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Early Morning Boot Saver

Waking up and heading to the set of Love it or List it Vancouver gets harder and harder when the weather gets colder and the start time gets earlier. Once winter hits we have less time in the day to film, meaning we need to be up filming at the crack of dawn to use as much light as we can. The hardest part is crawling out of a nice warm bed. I FINALLY found the perfect pair of boots to make it just a little bit easier.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but these UGG boots are a MUST try. They have saved my feet and my life every cold morning so far this year. When you slip them on they are so warm and cozy, you don’t want to take them off. The best part is they still look stylish!!! And yes, I have already warned everyone on set that I will be wearing them all winter long.
Photo 2015-11-03, 9 10 37 PMPhoto 2015-11-03, 9 14 36 PM Photo 2015-11-03, 9 10 35 PMPhoto 2015-11-03, 9 11 47 PMPhoto 2015-11-05, 4 58 33 AMPhoto 2015-11-05, 4 57 39 AM Photo 2015-11-05, 4 58 13 AM Photo 2015-11-05, 4 54 37 AM Photo 2015-11-05, 4 54 35 AMGIFT GUIDE FOR THE EARLY RISER

1. Scarf | 2. Slippers | 3. Ear Muffs | 4. Gloves | 5. Coffee Machine | 6. Head Band | 7. Ugg Boots | 8. Candle | 9. Tall Slippers | 11. Blanket 

What item will you be adding to your Christmas wishlist?! Let me know in the comments below …


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  1. Where on earth is that green sweater from?! I’ve been keeping an eye out for it ever since I saw it on your snapchat! Please share 🙂

  2. Love your blog, but you really need to be more up front about all of your sponsored posts (which is a lot of them).

    1. I agree. The majority of her posts are sponsored, most people don’t realize she is receiving compesation for pushing the product.

      1. Yeah. I am done with following blogs like this that can’t be bothered stating which posts are sponsored and which are not. It is dishonest to her audience when she can’t be bothered telling people which products she actually supports vs. those she gets paid to support (and she should do this even if she likes the product).

  3. Hi Guys – In regards to the outfit below I can guess almost every piece:
    a) green sweater – Aritzia plutach – looks like either a medium as the small does fit short and this is quite long on her. However word to the wise about this sweater it is GORGE! But how to care for it im not sure it has very strict washing instructions which i followed and THEN it totally lost its feel and look. So just be careful.
    b) black scarf – looks like Aritzia TNA from the one picture
    c) Blanket Scarf – aritzia
    d) dress loft

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