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What Everyone Wants To Know About The Bachelor: How Much Clothing Are The Girls Given?

Things are finally starting to pick up on The Bachelor. Last night’s episode started off a bit dry but things started getting exciting near the end of the show. I watched this episode with Justin and it’s hilarious watching it with him because he gets into it more than me. His opinions are SO different than mine and he loves all the girls that I don’t like and vice versa. He loved Lauren B and Jube Jube (or whatever her name is) and I actually didn’t love either. Strangely enough, I loved Olivia and Lace the most, maybe because I think they’re really pretty, or maybe because I watch the show so much I know that they are the most entertaining. But onto the episode …


Starting with the very first thing that happened on the show, Ben’s airplane date with Lauren. Their date was a little weird and boring. In my opinion, she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. BUT, I am so happy that the Bachelor franchise finally got a legit integration with a hot tub company!!! If you don’t understand TV advertising I can see how all of these hot tubs in the middle of nowhere come off as really weird … but it’s the Bachelor! And we all know the Bachelor is known for their hot tub scenes lol!!! They even zoomed in on the jacuzzi label mid hot tub. They could have had a perfect, cute, little picnic under a tree after their plane ride but instead they jazzed things up with a hot tub in the middle of nowhere making things funny and a little weird for everyone.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 11.03.04 AM

On to more important things …. like spending $40,000 on clothing for the show…. which is f*%king insane!!! BUT, I remember when I went on the show we got goodie bags filled with some stuff that they wanted us to wear but half of it didn’t even fit. And that was it!!! The girls do have to bring all of their own clothing and of course, they want to be wearing the best clothes EVER to be seen on TV in!!! I had re-mortgaged my house and I spent something like $8,000 on clothing (which is still a lot) … but now that designer labels are even more important, I can see how someone can spend that … easily!!!!! The funny thing is, Ben and all of the other guys don’t give a sh*t!!! I bet you they don’t even notice a difference. Heck, I barely remember what Olivia has been wearing so far this season.

12485992_10153295394328053_4252475415641545995_oAMBER, LEAH, HALEY, LACE, OLIVIA, JAMI, BEN HIGGINS

Back to the dates … I was really into the soccer date. I thought they played really well and I was super impressed!!! The girl who was the goalie for the stars team (I think it was Rachel) was kick ass!! She showed intense dedication, which was awesome … even though they ended up losing in the end.


Jubilee yes that’s her name, I don’t think I’m that big of a fan of hers. Mainly because she was a bit dramatic leading up to her date. It bugged me that she was breaking down right before it because she didn’t think she had a connection. I just remember thinking back to my experience and wanting to break down but you HAVE to remember what you signed up for!! She was so dramatic and moody but then was a different person with Ben. I just didn’t really warm up to her the entire episode. OH but, Justin loved her and thought she was funny and cute.


On a side note, I think it’s stupid how the girls get mad when the girls that have roses get alone time with Ben. This isn’t a situation about fair and not fair it’s about building a relationship in life and the show. You have to go out there and get it when you have the chance. It doesn’t mean you need to be a complete biatch. But if you get a chance to be alone with Ben, I think you need to go for it and take whatever chance you can get.

I think it was cool what Lace said about having to work on herself. But ultimately, I think she’s too hard on herself. And to to be honest, I’m pissed that she left!! People were saying good for her, but I think she was just scared of being rejected. We pick ourselves apart in competitive situations whether it be work or relationships and make things harder on ourselves than we need to. We don’t need to always be working on ourselves. We need to be ok with our faults and our insecurities.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 11.03.31 AM

When Olivia was talking about her cankles and ugly toes (or whatever she was talking about) I think that was all editing. I think there had to be a longer conversation that happened before that and I HOPE it involved her consoling Ben for his loss. But either way, I think she is a little self centered. Justin was FURIOUS at this point and as much as I hope it was editing … who knows. Maybe Ben will reveal the truth in his blog with People Magazine.

I’m still waiting on seeing more of Becca. I follow her on snapchat and love her sense of humour but almost forgot she was on the show!!! Oh and I’m sad that he let the Russian girl go … she was a mathematician with such a cute accent, I loved her and was rooting for her!!!! One last note from last night … I noticed that the girls are drinking A LOT of water on this season … and that’s no fun. Judging by the previews for next weeks episode … I’m pretty excited for what’s to come. Until next week fellow Bachelor lovers!!!!



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  1. We share similar opinions! Except Lace, I do not think she is very pretty. She has a weird mouth and smile. Olivia is pretty, but her attitude makes her look sort of ugly. As for Jubilee, you are right, she might have some bipolar issues! I could see that immediately. But I tend to think that producers wouldn’t exactly be content with all the girls “getting along”. They really seem to encourage if not outright script the drama. I don’t know. But I do agree with your recap, mostly.

  2. I was just annoyed with the girls after Ben told the girls how he lost two people close to him and the girls were not being sympathetic at all. They acted very selfish and immature. Jubilee was trying to make him feel better whereas other girls like Olivia are all about them – as if Ben wasn’t hurting. Then the girls are all and at Jubilee because she already had a rose. That whole night shouldn’t have been competing for roses or who already has a rose – it should have been trying to make Ben feel better. Sure this is a competition and show but these are still real humans with emotions and he just lost people close to him! This is just my opinion but I was getting realllllly mad towards the end!

  3. I think I’m siding with Justin on this one. Although I have NEVER experienced what Jubilee has, I can kind of relate to her. I grew up with brothers, been “one of the guys” and always had trouble finding that big group of girlfriends. I can see how she would be intimidated by that and how girls would easily judge her for being reserved. I think her “attitude” before the date was just her way of dealing with the awkwardness and maybe not knowing how to deal with being the center of attention. She plays it off as a “nbd” situation and jokes about it. Just my opinion but I feel like she was being genuine and truly felt bad when the other girls were trying to confront her. Very entertaining episode though!!

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