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Holiday Cards Are Not The Nightmare You Remember

It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday cards. With Christmas only a month away, it doesn’t leave you much time to compile your list, create the cards and have them sent out before it’s too late. Most of us have experienced the pain of posing for a family holiday card – there’s always someone screwing it up and as it turns out, matching sweaters don’t really do anyone any favours [shocking!]. Times have changed though and now, holiday greeting cards aren’t just reserved for families of four, awkwardly huddled together. Anyone can and should send cards – here’s why!

Creating Holiday Cards Doesn’t Have To Be Painful
Thanks to online sites like Minted, creating a greeting card doesn’t require a trip to the rundown photo studio at the mall. All you have to do is choose the design you want for your cards, upload a photo and then, voila! Personalized greeting cards get shipped to your door within days. The only real struggle is getting them out on time; do NOT underestimate the amount of time it will take for your cards to get to your loved ones. Even in this selfie-obsessed day and age, nobody wants to be stuck with a stack of cards with photos of themselves.

merry-and-bright-card-2 copy

Sharing Joy Is What The Season Is All About
You may think nobody cares about what you’re doing and what’s new in your life, but I guarantee they do. Otherwise, none of us would still be on Facebook! Big life milestones like weddings and babies make for great greeting card material, but just as important are little moments of joy. It makes us feel good to know others are doing well, so send that card knowing whoever is receiving it will appreciate you sharing a little part of your life with them. Also, everyone loves a good pup-shot, if your pet is the biggest love of your life right now, it’s okay to make the card all about them! You can’t look at this shot of Nacho and not say, aww!!!

happy-howlidays-card-2 copy

Two Words: Gold Foil
I don’t know when the gold foil trend will go out of style, but I hope it’s not anytime soon. That little bit of shimmer elevates holiday cards from normal to brag-worthy. This option from Minted is definitely front of the fridge material because it’s beautiful! Plus, I like this particular card because of the simplicity of the wording: Be Joyful. It conveys everything the holiday season is about without requiring you to do a lot of wordsmithing.

painterly-foil-pressed-card-2 copy

No Photo Required
For those of you going, “That’s all super Jillian, but I don’t have time to get Christmas photos done” or “I don’t have a Nacho or a Justin in my life right now…#singleforlife” – it’s okay! You can still send a sweet holiday card! Minted has an amazing selection of modern designs that don’t require a photo. Whether you want to go classic, funny or modern, there’s plenty of options.

botanicals holiday copy yeti or not copy watercolor cheers copy

The biggest thing to remember when it comes to sending greeting cards is [insert mom-voice] it’s the thought that counts!

Which card do you like the best for us this year?! Let me know in the comments below!


Jilly & Mackenzie

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