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The Jilly Box

Spoiler Alert: We’re Revealing the Contents of The Jilly Box


If you were able to snag yourself a Jilly Box and haven’t yet received it in the mail and would like to keep the contents a secret, please don’t read this blog post! I’m SO EXCITED to finally reveal everything that was included in our first-ever Jilly Box!!!

As many of you know, the launch of the Jilly Box was absolute craziness (to say the least!). The Jilly Box sold out in one day and we were completely blown away by the number of people who wanted to get their hands on a box and how many people signed up for our waitlist. I know I have said this many many times now, but THANK YOU for all of your support during this wild ride! We have been in countless meetings and spent hours on the phone hashing out our plan for the next box and this business as a whole. We have made a number of tweaks and revisions and we can’t wait to share our plan with you going forward.

Today, however, we aren’t going to go into any of that because I cannot wait ANY LONGER to show you what we worked so hard on over the last few years and the incredible suppliers who were able to make the very first Jilly Box so special!

First, can we talk about the BEAUTIFUL box?? We worked so hard on the design of this box and the incredible team at Georgette Packing (a Canadian, female-owned company!) brought our vision to life! The ladies at Georgette were AMAZING to work with and made sure all of our requests were executed (yup, even our last minute changes! LOL!) and our expectations exceeded. For those of you who don’t know, the boxes are carbon-neutral and can be reused by flipping them inside out to store all of your holiday goodies such as cards, ornaments, wrapping supplies, and more!

Alright, now that we have shared the box details … let’s get down to the contents of the box! Are YOU ready to see what’s inside?!

This is your last warning, Jilly Box Subscribers, if you don’t want to see the contents of the box please click away from this post now! 

Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed

If you’ve scrolled this far then I’m assuming you’ve accepted the fact that you’re about to see ALL of the incredible contents that are included in the very first Jilly Box!! Before I get into all of those details, I wanted to let you know that we have a special surprise for all of you (no, it’s not a Jilly Box! But it’s CLOSE! LOL!).

All of our suppliers within our first Jilly Box included promo codes for each of our subscribers so they could shop my fave items at a discount. Well, I’m so excited to share that many of the amazing suppliers (who I’ll share with you below!) decided to generously extend a promo code to all of YOU so you, too, can shop some of the awesome items that were included in our inaugural box!!

Let’s get this party started … shall we?! DRUM ROLL, PLEASE! Ladies, and gentlemen … I give you … THE JILLY BOX!!!

Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed

Jilly Box Contents Revealed

Minted: Greeting Cards (valued at $25 CAD)

Each and every year we get our family Christmas cards from Minted so it was a no-brainer to add three adorable greeting cards to the box! Not only does Minted offer customized greeting cards but they also offer a variety of non-photo greeting cards featuring beautiful art instead, like the ones below! Can you tell which one is my personal favourite out of the three?! LOL!

Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed

Saje Wellness: Peppermint Halo Roller (valued at $27 CAD)

The Peppermint Halo Roller from Saje Wellness almost never leaves my side! It’s one of my favourite travel staples and the first thing I bust out during our team meetings. Saje’s Peppermint Halo is great for relieving headaches. Or, you can roll it on your neck and shoulders for extra cooling and relaxation.

Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed

Saje Wellness: Rainforest Candle (valued at $20 CAD)

What would the holidays be without a cozy candle?! This Rainforest Candle from Saje Wellness is a rejuvenating blend of pine, cedarwood and balsam fir in a 100% natural soy wax base! Bonus: You can reuse the votive as a bud vase or a container for your bathroom once your candle has burnt down.

Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed

Dillon’s Small Batch Distillery: Bitters (valued at $15 CAD)

Tis’ the season for COCKTAILS! I don’t know about you but it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere throughout the holiday season! Dillon’s is a Canadian company based out of Ontario and they make the BEST spirits made from natural based ingredients and infused and finished with fine botanicals and wood. Each box shipped within Canada received one of three bottles of Dillon’s Bitters along with a custom cocktail recipe within their boxes and our American friends were provided with a coupon to score their bottle of Bitters! Recreate the cocktail recipes here!

Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed

Glo Skin Beauty: Suede Matte Crayon (valued at $22 CAD)

Everyone always asks me what I wear on my lips and 99.9% of the time it’s Glo Skin Beauty’s Suede Matte Crayon! In every Jilly Box was one of my favourite Suede Matte Crayon colours, Crimson! This colour gives you the PERFECT pop of red to your lips for any occasion, especially for those upcoming Christmas parties!

