer and he loved it! He has a plastic set at home which he plays with regularly, but recently, Callaway sent Leo and his cousins each some golf clubs (plus a couple of sets for us to give away to a couple of MY lucky readers this spring!!). I’m sure it won’t be long until Leo is hitting the links with dad!

12. On the Go Letters

This is SUCH a great way for little ones to learn the alphabet! We saw this on Instagram and purchased it for Leo shortly after and he learned his ABC’s so quickly with it! I would totally recommend it!!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Kids

There you have it!! I hope this helps with your Christmas shopping for your mini me’s! If you’re hoping for a few additional gift idea, make sure to check out my dedicated shop page for the kiddos!

Tomorrow I’m bringing you my gift guide for HER followed by some gift ideas for the men in your life!! Stay tuned!!



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  1. Hello lovely
    Would you mind sharing the information on the beautiful cream colored sweater you are wearing in the photo with Leo and the heart hat?
    Many thanks

  2. So many great ideas! The baby grand piano is adorable – I would have loved to have that as a kid. And the flamingo plush looks so perfect in Annie’s nursery!

  3. Hi!! I just love stuffed animals by Jellycat. They are so soft and suitable for all ages starting from the newborn babies. There’ s also many different animals to choose from.
    Our 3 years old son has Bashful Bunny and a Gorilla. He sleeps with them every night and take them to the daycare with him 🙂

    At the moment he likes to play store with his cash register and cook with his kitchen play set. So I really think the ice cream play set that you shared would be perfect Christmas gift for him. Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Hi Jill!
    I’m looking through your website trying to find the name of the book you read in one of your insta stories about moms who drink wine haha A close friend is pregnant with her first baby and I know she would love it for Christmas!
    Thanks for your help! 🙂

  5. Hi Jill! I have been trying without luck to find a post where you mention those black and white pattern cards for babies to stare/drool at and make their little brains smarter. Need a set for a mom to be on my list this year. Thanks!

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