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HO HO HO! The Holiday Collection is Here!

I’m BEYOND excited to announce that the Jilly Digital Store has officially launched TODAY!! The Jilly Digital Store includes my ALL-NEW downloadable prints and presets! I was inspired by my love of art and capturing sentimental family time over the holidays to bring you the Jilly Holiday Collection! I wanted to say a special thank you to all of my amazing followers for your continued support. It’s because of incredible people like YOU who inspire us to bring you new Jilly products! We’ve been working behind the scenes for a while on this and I’m SO excited to finally share this with you and allow you to bring a little piece of my heart into your home with the prints and new presets to capture your beautiful holiday images!

Jilly Prints

Before we dig in, I want to talk about the downloadable prints! This is a completely NEW line of digital products that we are offering and this season it will be featuring festive prints. Every quarter we will continue to bring you downloadable art designed by myself, Team Jilly and our favourite local artists. Our vision is to bring you printable art to be featured with your home decor, print as a holiday card or use as a background on your digital devices.

After you’ve purchased the digital prints you will receive an email notification with a link to the files. The first step for getting your print from the computer to the wall is to choose your size using the sizing guide in the instruction manual. Once downloaded, you can easily print it at a local or online professional printer with either the PDF or JPEG files! Pro tip – Use heavy card stock or Sintra and off-white vs stark white paper for a higher quality look and feel. I get my art printed on Sintra at Thomas Signcraft here in Kelowna and my art printed on heavy card stock at Kelowna Instaprint.

For the rectangle prints (Jolly At Heart) we have the files in three popular sizes, small at 5 x 7 in medium at 8.5 x 11 in and large at 18 x 24 in. For the square prints (Cabin & Let Your Heart Be Bright) we have the files in three popular sizes, small at 8 x 8 in medium at 16 x 16 in and large at 24 x 24 in. Jillian’s square print is 24 x 24 in and her rectangle print is 18 x 24 in. If you choose to modify the files to different sizes, please use the biggest size for high-resolution.

When you have your beautiful printed art in hand we recommend framing it to match your home decor. Framing can match any budget, so be creative and find something you love! I get all my art framed right here in Kelowna at Robert’s Custom Framers. I love using gold ornate, whitewashed herringbone, or simple plain white frames depending on the art. Frames can be found at any home decor place, Michaels (where you can also print!) or even at Value Village. This is your chance to be creative!

Jolly At Heart

Inspired by my favourite home decor, the ‘Wild At Heart’ print was designed by myself and Team Jilly with a festive twist. The Jolly at Heart print will bring a little piece of Jilly to your home this holiday!

Let Your Heart Be Bright

A timeless and simple but beautiful piece designed by myself and Team Jilly. The signature Jilly heart with “Let Your Heart Be Bright” written in a unique typewriter font. A holiday print that you could enjoy all year long.


The Cabin Print was inspired by my favourite snowy cabin image that I share every holiday. This was brought to life by collaborating with the talented artist, Ashleigh Green. This adorable cabin print is the perfect piece for your holiday decor!

In the Jilly Digital Store, you’ll find all three prints available for purchase! Every purchase contains three digital file sizes in both JPEG and PDF and an instruction manual. Please note that the cost of printing and framing is not included in the prints. I’ve created a quick tutorial video for you below, watch with me and I’ll answer more of your questions!

In the FAQs we have many suggestions and tell you all the details of my art. We would LOVE to see your Jilly Art in your home, so please share with us by using #JillyPrints

Jilly Holiday Presets

The Jilly Digital store has another new line of presets! I’ve designed these timeless holiday presets to help you edit your winter holiday photos either on your mobile or desktop! I was inspired by my love of sentimental family time and capturing whimsical photos that you can reminisce on for years to come!

The Holiday Collection includes three presets:

  1. Vintage Holiday – this will turn your photos to a soft black and white image while adding a hint of warmth and a touch of pink.
  2. Classic Holiday – helps soften yellows to create a whimsical indoor image
  3. Winter Holiday – a fresh take on snowy love. It adds warmth and a soft pink hue to your snowy outdoor images.

Vintage Holiday

The Vintage Holiday preset turns your photos to a soft black and white image while adding a hint of warmth and a touch of pink. This classic and timeless preset will work wonders with images taken indoors or outdoors this holiday season.

Classic Holiday

Inspired by my love for family time, I wanted to create a preset that helped clean up interior images. You know, the photos you take when you have all of the interior lights on due to lack of natural light?? Well, the Classic Holiday preset helps cool off yellows and brightens shadows. Classic Holiday is ideal for those Christmas morning photos and will help them become bright and airy.

Winter Holiday

The Winter Holiday preset is a fresh take on the Snowy Love preset. Winter Holiday is a warm edit for those cold outdoor images. My editing style is ever-evolving and I wanted a preset that added pink to snowy images! As snow is nature’s best ‘diffuser’ this preset will make everything soft and beautiful as it brings your photo back to life against the snowy background.

As always the presets will be sent as digital files via a link in your email confirmation. There is an instruction manual to walk you through the process and some tips & tricks to get the most out of your presets! If you are using an iPhone you will want to open the files in Safari. When you click to open the file it will ask you to either ‘download’ or ‘view’. Click ‘view’. In the bottom middle of the screen, you will see an export icon. Once clicked scroll down to ‘save image’. The image will save to your camera roll as a black square but once imported into Lightroom it will appear with the data.

Check out the video below if you’re looking for more tips and tricks for taking and editing beautiful photos!

I know that was a lot of information in one blog post but I wanted to make sure you had ALL of the info you may need! Make sure to pop over to our FAQ page if you need anything else! We hope you LOVE the new Holiday Collection just as much as we do and we hope that it can bring a little cheer to you and your family this holiday season! Which Jilly digital product are you the most excited about?!



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  1. Sooooo new to this set of presets, Adobe is making users subscribe monthly to be able to create presets! Didn’t have to for original JH Love presets but following your instructions to a T, alas I had to subscribe to Lightroom to even Create a Preset. Not your fault but you might want to let ppl know?!

    1. Hi Erin! The mobile lightroom app is free and the desktop app does require a subscription. If the mobile version is requiring that you get a subscription you might be using the desktop presets on mobile by accident. I would recommend deleting those and readding with the mobile presets and you should be good to go. Thanks, let me know if you need anything else! XO

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