Jillian Harris The Jilly Box RevealedJillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed

Smash + Tess: Custom Red Romper (valued at $119 CAD)

Speaking of the PERFECT pop of red … I’m sure many of you have been eyeing up this gorgeous red Romper in Jilly Red!! This Smash + Tess Romper was made exclusively for the Jilly Box Subscribers. However, we are so in love with this Romper that Smash + Tess has decided to launch limited edition Mini Red Rompers so your little ones can romp around the Christmas tree in style this holiday season!! If you would like to scoop one up for your kiddos (they’re perfect for matching PJ’s on Christmas Eve and morning!) then pop on over to Smash + Tess, here!!

Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed

Crawford Creek Designs: Rustic Whitewashed Star (valued at $10 CAD)

These rustic whitewashed stars are handmade right here in the Okanagan by Crawford Creek Designs! Every star was cut out, sanded, painted, and tied by hand! These stars make the perfect ornaments for your Christmas tree (in fact, I’m only putting these stars and lights on our tree this year!) or they can double as the cutest decor for your mantle! Each of these stars is unique and slightly different in its own way!

Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed

Chelsea King: Scrunchie (valued at $20 CAD)

Since this box is a collection of some of my all-time favourite things … what would it be without a couple of exclusive scrunchies from Chelsea King?! Every Jilly Box came with a festive Stewart Tartan scrunchie and as a fun bonus, Jilly Box subscribers had the option of adding this sparkly metallic scrunchie to their order!

Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed

Melanie Auld: Pave Vermeil Heart Studs (valued at $85 CAD)

Everyone needs a little bling for the holidays which is why we included a beautiful pair of Pave Vermeil Heart Studs from Melanie Auld! These add the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas party outfit and are also subtle enough for everyday wear.

Jillian Harris The Jilly Box RevealedJillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed

Jilly Digital Store: $50 Gift Certificate (valued at $50 CAD)

This is something I’m REALLY excited to share with all of YOU!! We have finally moved forward with launching our VERY OWN Jilly Digital Store!! This now includes our presets AND digital art prints!! The Jilly Digital Store officially launched TODAY and we’re so excited to share our new Holiday Collection of presets and three downloadable prints perfect for the holidays! Each Jilly Box subscriber received a $50 Gift Certificate to the Jilly Digital Store!

Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed

The Golden Ticket Item (valued at $450 CAD)

Speaking of something sparkly … I need to tell you about the GOLDEN TICKET! Think Willy Wonka meets the Jilly Box. That’s right, every time we launch a Jilly Box, ONE lucky person will receive the GOLDEN TICKET ITEM in their box! This item will always change and will be something incredible! For the inaugural Jilly Box, the lucky recipient will receive a pair of 10k Solid Gold Heart Pave Studs valued at $450 CAD from Melanie Auld!! I don’t know about you but I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see who got this!! If it happened to be YOU … make sure to share on Instagram and tag us using #TheJillyBox so we can see!

Jillian Harris The Jilly Box Revealed

Promo Codes

You didn’t think I would forget about the promo codes, did you?! Fear not! If you’re wanting to shop some of the Jilly Box items at a discount, feel free to use the following promo codes upon checkout below! Pssstttt … we also created a new shop page called The Jilly Box Boutique so you can shop everything easily in ONE spot. Plus, I shared the promo codes there too for easy access!

Saje Wellness

Code: JILLYBOX10 for 10% off

Active until January 31, 2020

Not applicable for sale items + online only.

Smash+ Tess

Code: JILLYBOX10 for 10% off
Code will ONLY apply to the Mini Red Sunday Romper (kids) while quantities last


Code: jillybox15
Active until December 31, 2019
15% off your order over $50 within Canada

Crawford Creek Designs

Code: star10
Active until December 31, 2019
Code will ONLY apply to the Rustic Whitewashed Stars

Chelsea King

15% off of your first order
Active until December 31, 2019

Melanie Auld

Code: JH10
Active until December 31, 2019

If you want to be notified when the next Jilly Box is about to launch, make sure you’re signed up to our waitlist, here!



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  1. I literally gasped at the Red smash and Tess!! Please smash and Tess, make it a Christmas miracle and release it for the ladies for the holidays!!! Congrats to all you lucky Jilly Box holders!!! As for me I will leave it at Dear Santa……

  2. Great job on the Jilly box! ❤️❤️ So sad I didn’t get one… hopefully next time! One of the best boxes I have seen! Great work Ladies !!!

  3. Hi, I received the Jillybox as a gift so I didn’t purchase it myself. I’m curious, what were the add ons? Thanks!! -Catherine

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