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14 Extremely Last Minute Gift Ideas

Alright … this blog is for ALL of your procrastinators out there (don’t worry, you are not alone!) or those who are looking for a little something extra for a loved one! Is there even such a thing as an over-stuffed stocking?! LOL! Today I’m sharing a few ideas of last-minute gift ideas that you can purchase on Christmas Eve … I’m here to save your butts! LOL! These can make great presents or stocking stuffers!!

Jillian Harris Ecofriendly wrapping

1. Jilly Downloadable Prints & Presets

Shameless plug … LOL!! But, seriously, we have had so many people ask about how to gift the Jilly prints and/or presets and there are a couple of different options for you!

Would you like a gift card or a specific digital product?

Now, you have two options over in the Jilly Digital store. If you know what they would like from the store, you can simply purchase it with your contact information (or theirs if you want them to get it via email immediately!) OR you can purchase a Jilly Digital gift card that they can use on whichever digital product their heart desires. We have denominations from $10 to $100, so it can work within any budget!

If you are seeking something physical to give to them see below!

This is all done online, so if you have a printer you can of course print out the gift card or better yet, handwrite them a letter describing the present, roll it up and tie a cute bow! Alternatively, you can write what the present is in a card! I love both of these options because they are more personal and there aren’t enough handwritten letters anymore! You would then follow up on the present by forwarding them the e-mail that you receive with all of the product details.

If you are seeking a strictly e-gift see below!

Once you know if you are going to purchase a gift card or a digital product, you have two options.  Either use your contact information and then forward them the e-mail with a little message from you at the specific time you want them to get it OR use their contact information and have it sent directly to them immediately!

Questions about the prints and presets?

Please reference our FAQ, or check out the blog on prints and presets. Over in the Jilly Digital store, you can see the most up-to-date digital products available. There WILL be more downloadable prints and presets available throughout the year, so a gift card is a great option for future products!

But, wait! I have a 15% off promo code for you! Use promo code: HAPPYHOLIDAYSXO from now until December 27th at 11:59pm PST for 15% off entire order!

Please keep in mind that Team Jilly is off for the holidays to have some well-deserved R&R with their friends and family until January 6th, 2020. The main request we get is inputting the incorrect e-mail at checkout and not getting the immediate email purchase. Please enter your email correctly, as we want to make sure you get your product ASAP! Thank you for your understanding and all of your support this year! We couldn’t have done it without all of you!! 

2. A Vacation

Okay, hear me out! LOL!! I’m not saying you need to buy them the whole vacation (unless you want to! LOL!), but you can either buy them a gift card towards a vacation or if they already have one planned you can book an experience for them, time at the spa, champagne to their room, or a nice dinner out! It’s such a special way to add to their vacation!

Psssttt … has also generously offered to provide YOU with an exclusive $50 discount if you’re looking to book a getaway! Please feel free to use promo code JILLY50 upon checkout (make sure to click “confirm” to apply the code. Please note, this promo code is for online use only and only eligible on new online vacation package bookings made between November 21, 2019, to March 1, 2020. The minimum price is $999 per person (before taxes and fees). For more information and to check out the code terms and conditions, please click, here!

Jillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

3. Concert

Whether the concert is one for them to enjoy or an experience together it’s SO fun to gift an experience that creates memories for years to come! I love that they get to enjoy the gift after Christmas and have something to look forward to! Simply google search concerts and events near you and find one you think they would love!

4. Helicopter and/or Hot Air Balloon Ride

Up, up, and away! It’s so fun to experience the world from up above in a helicopter ride or a hot air balloon ride! This can be for your hometown (or nearby!) or on a trip! It’s such a unique experience. One that most people want to do but don’t splurge on for themselves!

5. Flytographer Session

Obviously I LOVE taking pictures of our family but there is something extra special about vacation pictures …when you’re all relaxed, tanned, and in gorgeous scenery! I’ve used Flytographer many many times! In fact, we just used them again for our girls trip to Hawaii!! Personally, I think this is the best way to capture the magic of the trip (those selfies just don’t do it justice! LOL!) and then you have the pictures for art in your home for years to come … and of course, for social media! LOL

I have a promo code for you to make this even easier!! That’s right, if you use code JILLIANHARRIS2019 (until the end of the year!) you will receive $50 off of your Flytographer session!

Jillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Photo Credit: Flytographer

6. Personal Trainer

Okay, let’s be real most people’s resolution is to get healthy and fit and personal training sessions helps them get right on track! Google search places nearby (or if they already go somewhere, reach out to them!). Sessions with a personal trainer can be SO beneficial, regardless of how strong their fitness game is and most people would love a session but maybe wouldn’t splurge for themselves!

7. Painting Class

Whether you want to make happy little mistakes (do I have any Bob Ross fans out there?! LOL!) together or gift it will for them to experience as a date night, it’s SO much fine to be an artist for a night! Plus, you get to keep your art piece (whether you want to or not! LOL!) and it’s an experience they can look forward to in the New Year! Google painting classes near you and there will be lots of different experiences to choose from!

8. Photography Lessons

Bonus! You can either get them lessons for in-person sessions or online sessions! Simply google search lessons near you! Amazon also does gift cards and they could use that towards some photography gear!

9. Cooking Class

Bon Appetit! There are SO many different types of cooking classes, whether they are seeking vegan/vegetarian cooking, pasta making, or a specific cuisine, there seems to be a variety of classes out there! It’s so much fun learning new skills in the kitchen and bonus you actually get to eat the food too!! LOL!

10. House Cleaning Gift Certificates

Who doesn’t love a clean house?! Do I need to say more?! LOL You can google companies near you or if you’re tight on money you can write up a gift card and clean for them one day when they are out and about! Double bonus! Book them a pedicure and clean while they are experiencing that!

11. Goodfood Gift Certificate

This is the gift that keeps on giving!! The answer to the dreaded question…”What’s for dinner?!” Not only does this make dinner SO much easier but it’s also fun to try out new recipes that are easy to follow! Not only does it eliminate a trip to the grocery store but it also does all of the meal planning and most of the prep for you!! The meals are delicious and change on a weekly basis. They also have tasty breakfast options you can add on to your order as well! We love their smoothies, all you have to do is toss all of the ingredients into the blender and add your favourite milk and BAM, breakfast is served, the kids love them too which is a major BONUS!

I should mention that Goodfood only ships within Canada and does not ship to the States! Apologies in advance to all of our American friends out there!! But, here are similar options for you to choose from!

Pssttt … I have some exciting news! Goodfood has also decided to give YOU $50.oo CAD off your first Goodfood Box! All you have to do is follow this link and use code JILLYXMAS to redeem!

Jillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas GiveawayJillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

12. Wine Subscription

Mmmmmm ….🍷 I know I said it before … but this is REALLY the gift that keeps on giving! We are spoiled here in the Okanagan and have so many places to choose from! You can find so many online with a quick google search. It’s so fun to be a part of these wine clubs, plus, you get a discount on other orders too!!

13.  Skip the Dishes Gift Certificate

If I could live off Goodfood and Skip The Dishes I would! LOL Thank you technology for making life easier for this mama! This helps take the stress out of dinner and your gift card takes the guilt out of ordering!! LOL! You can purchase a gift card, here!

14. Donation to a Charity

Last, but definitely not least! Donate to a charity on their behalf. There are so many amazing charities that you can support and you and the receiver can feel good about it! Whether it’s a charity they already love to support or a new one they are interested in, it’s special to help spread that holiday cheer. Personally, I think a handwritten note would be the cherry on top of this cake! Who doesn’t love something meaningful this holiday season?! If you’re looking for some inspiration, I love Mamas for Mamas and your local food bank!

There you have it! 14 last-minute gift ideas for anyone in your life! Let me know which options you decide to go with in the comments below! I love hearing your ideas! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to yours!!



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  1. Hi! I was wondering how you print your prints? I remember you said there was a finish that you use so that you don’t need glass and that they are easy to store….. aka don’t break. Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays to you, your family and Team Jilly!! 🎄

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